The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports

Imagine going to work every day and at the start of your day, with your first cup of coffee, you sit down to glance at beheadings, children in the process of being raped, human bodies in various stages of decomposition, the living and dead results of domestic violence, hanging bodies of 10 year old boys accused of being gay, real-life snuff films and bloody dog fighting rings and their subsequent results. Can you think up a human horror? I’ve probably seen it or a picture or video of something very similar. It’s fair to say that some of the people who work around me do not fare so well. Often they end up suffering from the endless barrage of horror they witness 8 to 12 hours per day. Did I share that *most* of these people make around a dollar per hour to do this job? That’s the truth. Not me though. I am an American who demands rights and all, so I make approximately $29 dollars per hour more than them. Technically, I don’t even have to do anymore than make sure they are clicking the buttons in the correct order. I don’t have to look at the images, but most of the time my focus on remaining unbiased in the face of, makes me do so anyway.

It’s Not All Blood and Guts, Sometimes it’s Worse

Not all of the information that Facebook moderators are privy to is as horrifying as the end results mention above, some are worse. The terror in facebook_2349612bthose is that they are the calls of those whose private horrors, abuse or murders are currently in process. True cries for help come from FB users every day, all day long. Facebook moderators spend a significant part of each workday forwarding ‘acts in progress’ to the authorities local to those accounts. When those accounts are legitimate (not ghosted or proxies) those reports can and do save people’s lives. That is probably the number one reason why many traumatized by the visual horrors still stick around.

Still no ‘love’ for the people who may have banned you once before? Try to understand that for the most part, your bannings are carried out by an automatic algorithm and only a very small percentage of them handled by an actual person. Why is this? While Facebook can boast that they have nearly 1.5 billion users this year, the impressive feat is that they have 1.2 billion active users who log in nearly every day. Each one of those people have a different level of what offends them.

Considering all of these things, I’d like to tell you what offends me. It offends me that nearly 80% of the manual reports I have to read are from people who find themselves offended by something. A recent list of offenses include: (Translated from the the poor excuses for grammar and spelling most of them arrive in)

  • “I don’t believe in this coin. It goes against what I believe in.”
  • “This fish doesn’t look like a fish, it looks like a man’s private parts, and I have small children around me during the day.”
  • “I saw this on my feed and I do not approve please take it off.”
  • “This page shared my picture without credit or permission.”
  • “Can you remove this picture I don’t like it.”
  • This is not true, my God would never let this happen.

Now, forgive me or not, but personally I can assure you of this. In the face of the actual reportable issues that come in at the rate of 250k per hour, I really don’t give a shit if coins offend you, or if you can’t keep your ass off Facebook while you babysit the neighborhood children. What I care about, what really, truly fucking offends me is the fact that after 5 hours of reading through your butthurt sob stories, I find the 7 year old girl who, too scared to tell an authority has figured out how to report a picture her uncle posted of her that was blatantly, obviously sexual, and begged for help. “He says he’s coming over today at 2. Can you please help me, I don’t know what to do.”

If You Think Your Biggest Problems on Facebook are Photos or Statuses that Offend You – You Have No Idea How Often I Eye Your Account for Deletion

Thanks to your delicate sensibilities, I didn’t get to read her report until it was 5 her time. Four hours ago I could have possibly prevented another one of her rapes. I could have had the police waiting for him when he arrived at her house. Four hours from now I’ll probably cry myself to sleep because I didn’t get to. Thanks again, to people who obviously need to stay the fuck off of the internet. Why did her report not come up faster? Because she’s seven, she reported the picture as a lesser offense that reported properly would have bumped it up the queue past all of your cries of visual injustice. Those pieces of ugliness that are top-o-the-queue every morning.

No. No it isn't.

No. No it isn’t.

Get over your narcissism.  Your shabby reasons behind reporting shit are not just offensive but harmful in many cases. When I was a kid, we didn’t have a way to communicate instantly with people all over the world. We didn’t have a friend on the other side of the earth who cared enough to call the police for us when we were in trouble. And yet so many of you are bent on warping the capabilities of social networking into a crying game at a level that cannot even be remotely handled by 100K + people working 8 to 12 hours a day. Technology gave you an open stage in front of the world and some of you have used it in the old pigeon shitting on the chessboard fashion. You should be ashamed, but as one of your moderators, I can clearly see you are not.

Before I go I want to share some of the most frequently asked questions:

“Can someone see my private messages?” Yes. “Even those pictures I….” Yes.

However, no one is sitting around getting their rocks off on your accounts inbox messages. The only times these are observed for any reason is when an account ID, *your facebook ID number* shows up repeatedly on reports that mention harassment or other issues that would require a mod to delve into to get the truth before banning or calling the police. It’s a requirement you should appreciate, trust me. If we didn’t, half of you would be in prison right now.

“Why did Facebook never respond to my report or my ban issue?”

I’ll be blunt here. Overtaxed system, automatic algo ignored you. OR, not enough fucks given about your issue if manually modded.

Does Facebook even see appeals or emails sent about my page or personal issue?

Again, bluntly, no. Facebook keeps and sometimes rotates out, one-single appeal email address that lands on someone’s list of things-to-do. The rest of them just reply with automated messages about how they might help, they might not. They won’t.

“Will you see it when I report this post?”

Yes, but go ahead, you might as well add to the problem. I’ll have to remove it too, because I didn’t refrain from cursing but hey, fuck you.

I wish I could answer more questions, but I’m not going to give up the opportunities I have to level the playing field as far as some of the incredulous reasons behind why some good page owners get banned or get their pages removed unjustly. That happens a lot and that’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. It would probably help if some of you would revert back to crying to your mothers instead of to Facebook’s moderation system.

*Edit – Update

I would like to sincerely thank all of the people who have extended kind comments, understanding and their own hands and time to help in any way they can. Because of overwhelming request I would like to offer this. I have created a page on Facebook, added it to the right hand side of the blog so you can Like from there, or just click here. I have made this as a sort of landing page. I am going to make a quick post about this so that anyone that wants to help can certainly feel free to join that page. Thanks again for your great responses to this issue!

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    • Idon'tGive2xfucks

      You should stop whining now or at least you should whine at the right targets, and not at the Facebook users! The real evil person in all your matter is your boss Mark Zuckerberg and not the users.
      The users on Facebook are just products to make money. And surely no one cares to “connect people”. That’s just a bull-shit propaganda.
      How many couples had already divorced because of the poor privacy system FB provides huh? Does Mark ever care about that and improved that? No. All the changes I saw in FB was all about advertisement!
      FB even allow porn company to make a page and advertise there. And my kids can easily go there to watch a bikini Japan girl trying to seduce you with all those sexually implying motions, to convince you to buy their magazine. Those pages can be accessed even if they are not 18.
      And oh yeah it took you 5 hours to see that poor girl’s report huh? Did you even think about it? How many reports you need to read per day? If Mark ever hired 5 times workers to read those reports and with a better report system, you may be able to reach her report in less than 1 hour. Do the maths! With all the money he’s got, surely he could afford it, won’t he? But he won’t do that, because that’s all about money, again! Why does this surprise you?
      And don’t mention about that poor report system. Most of the time there weren’t a right category to report something which is important. Such as selling “LIKES” and “Followers”. I can’t report those just because of there is not an option to report those. And many fake pages are using fake likes and fake followers to convince poor consumers to buy their fake products thanks to Facebook. And once again, did Mark ever care about any of that?
      Just start whining at your boss, not the users. Or you can quit your poor job. and I wish you all the luck you need! Bye.

      • Maggie Brown

        I agree 100%, why have a report system when in actual fact no one at Facebook really gives a damn. Why have a report system that really isn’t a system as its so convoluted and meaningless that its impossible to actually report a problem.

      • Anonimo

        Facebook is just as shitty as the idiot that cannot write that shameless shit in a Facebook server. Facebook is just that shitty!.

    • Stan Williams

      What about someone reporting the photo on my Fiance’s son But they Keep on reporting that photo as nudity over and over since April 26th 2014 ! and still doing it, and Facebook rules that it isn’t N\udity over and over, because it obviously isn’t .
      And lasrt week, she contacted Facebook and tried to have it stopped and she had to send Facebook proof of her identity etc
      And today she hears from Facebook that nothing wil be done.
      I wonder what if something like that led to a suicide would Facebook then at least ask the repeat offender of harassment and cyber bullying to at east stop?

      • Stan Williams

        I am not sure HOW the errors occurred typo’s or how part of what I typed i n my previous comment disappeared but I wrote:
        What about someone reporting the photo on my Fiance’s son who was Murdered keeps being reported , the photo shows hm and his brother playing when they were young teens ”
        Somehow that part disappeared from my original comment as it was posting and I see no way to edit it.

    • Chris

      CRY SOME MORE, CUNT! Just shut the fuck up AND DO YOUR JOB, or I’ll get you fired and find someone who will do it without bitching!

  • Kristin Brown

    Thank you, whomever wrote this. I am not only of a cultural minority known as an Atheist, but I also care about the plight of others such as the girl mentioned in this post.

    Poor thing. I shared this and trigger-warning’d it as a rape situation; sickly, maybe more people will read it due to that.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Thank you for sharing Kristin!

      • Cecily

        This was a great eye opener. I have friends who get deleted everyday…long story . I have never reported anyone I can think of and wouldn’t simply because if it offends me(usually anything goreish) I just hit the “hide post” or delete them and block them. End of story. Out of site out of mind. No big deal. I figure I am sharing the internet with a billion people who have different ideas and beliefs. Also, I keep my kids in check on facebook….which, if most parents did, they would be able to control situations or hey I dunno,…. just not let them have an account until they can handle it. There is the risk for seeing something you don’t like all over the internet.
        I am glad to know you guys try your damnedest to take care of the real serious shit. Too bad morons are clogging the system and making it harder for those who need it most! Great job!

      • Ed Rigby

        Joy, your article is dead on and just proves that the morons of the world do exist and are out there amongst us! Scary!

      • kerry thomas

        Heartfelt thanks to you Joy for your honesty – I truly appreciate your efforts!

      • Steve Parady

        Fascinating article! I would love to see more! Especially a report on your comment “incredulous reasons behind why some good page owners get banned or get their pages removed unjustly.”
        I had a page deleted by facebook because of false accusations of copyright infringement by a competitor. Never could get my page back, and it hurt my business. It’s a shame how my business and facebook page can be sabotaged so easily just by someone making false assertions.

      • Jamie

        Has no one asked about the little girl or is it just so far back i cant find it? is she ok, did you get that bastard!!! I try not to report much cause i know most is photo shoped but theres somethings that are just horrible! that i have to!

      • J Lyn

        They did get him. Her father is in jail, her uncle, also implicated is bailed out. There is a story about it online, not gone to trial yet.

      • JG Faherty

        Joy, perhaps you can advise me. My facebook page for my book, The Burning Time, was deleted after 6 months for violating antibullying rules. The same day, 2 other book pages by other authors were deleted. All the word ‘Burn’ in the title. There was nothing offensive on my page, either in content or image form, just links to book reviews. How can I get facebook to review and reverse this obvious glitch in their automated keyword search system?

      • Christine A Hall

        Oh THANK YOU Joy, for sharing that those ugly child rapers are at least in the system and if there’s any justice for that poor girl (as you know, hard to come by anymore) they’ll rot their lives away in jail! I read your article a couple months back, something like that, and I’ve always remembered what you said. I repeated it today for a group dedicating to deleting one particular page. I asked them if they were bothering you guys for their ego or for what? Then God favored me by letting me find this article again. It won’t be lost again, there’s a list of ppl waiting for it as I speak! May the angels bear my tears to you as actual love (strange as that may seem) for what you do for those folks. Yeah, you’ve banned me a couple times, but I read this and I quit complaining on folks.
        THANK YOU!!!

      • Joe Adams

        You should appear on The White Voice podcast. We are really interested in your findings.

      • rewe barns

        fuck face the nigger loving ppieceof shit

    • Jessica Bayley Thompson

      What does one have to do with the other?

    • Pissed Off

      I Couldn’t give 2 shits about religion, but the fact that 1. You said Atheism is a Cultural Minority and 2. You made out as if being Atheist had anything to do with caring about ‘The Plight of others’ makes you an asshole.
      I can agree with you that the Girl Situation is sickening though.

      • Joy Lynskey

        If you are talking to me I said neither of those two things.

      • Litost

        “My belief is better than yours. I’ll just edit the article and make a group on facebook about how superior I am instead.”

      • Scott Fecher

        1. Atheism IS a cultural minority. 2. She said she is an atheist and ALSO cares about the plight of others. In other words, those two facets are un-related. The fact that you called someone an asshole based on your shitty reasoning makes YOU an asshole.

      • Scott Fecher

        I will rectify my statement. Atheism is most certainly a minority. It’s not even a debate. What is debatable is whether or not it is a cultural minority, but stating that it is does not make one an asshole.

      • E

        Of course atheists belong to a cultural minority – what other type of minority would it be? Racial?

        That said, I can’t see what relevance OPs atheism has to the question at hand; that’s a little baffling.

      • Megan Sims

        no joy they are speaking to the first comment. 🙂

      • Anthony Edwards

        Atheists care about the rights of others more than you care about the rights of Atheists.

      • sage

        Dear Pissed Off

        If you don’t give two shits about religion why do you then continue to describe how the post coming from an atheist pissed you off….

        Why would someone stating that atheists are a minority offend you…..
        Atheist are statistically a minority… Do some homework….

        And its people like you that are so easily offended, that report stupid things to Facebook admin……

        If you read carefully it states that Kirsten cares about the plight of others… in no way referring to the fact that she cares for the plight of others because she is an atheist…. She just happens to be both…

        Go cry to your mommy…. and get off Facebook if it offends you… Joy made a really nice page for you to go to and bitch about the little things that piss you off….

      • Jacob Hood

        You know, aithiests tend to fire on people wth thier language other than science when they run out of ammunition… Please refrain from language and although he stated that athiests make up a cultural minority, and they do no not, there is no reason to get all excited over it.

      • Christine

        there are many religious posts on facebook,there are many atheist posts on facebook.religious people are really offended by atheist posts and they falsely report them much more often than the other way around.

      • Charlotte Stevens

        Get your damn head out of your arse.

      • littleboy_blue

        Why can’t anyone on the internet learn how to disagree without slinging insults like apes with poo. I don’t even.

      • Parkour_g33k

        GUYS!!!!! You do not have to have an argument about this! I am a christian ok? And i am not firing in my useless comments about how my religion is superior. Everyone thinks that his/her religion is superior, so lets just leave it at that, right?
        Be honest, when has a internet debate like this ever changed your mind?
        Please lay off on the swearing, and go back to using real words to portray what you feel and think.

      • MinorityLOL

        Her post smug and lame. Not a minority btw – if you want to feel original and special find a new way.

      • Ashley

        oh my goodness! look at the rants and whining going on because one person said something some of the others disagree with! that is EXACTLY what this article is critiquing and you can’t even refrain from pitching a fit over her wording choice on one freakin article? I’d like to tell the person that wrote this that their message has been received… but clearly, based on the tantrums over a commenters word choices… it is has not received at all by most people…
        to all complaining about the commenters word choice: way to let the message/point of this article soar right over your heads (perhaps that is because they are rather low, being up your own a$$es and all)

      • J Lyn

        Amazing isn’t it. It’s like tons of these people have absolutely zero reading comprehension skills. At all. Not even a little bit. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • marideth

        I have to agree. When the first thing out of someones mouth is I’m an atheist Its for one of two reasons. 1 they are an ass who just wants to rub that in others faces or 2 he/she wants to piss off Mommy and Daddy.
        My payers go out to tat little girl though.

      • J Lyn

        Who said that? I certainly never did. I hardly go around labeling myself for any topic. As for why someone might say that. I have no idea. As for prayers for the little girl, actions helped her, not wishes.

      • GRM

        @Pissed Off: You should give a shit about religion. It’s ruining a world that has already been badly poised by it. And BTW, if you’re not an atheist then IMHO you’re on the verge of being an asshole as far as I’m concerned.

      • pimpjuice

        Read it out loud and then maybe you will see what is really being said you are making yourself sound like an idiot.

      • Michael Marshall

        @Pissed Off: Seriously? From the perspective of reading a great article and a comment made by one who identifies as an Atheist and as well expressed concern for the 7-year old girl who was mentioned in the article, this is all that you had to contribute? I’m not an Atheist but yes, Atheism likely DOES qualify as a cultural minority.” You say you couldn’t give two shits about religion; I think many would agree with me when I say, “I couldn’t give two shits about WHAT you care about at this point in time, PO.” It’s pretty clear that you only came in here to call someone else an “asshole” and bring attention to yourself. What? Aren’t you getting enough [attention] from your family, friends and/or loved one? (Kinda’ doubting the existence of the latter since most people would find somebody with your kind of an attitude to be quite offensive and wouldn’t want to waste any of their time being in a relationship with one who comes across as always being angry and striking out at others.) In closing, please stay off of the Internet until you’ve grown up. The adults among us would like to have conversations that actually bring something to the table.

      • Alhambra

        The two things are related because the assumption of many christians is that atheists have no morality or don’t care about others.
        That Kristin felt she needed to mention it says more about the society she lives in, I’m guessing she’s surrounded by sanctimonious religious people that would more likely pray for the girl in question than actually do something positive.

    • Fedora Flameshirt

      Do you wear a fedora as well? What does having to be an Atheist do with it? I am one too, but I wouldn’t point that out. You’re a twit for doing that.

      • Jacob Hood

        Please calm down, he reason he said this is because aithiests have no good reason to do whats right, in fact if aithiests are right, we ought to kill all our grandmothers (no please dont, i am only making a point about aithiesm) Because they dont add to the world force and eat our food. There is no “survival of the fitest” in the human race anymore.

      • Pandora

        I’m an Athiest too, but I don’t wear or even own a Fedora..

        Should I get one, would it help my “credibility” as an Athiest if I purchased such an item and wore it as if it was a religion?.. What’s the official position of Athiesm regarding Fedoras, should we all wear them now?

        (with more than a nod to Graham Linehan)

      • Joy Lynskey

        I think the goal is to wear the most ridiculous looking hat. I doubt a fedora would qualify.

      • LRJ

        Jacob Hood, you’re an idiot. To say that someone needs religion to have morals is absurd. Are you saying that you only don’t commit murder because of your religion and not because of your own moral fiber? That’s ridiculous. You can be atheist and still know the difference between right and wrong.

      • littleboy_blue

        only online would a discussion revolving around a little girl turn into an attack on a single individual agreeing that raping children is wrong because they stated they were an atheist. And again with the immature name calling when you simply disagree with someone. Does ANYONE realize you can disagree and still have respect for the person and LIKE the person you disagree with or are we just part of a generation of people that can’t handle conflicting opinions or things not going exactly their way, I truly don’t understand. WHY do people immediately turn to name calling when in disagreement? Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I’m challenging you in some way or I hate you and therefore you should call me names, it’s like being in elementary school again!

      • littleboy_blue

        oh for the love of christ, atheists don’t have MORALS or ETHICS purely because they don’t have a book of fairy-tails to tell them how to live their lives? I believe we have a constitution for that. And common sense. I bet you think jesus was blue eyed and blonde haired and all that nonsense too? (no, I’m not african american myself nor am I christian. But I was baptised and raised christian and I know just as much if not more so than your average run of the mill bible-shoving-down-your-throat-lunatic) please explain to me why atheists have no morals or ethics and believe I should kill my mother because they are apparently all capitalists and right with conservatives who believe if you’re not able bodied/minded we should just kill you. When did atheism become synonymous with neo-nazism.

      • Stephen Favell

        Agreed. I’m in the same boat also. I have non idea why It’s even being mentioned here. Has nothing to do with the content of the original post. It’s like the internet’s version of Chinese whispers or something. Really strange. Anyway, have a good one.

      • Carl Kinder

        too funny, double negative aside, eh. twitter feed that as you fly it by…

      • Jenni Ozanich

        @Jacob Hood, That’s Darwinism you’re thinking of. Not atheism.

    • OG Galliers

      Atheists, new age people, and anything which doesn’t conform to religion always get reported. One afternoon I had a person go through all my photos and report every single screencap which I’d done on PlagueInc where the virus was called ‘Allah’.
      That guy reported me about 8 times.

      • Jean Mapplebeck

        You have a point but i think that if he deleted you maybe you were not willing to learn his point of view so he just deleted you .That has happened to me for silly things like games that are on line they get rude and silly cause they were sent games to there sites . they d not have to except this at all if they do not want .

    • Skyy

      @Kristin; what does being an atheist have to do with this article? You’re trying to be cleaver by agreeing with the LWs premise, yet, adding your quip about being an atheist? You’re the type of person that he is writing about. Look at the second posted pic which states, “It’s all about me”. Now look in the mirror.

    • Thomas May

      I understand the reasons for the careful eye for criminal and/or obscene content…In fact I find it absolutely necessary. BUT…I don’t understand when you penalize people for “Like”ing too much or friend requesting with someone who may or may not be someone you knew outside of facebook. You’ve penalized people for very extended periods of time and sometimes permanently…and at the same time you’re constantly giving ‘friend’ suggestions…so we can ‘Accept your suggestions but definitely not our own??? Don’t you realize that it’s your idea to have people connected from all over the world and that these relationships are being realized now as “Real” relationships? How can you then turn around and say…”You cannot friend someone whom you don’t know personally…Often you can know more of the ‘Real’ person on-line…able to open up and be much more honest…I know more things about some people on-line than I do my so called ‘Real’ friends. So I don’t suppose I’ll ever get an answer to this query…in fact it probably won’t get posted at all…but I will hope to hear some kind of explanation…Thank you… Thomas

      • Joy Lynskey

        I’ve already said quite the opposite on another comment here.

      • jakki dodds

        i second this statement!! i myself have been ‘security checked’ for adding too many of the friend suggestions made to me!! people which are in fact selling pages that were obviously suggested to me based on mutual interests, based on i suppose fb algorythms…i’ve also been banned from posting on biz pages walls for a period of time for ‘liking’ too many of the posts(i suppose, only reason i could see possible!) that came through on the sidefeed, that which i didnt actually WANT n have only since found(or perhaps has since been created?) the ‘hide’ button for this!! difficult to understand sometimes, when we are penalized for engaging in actions chosen by facebook FOR us!!

      • Eileen Facas

        Is it really true that you get penalized for clicking the ”Like” too much? I play a game where people post up “Eggs for Grabs” (in the game Egg Buddies) and we’re ‘suppose” to click ”Like” when we grab an egg that has been posted.. Also, Yes, I am curious about the fact when Face Book suggests that you make ‘Friend Requests,” and then you get penalized for that.. I just don’t understand that especially when you’re looking for new friends to add to your game..

      • J Lyn

        Yes. You can get an auto spam flag in some cases. I.E. a mini short ban warning you to quit liking stuff so fast.

        Amazingly, you can’t report anything too fast.

      • Theresa Howell

        I agree and was baffled when I saw that I could suggest friends for someone while at the same time be banned for accepting friends I don’t know.

      • Dr. Gene Landrum, PhQ. Quantum Theory

        Thomas May: Good points, I to have responded to ‘Suggested Friends’ that I may not know personally, but their friends I do I do know! Also, I reply to request in the same ‘interest’ ‘business’ or organizations that I have in my ‘linkin’ circles! Only to be banded! Go figure! As to posting and the First Amendment when you accept ‘Facebook’ or any other Media, you have no 1st amendment rights, only their right to edit/censer all post! Especially, if they (whom ever they are) don’t like your post!
        My opinion and I’m stickin’ to it!

        Dr. Gene n Landrum, PhQ. Quantum Theory
        Author, Founder of Quantum Cafe’ Coos 97420

      • Yo Hinck

        Thomas, there are so many scams on Facebook that occur everyday. I receive so many friend requests from people I don’t even know, I check them out to see if someone I know might know them. What I find about most of them is their starting date on Facebook is maybe a week or two old and the pictures are just tagged from other peoples sites. There are also the ones where they steal another persons profile and creates a totally different one and starts all kinds of situations and scams with your friends all under your name…Keep aware of things around you, fore not all good things are actually what they seem!!

      • Jean Mapplebeck

        I agree with your comment i feel facebook is a place for people to learn what it is really like in other places .It is hidden from us all .Not right maybe a full understanding of other people places things really is what we all need to know .Understanding of others is needed so as we really can make up our own minds on things in this world without Government telling us what to do were to go just how we should live .

    • Nerk

      the fact you’re a fucking atheist has nothing to do with it you self important bitch

      • Liessi Haussler

        Posts like these leave me wishing that FB had an algorithm for subverting stupidity. Thanks, JOY, for a mind-blowing peek behind the curtain and for having the stomach to do what you do.

      • julia

        wow! you must feel good nerk well you should not.maybe you should say that to your self!

      • Yo Hinck

        Why are you so angry? This women only told us what she goes through dealing with all the ignorant posts she sees on a regular basis. Try furthering your education, it will help you to communicate on a human level instead of like a wild animal who has no control over their own emotions!!

      • Jean Mapplebeck

        Who is a self important bitch . and you know if your talking about me i am really Christian .And i think about others and have always helped others .
        How about you ???????

      • Susan DeSantis

        Might I ask what religion or lack thereof has to to with The Real Story Behind Facebook? Maybe you should take you’re issue it to a site where its appropriate? Of course that will be after you say some choice words to me for the suggestion 😉

      • rozwolfheart

        My thoughts exactly

    • Angry Turtle

      Interesting article, Joy. Thank you.

      It is troubling to me that people do not understand that there are often ramifications for peoples’ “delicate sensibilities”, and even their humanitarian intentions. IMHO, I believe MOST of the socio-economic issues across the globe can be directly traced back to good intentions.

      Aegrescit medendo

    • Vesna Sunrider

      I hear you, Kristin :/

      I’ve so far reported three pages – one with person holding a massacred dog on his cover, one with what many of us suspected was child pornography, and the last one about a person who was stating that he’s killing dogs. I sincerely hope those weren’t automatically responded 😦

      Thank you for writing this, Unknown – this article has really hit the spot – I’m only sorry that it won’t be read by those who were aimed at. And I can only continue hoping that somehow, in a perfect society, there will be a law passed that forbids petty idiots to express their “opinions”…

      • Michelle Trcka

        I’ve reported pages like those myself. and each time, there is not an appropriate category such as animal cruelty, child abuse / porn, etc. Seems to me if you want to weed out the crybabies to get to the real criminals there would be more specific categories. Unless that’s changed since the last time I’ve seen something like that.

      • Dr. Gene Landrum, PhQ. Quantum Theory

        Perfect Society, get real! Reading is a strange thing, every one reads (unless they can’t for physical reasons) once a person starts to read something, they have the ability to stop reading! That in a Perfect Society is called, ‘Personal Choice’ and your rights end at my eye balls! Or is that ‘nose’?

        My personal opinion, and i give you permission to delete it!

        Dr. Gene n Landrum, Ph.Q. Quantum Theory of Everything
        “All Religions are made by Man for Control of Mankind” “Spirituality Sets Mankind Free”! Quotes by Dr. Landrum

      • Jean Mapplebeck

        Who cares people are people if they are proud of who they are do we have any right to put them down if you do not like religion say so . there are other things to talk about such as war ,starving people how can we help change that ?

    • jack gerritsen

      I object to being banned, deleted, censored and disabled for things that are not in violation of any FB rule.

    • cajunthunderstrike

      no one cares that you’re an atheist, honest. Anyone who says they do wants into your pants. Religion is like a penis, stop showing it off in public expecting people to love you.

      • J Lyn

        I have no idea why anyone keeps saying that no one cares who is an atheist. Are you talking to a commenter here? Me? Who cares if no one cares that someone is an atheist? Why are we caring that someone cares enough about being an atheist to announce that they care? Does anyone care so much about someone caring that they are an atheist that they have to continue to ramble on and fucking on about all these cares going to and all these fucks coming from the status of someones atheism feels? I’d personally enjoy it if people would use that energy to go emo somewhere, masturbate, go jogging or other activities before posting here. Thank you.

    • k8

      No one gives a crap if you’re an atheist. The way you go on about it, you may as well be an evangelist.

    • martin

      atheist are the worst sheeple get a real life biotch

      • weetam

        as opposed to theists of course who are in NO way brainwashed and indoctrinated…

      • Andrea L

        Your brush: It’s kilometres wide.

      • Thomas Boussum

        The majority of Americans are sheeple, Martin. Some are ripe to be slaughtered by political leaders and some are being led to the slaughter by religious leaders. If you believe the bible is the infallable word of Yahweh (your god), then why is there so many denominations out there? If Christians truly felt that way, they would all be locked in step with each other. Yahweh commanded his people to keep HIS feasts and sabbaths not those of the world. The church observes a Sunday sabbath not the Jewish one. Sunday is the day that honors the sun gods. The church observes Dec 25 as Christ’s birthday. That’s the birthday of all the sun gods. I could go on. Whether the bible is or isn’t the infallable word of your god, your religious leaders are selling you a bill of goods. But you won’t believe me. You won’t even give me the benefit of the doubt and check into it. You’ll just say I’m going to hell and go back to drinking your koolaide.
        Yeah…Christians are pretty much sheeple too.

    • Marisa Russo

      Hi Joy ….it must be one of the best articles I have read! I totally agree with you and love your candor you express. Thank you so much for waking people up! Humanity must exists for the world to heal and women need to be given back their rights and freedom!! ♥

    • Evangeline Claire

      Well, those TW things are redundant, especially in this case. “This includes a rape situation” “There was a girl who was raped”… both mentions of rape. likely, if one is triggered by one, they are triggered by the other.

      If one goes into graphic detail, though, it would be no more redundant than TV warnings. “Warning/Advisory etc Viewer Discretion advised bla bla” Or “NSFW” warnings.

    • aqib

      facebook black no an

    • tsom tsom


      • Devian

        LOL immature troll who thinks that questioning someone’s sexuality (or calling them a meatball) means you’re automatically better, even though you have done absolutely nothing to further the conversation. Pull your try-hard pants up, your ass is showing.

      • J Lyn

        Not sure who you are calling a faggot, but you are in the absolute wrong place for that shit.

    • Sunrie

      If more of your people would shut the fuck up about religious things posted, that girl may have gotten some help.

    • Classified

      Well that’s all very good, but it’s usually atheists who report our Christian posts for inane, bullshit reasons and that ties up these resources. It’s usually atheist activists who whinge and cry about anything that “offends” them. If all your mates could control their angst, these children would be helped much sooner.

    • Weiss

      Funny thing is no one would be arguing if you initially claimed to be Christian. No one would have kicked up a fuss, I wonder what that says about people

  • Lori (Sara Casm)

    The kid that runs Facebook should consider not banning people at all. I have been banned dozens of times (I am not exaggerating – one of my pages is banned right now) because whiny people don’t like my political views and they report me. I have been thrown off for dozens of 30 day increments just for posting innocent kindergarten level cartoons that were not offensive to even 3 year olds. I have been banned (for 30 days) for comments that had nothing vulgar, hateful , racist, or anything wrong with them. I assume they ban based on the amount of reports they get? I am thrown off because my fan page is viewed by up to 2 million people a week and I guess the numbers of reports go up with views.

    Then Facebook asks me to advertise my business and pay them money. I love it when they try that, but then ban me from answering private messages from customers on Facebook. Why would I pay to advertise only to not be able to even respond to the potential customers that click on the ad?

    I really don’t know why they ban at all. I see porn, violent massacres, dead children, mangled animals all the time and they stay up with no problem…..but I can’t report death threats to little girls when I am banned for 30 days due to posting an innocent knock knock joke that my 10 year old told me.

    The system doesn’t work. FB would save money if they stopped banning all together. AOL has never banned me from getting emails and I have the same old email address that I had since the 1990’s. But I can’t even respond to private Facebook messages that my customers send me. I can’t rely on FB as any serious contender to help me advertise my business as long as they act like overly protective kindergarten teachers that play favorites.

    • Anon

      There are a multitude of kiddie porn sites that get posted on facebook, not to mention hate pages for victims like rehtaeh (google her name, it’s a very sad story) that have no business being pages at all. So yes, some pages NEED to be deleted.

      • conor

        that fucking stupid pages are what a demographic/audience enjoys just because somebody looks at something or posts something does not mean the page should be completely banned

      • Lewis Johnson

        Who is the one to judge what is to be deleted #Anon. YOU. ME. FACEBOOK. I say just let the offensive pages stay. Just don’t go to them.

        The human race needs to grow a set and get a thick skin. If I don’t like what someone has posted. I don’t report them. I make my comment on the post and may if it gets to bad; select to ignore them. People always lean to the position of – remove it so we don’t see it. Fuck that. Leave it there so that the offensive shit can be out in the open. That way we are ready for it and can defend against it.

        You, like me, have the right to say what we want but what we don’t have the right to do is to impose our will on others. Don’t have the right to deny them their say – no matter how offensive or vulgar it is. We just have to delete their posts from our page and not visit pages that may offend us.

        So in conclusion: I say Fuck all the whiners and thin skinned assholes – they need to grow the fuck up. Now if that offends anyone who reads this – so fucking what. Move on!

      • Joy Lynskey

        Exactly. It’s so weird that people come here to spout nonsense and then claim I want some kind of fame. I had no idea this post would be shared so widely, I just wrote it. And yes, please quit visiting pages that offend you, how stupid is that anyway?

      • shawndee

        Get rid of the underage porn and prostitute pages!! They just pop up while looking for someone. As an abused child with no voice, I now have one. Petty people should stop the drama and think about the damaged society. Maybe the abuse would stop! By the way, everyone has a right to free speech. Religious, political.. So report things that are actually harmful.

    • Derek

      Not banning people at all? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?? Just because your page has been banned, you want other pages with Child abuse material to stay?? WTF

      • Joy Lynskey

        I hope not. If so, those people are shit out of luck. People need to get their priorities straight and they need to quit ranting about how priorities are so subjective. They aren’t when you are looking at child porn. Your priorities line right up on what needs to go then.

      • Lori (Sara Casm)

        Calm down. You are going to blow a gasket. My point was that they don’t ban porn, but they do ban innocent posts all the time. It was not meant to be taken so literally and with so much anger. Geesh. You must be one of the types that reports innocent comments and doesn’t understand sarcasm.

      • Joy Lynskey

        You have to be kidding right? Okay. Enough play time for you. Seems like there are some people who really enjoyed me saying I was going to be afk. Spine much?

      • Shari McGinnes Heath

        @Lewis Johnson, I’d agree with you except for the fact that kids are exposed to a lot of what is on facebook and they often take things to heart.

    • JA Q

      FB is dogshit, but nonetheless it’s here and it’s real, to the extent that hundreds of millions of people use it. So, I just take it for what it is and dont put much stock in it for anything serious.

      • Nikflorida

        “free and always will be.” You get what you pay for.

      • Charlotte Stevens

        You said to Joy “You must be one of the types that reports innocent comments and doesn’t understand sarcasm.” so you blatantly didn’t read this article that you are commenting on whatsoever, because she very clearly states that people reporting, as you say “innocent comments” are precisely the issue here, clogging up the lines for more important reports. Might wanna try reading the article you’re commenting on before making yourself look foolish.

    • nicwallace87

      I agree. I’m a horror fiction writer and I can tell you how many times my page has been banned because of artwork, book quotes ect. Even though it’s explicitly set up so no one under the age of 17 can find it, even by accident. People just complain so commonly it’s like second nature to them. Because of these several bans, I’ve been forced to build my own website from the ground up and don’t really use FB as a campaign source.

      • Bill

        Really! You honestly think that no one under 17 can find you?

      • Tom

        When she was 12, my granddaughter’s friend was showing her how to get past the age restrictions. At that time, all you had to do was type “18” into the “How old are you?” box. I hope the system is tighter than that now (esp. in light of what I’ve read in this article), but suffice to say that at MY house, when she was on the ‘net. she was 12.

        But yes – as far as I know, age is easily faked on the internet. I don’t know how it could be any other way. Most of the time, if I get referred to a page that had “adult content”, all I need to do is click to say I’m over 18. I don’t do it, but even without that there is plenty of offensive content available without even that.

      • littleboy_blue

        you’re an author that doesn’t know the abbreviation is etc not ect. ect stands for electro convulsive therapy. ya know, electroshock therapy, for people with treatment resistant mental illness.
        Sorry I just found that amusing.

    • J

      Lori: On the flip side, if you get banned constantly, you are probably a bigot. People don’t get banned “dozens of times” if they don’t resort to offensive/threatening language or serious attempts to piss people off because it makes them feel more powerful (read: bullying).

      Facebook might also save money by banning your IP address so people didn’t have to constantly throw you off things resulting in Facebook hearing about you… again… and having to sift through another complaint about you not being able to- say- avoid the “N” word in your political opinion.

      Another money saving device is you getting off the internet. The HUGE importance of you sharing your PROFOUND opinion on “why the country sucks” would be offset by the gigantic sigh of relief from everyone when you stop posting. Just a thought, ma’am.

      • Bill

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just like you! If you don’t like it don’t read it.

      • Lori (Sara Casm)

        J – I like that you seemed threatened by my presence on the internet and want to censor me.

        Thanks for the compliment. Meanwhile, I couldn’t care less if you post all day and night.

        Have a nice tax day! You probably will have a better tax day than I because you probably don’t pay any taxes.

      • Joy Lynskey

        That’s nice. I do pay taxes however. I owe, does that make you happy?

        If ignorance scared me sweetie, I’d certainly not be initiating conversation with you.

      • Gøddess FourWinds

        Having a difference of opinion doesn’t make you a bigot. I got banned from the FOX News page because Xtians didn’t like that I’m an atheist. I hadn’t said anything insulting. I was merely talking to them about the bible…and they reported me. I’ve got 1st Amendment rights just like everyone else. It’s too bad I can’t use them on FB while Xtians are allowed to make threats against atheists (like they did when atheists wanted to not have the “steel cross” at the 911 site). It’s illegal to use electronic media to make death threats, but not one Xtian went to jail for saying the things they did. It’s domestic terrorism. But I suppose that’s okay. Instead, I got banned for having a healthy debate…

      • Bishop Black

        Sorry, can’t agree there. I lost a whole profile once because of sharing breastfeeding photos. Being reported regularly does not automatically indicate you’re doing anything wrong.

      • Dani

        Joy, you appear to be replying to comments directed at other people… Lori and J are in a conversation all of their own, lol.. Get a room guys!

    • Whimsy

      You’re illustrating the point you missed, and it’s funny.

    • Jody

      Thats f-n horrible!

    • Miki Meadows

      whinny- Obviously you are doing something stupid or you would not get banned repeatedly.

    • Stacie McTeague

      Same Here Lori …. as when i also get blocked for adding people i dont know ahhh when i do know them or even better get unblocked then bam 2 days later im blocked again for another 30days it has become very Agravating i also have noticed when i get blocked Facebook removes 10 of my friends every time as these are the peoepl i talk with most often and cant respond to thier inbox message becuz i cant even talk to any one that isnt my friend frankly im just Irate with it and half the time i dont even ask to be friends with someone i have to tell them through my alt facebook you will have to ask to be my friend so they do and bam 3 people add me and i get this thing say you need to be logged in to do this action ahhh wtf and if people dont like to see what your Personal Veiws are then they should Click the Aquaintance when adding friends Fix the issue plz Seems like from my end you people seem to be fixing Someones issues and screwing me out of a nice friendly Facebook page …im about to reload Myspace back up Sad aint it ty for your time or are they even gonna read these posts ?

    • ST

      Like I’ve said, I’ve been banned for putting a fake page up to protect my husband and I. I have gotten so many rape and death wishes on my views of just a simple children shouldn’t have children.

    • ThinkAboutIt

      Did any of you who whined about getting banned for harassing strangers to be their friends ever think that that may be why you are seeing that sick shit on your Facebook feed??

      The article was brilliant. This comment thread has become the perfect example of all that is wrong with people on Facebook.

      Do you invite strange people into your home? No, so use what common sense you have on Facebook/the Internet also!

    • Josh Nieten

      Five years later and it’s only gotten worse, Lori. 😢

  • Brian

    Facebook refused to delete a pedophile homepage, in fact defended their ‘rights’ to have one. It was eventually removed after much intervention by the media and, probably, hundreds of thousands of complaints. Yet they’ve been dragged into court for systematically suspending the rights of conservative posters, in fact deleting those posts, based on nothing more then the ultra superior air of the liberal leaning politburo of Facebook. Yet I’ve seen some of the most hateful posts, by some of the most intolerant individuals, remain up, unscathed, because of their political affiliations.

    • Joy Lynskey

      You’re right about that. The pedo sites are the biggest source of contention for most of the mods to be honest. The biggest disgust in the fact that we can’t ‘just delete’ them but have to, are forced to pretty much, actually review the content and photos and gauge them for basically, levels of ‘danger’. Yeah, apparently we have a threat system on levels of pedo… ffs

      • Joy Lynskey

        I updated this post and added 3 resources after you mentioned this. The three additional sources above are from other facebook moderators and how they feel about issues similar to and what you mentioned.

      • Patrick Newcombe

        After reading what you have posted here I feel that the “Reports ” I have made are part of the problem. Not that they were not justified but I had no idea that these other issues were being placed on the back burner for peoples values being offended. FB will not receive another report from me unless it involves an active situation that someone is in trouble. I wish an article like this was posted long ago. Seems that your young CEO would expand your Dept to allow for more hands on and less computer handled issues. If there is anyway I can help, and I don’t know how, I’m willing and will certainly share this.

      • Adrian

        I can understand a threat system on levels of pedos. There are many self proclaimed pedophiles who have a sexual attraction to children, but do not act on those thoughts what so ever. It’s a mental illness that they can’t help. I know for a fact that there are many pedophiles who do not molest children. I honestly think these kinds of people deserve respect, due to their complete disregard for something their brain is telling them they want to have sex with.

      • Vicki Wilcox

        Not to mention a video I reported of a traumatized family running around after a car accident with their child in their arms. The child’s head was caved in, partly missing ( there was a huge, gaping hole where the child’s eye should have been), and there was a large amount of brain matter on the ground and the man’s arm. Not only was it something that your 14 year old users don’t need to see, it was a horrific violation of the privacy of these poor people. I was informed that there was nothing in the video that warranted removal. I am sickened and disgusted by your process.

      • LesleyandJoe Rokes-Bartlett

        Okay this may be weird but of all the years I’ve been on face book I’ve seen some weird shit but never CP or Pedo sites of any kind I know it’s there in the world of internet and I’ve been privy to some flash porn sites and such on Facebook but never Kiddy porn so I was wondering just what are people looking for when they come across these sick sites ?? I mean are you looking for like a flower shop FB site and BANG !! child porn what is it there doing when you come by this shit I mean that’s my first question when any of these people say they’ve seen it it’s not that they have seen these places but just what were they doing ?? really ~just asking~

    • Paul Bulgier

      Conservatives are the worst offenders of trying to stifle liberal speech. Nice try with your little slander attempt, though, I’m sure somewhere there is someone dumb enough to buy it. Why don’t you look at the page uncle sam’s misguided children, where Fascist hate-mongers threaten the President’s life a dozen times per day? Yeah, there’s some hate speech for you. You right-wingers are just the little butt-hurt crybabies this post is all about.

      • Mark Wallace

        Yes, a random fart from the “My side is 100% right and the other side is 100% wrong” crowd is exactly what we need to fix this. The truth is, there is plenty of hatred on BOTH sides.

      • Brian

        You must be speaking of the eight years Bush was in office, right?

      • Vickie Temple

        The Liberals are just as bad!!

      • michael katz

        The fascists attitude is left/ultra liberal. Its the left that passes laws restricting rights. Both sides have zealots. But there is more to fear from the left than the right in general. You are blinded by your hate.

      • Joy Lynskey

        “Its the left that passes laws restricting rights”

        That would be funny if it wasn’t so ignorant. Have you mistaken ME for a liberal? That would be more proof of ignorance on your part.

      • Bill

        Maybe we should keep personal politics, moral issues and sexual preferences to ourselves where they belong.

      • Rick

        Sorry, but according to my experience, you are delusional. Liberals always like to claim they are tolerant. I have MANY liberals and conservatives in my friends list, and 99% of the liberals there are the most intolerant. Liberals are the ones trying to stifle free speech!

      • Rick

        BTW, my post above was to Paul.

    • teaelle

      FB must be ‘sharing the love’ pretty equally then, because I know dozens of progressives who get banned or deleted for – ?. FB even refused to take money to promote a poem I wrote.about butterflies. They said it was ‘unacceptable’. A Poem. About. Butterflies.
      Whatever. We all get banned dude. The Facebook moves in mysterious ways.

      • mindmadeup

        Why is Facebook permitting racists and bigots to remain on the site where kids can read their hate speech? In addition racists and bigots are allowed to silence their opponents by mass-report their anti-racist opponents, and your mindless bots suspend and delete accounts with no comeback.?

        Why is US law the “gold standard” and abuses of laws of other Western democracies ignored (for instance allowing pages promoting Holocaust denial and vilification of Muslims – both against the law in the EU and other countries).

        Also your “black box” outsourced moderation does not permit correspondence to be entered into. There are people being defamed, harassed and threatened in real life every day yet there is no way we can alert anyone.

        Sure you may see terrible things on Facebook. So do we and we blog the abuses which are related to racism and discrimination. However police officers, paramedics and personnel from other government agencies see this stuff every single day also and in real life.

        So you know what they say about heat and kitchens?

      • Joy Lynskey

        Way to lack total comprehension of an issue!

        Good job!

    • Nikflorida

      Interestingly, I hear that same ‘complaint’ from liberals about Facebook’s supposed “conservative bias.” It’s no secret that Zuckerberg himself is fundraising for Chris Christie, but fundamentally, Facebook cares not about the overall percentages of the political leanings of its users. Remember, you are not the customer; you are the product.

      • Brian

        Really….did the ‘liberals’ launch a similar lawsuit for deleting profiles and comments? As for Chris Christie, he’s about as ‘conservative’ as you are.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Facebook cares about ad revenue. Period. Whatever they do with it will be just as questionable as the system generating it.

    • Lillian Mossin-Langgaard

      Well I don’t see how any pedophiles can have rights ? I have the opposite view regarding conservatives. They get a long leash, even when they post bigotted and even a tad weird stuff

  • ginger

    Were you able to send the police to the little girls house? I sure hope something could be done for her…
    Thank you for dealing with bull shit and helping who you can.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Hi Ginger. From what I understand the police were alerted and they actually ended up finding out that the FATHER was actually watching this occur! So sad that we couldn’t save her an extra day of pain but the chances are probably high that with that kind of sickness going on, it may have saved her life. Thank you for asking, that one stuck with me for quite some time.

      • gabriel subnerdo

        you’re a hero, Joy! Thanks for the great article and for helping that girl.

      • Hanyewi Sunkmanitu Tanka

        THANK YOU. From the mom of a similar little girl. I honestly cannot express how HUGE of a difference you have made in that little girl’s life.

      • LoriJo Bean

        You are right Joy, people need to get the heck up over their personal perspectives and learn how to think critically–a skill that is sadly and astoundingly lacking amongst humans. You DID help a horribly treated and damaged little girl, who can now begin to heal; cling to that part of this horrific experience, because in the end that is the part that matters.

      • A Green Echo

        It’s awesome that you were able to help her after all, Joy. Hell, after reading your article, it occurred to me to ask if FB is hiring moderators (and can you do it from home?) I’m all for working at a type of job that helps people, even if it’s ugly, and who am I kidding, I’m an FB junkie. Are there any special qualifications?

      • phil lorg

        thank you so very much for what you do

  • Sabina

    But you are the ones that concern themselves with petty stuff – like deleting photos of breastfeeding mothers and the like. There also seems to be political bias in favour of conservative religious bigots when it comes to banning people.

    • Joy Lynskey

      No. We are not the ones who delete pictures of breastfeeding mothers. In general, the reason why those pictures get deleted is because a load of people push them through the system with general numbers of reports alone. The safety in numbers issue applies on facebook as well.

      As for political or religious biases, there are those of course. The front end demographics of users on facebook varies little from the moderation back end. There are just as many batshit bigots there as there are yammering on facebook all day.

      Those of us who are actually working towards supplying SOME notion of fairness for people have very difficult jobs when they have to work actively against whiny offended facebook users and whiny offended facebook moderators.

      • carolyn

        To bad facebook doesn’t hire more monitors so little rape victims can get timely help. Seems petty to blame other posters because you are understaffed. facebook certainly has plenty of money to hire more people who are victims of their site.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Facebook will remain understaffed as long as 200 of 250k reports per hour are dedicated to personal offenses, instead of paying attention to the 50 that have some legit reason to report.

      • Caz

        Can’t help noticing that there is A LOT of bitching and whining going on about religious and political views etc. Not sure why they decided to use this page as a reason to argue about such small problems. They obviously didn’t pay much attention to what you said, Joy, in your original post! Thank you so much for sharing that with us, and thank you for what you do for so many people who really need the help. I will definitely be more mindful of what I complain about in future. I never stopped to consider the ‘darker’ side of facebook until I read this.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Thank you so much for reading and posting.

  • originalquirkster

    Mate, I had no idea. I can’t believe how naive I was not to think that paedophilia, rape groups were created on Facebook, not to mention all the other filth you guys have to sort through.
    The message of this blog needs to spread to all users, without harming your career. I will try my best to share this.
    It may mean sweet f*** all coming from me, but I hope you find a way to erase all the memories of the things you’ve seen. Cheers to you and your mates.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Thank you. Most of us agree that the pedos are the worse, but to be honest, the extremist groups that post their honor killings, beheadings and other violence might be equally horrid.

      Some of the creepiest things I have seen involve no obvious reportable offense involved. That is because it is PERFECTLY OKAY to post a wedding video of a 40 year old man marrying a 14 year old girl, even if she looks terrified. Even if she looks like she is absolutely ready to kill herself rather then submit.

      • Jacob Ford

        WOW! Where is this stuff happening? In the United States? What exactly do you guys mean by pedophiles? Like are people reporting PAGES or PEOPLE who are pedophiles? If you could explain, I’d appreciate it. Thank you for writing this up. I had no idea there were such controversial issues with Facebook. I never hear about this stuff otherwise.

      • Joy Lynskey

        There are tons of private and closed groups that do it all day. They get moles in who are trying to help and they report the stuff. We try to get to it quickly and delete it, but there are these other things getting in the way…

      • Sandra Reynaldo

        I once had a job very similar to yours. It’s NOT easy not to have the choice to avoid watching such things. And not be able to actually do something is the worst part. I could only act after, never had a chance to act before.

        But, please, go on. Someone has to do it. Better to have someone with a warm heart.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Thank you for that Sandra! That was a very kind thing to say

  • Lindy Clarke Hall

    my sympathies…
    and admiration…
    while this doesn’t answer many puzzling questions, it does answer
    much that we have never considered…

  • Kevin H

    Us common folk need to read things like this every once and a while to remind us how fortunate we are. Thank you for your service, you rank up there with the law enforcement whom deal with these serious issues first hand. I “only” have 130 people in my friends list so I don’t have to deal with the the petty drama as much. When it’s there I just gloss over it 96% of the time.

    The biggest thing people have to realize (myself included at times) is not everyone is going to agree. It’s that simple. One just has to accept that not every one enjoys your favourite TV show as much as you do and just let it be. That way at least more room will be left for the serious and pressing issues to be addressed by the moderators.

    • Joy Lynskey

      I agree. And I have been subject to the indecent treatment from Facebooks reporting system as well. I know how passionate some things make people. I can’t help but empathize with that, too. But the petty reports are very, very distracting to some of the true issues going on out there, like people being killed for the things they post on Facebook, that I would rather give my time to.

      • Jason Darter

        I have been guilty of levelling insipid reports in the past and now after reading this I will report nothing unless it seems to be a crime in progress. Thanks Joy for illuminating this issue, I know from personal experience thank sickos keep you awake at night. I won’t applaud your efforts because frankly the white noise your brain must generate to cope with the filth will probably block it out. Good Luck God speed, and if you need to have a drink on me

  • Mark Lane

    just wanted to know, why does facebook give out bans for people requesting neighbors for games on facebook, since the games are part of the revenue that facebook brings in, it seems to me that there needs to be a better inter-action between facebook and the games on facebook that require that you have neighbors to progress in some of these games,but then facebook puts a limit on the number and type of friends you can request, i personally don’t care about their pages and that can be fixed with the privacy setting, same as i don’t want to be critiqued on the contents of my page, just want to make friends to play and progress in some of the games without being banned for a week to 30 days for it, this still is a social site is it not?

    • Joy Lynskey

      I can’t give you a good answer. It is actually a running joke, games aside, that Facebook often suggests friends for you, they suggest you suggest friends to other people. The whole damned thing is a SOCIAL NETWORK, but if you request a friend and they reject it AND answer the “do you know this person” as No. You get banned for asking or suggesting.

      • Jane Bond

        I had wondered what the implication was of the “do you know this person” question. Do they get banned the first time a friend request is rejected with an “I don’t know them” or do they have to be a serial rejectee? And thanks for your post on Reports. I found it very informative

      • Teeg

        Thank you for this answer. I had wondered what was happening when I started seeing the “Do you know this person” question when I’d get a friend request. I just ignore it most of the time, looks like that was the right decision, since I’d hate for someone to get banned just because I didn’t accept their request.

        Thank you also for the job that you do, I suspect most of us had no idea that this was going on behind the scenes. I’ve liked your page, and would love to help if I could.

      • evwe cheshier

        why have a business page then? the whole point is to get customers and if I cant let new people on my page for my business, whats the use? Im not going to “know” all the ones that are new of course

      • carolyn

        still no answer about why there are so few monitors that a child rape victim can’t get through to anyone for over half a day. If they provide a platform for these rapists, shouldn’t they provide a safety net for their victims that cry out for help?

      • Joy Lynskey


      • Curly Sue

        seriously??? among most of the stupid shit I have seen with Facebook over the years…..banning some one because some idiot said no!!!! are you going to tell me that that is an issue and can’t be changed? Facebook made the stupid option….Facebook can change the stupid option.

      • Stef

        Some people are so dangerously idiot they need a slap in the face!
        Well said, Joy!

      • tlars699

        facebook reports billions of dollars in profit, correct?
        facebook mods like you have important jobs to do, correct?
        There are unemployed people pretty much anywhere, correct?
        If you have billions of dollars in profit, why not invest more money in your business, hire more people to become moderators, and actually filter out this crap more effectively? I know this onus is not on you, Joy, but I do believe that is what carolyn, who you so elegantly cussed out, was trying to get at.

  • Andrew

    Overly religious, narrow-minded, willfully ignorant people who find it offensive that there are people out there who live and think differently, should not be on the Internet. Period.

    • Joy Lynskey

      You are absolutely right. Don’t ever discount the so called ‘free thinkers’ that aren’t, either. They don’t happen as often of course. But here you go.

      On an average day in an average reporting hour where 250k, give or take 20k either way, roll in, about 150 to 175 k of them mention jesus, mo, occasionally a Buddhist gets mad when someone slams their fat jolly guy (you think christian trolls are funny, peaceful aggression is also pretty amusing). The 2 most common words mentioned on facebook ARE jesus and mo.

      However, the atheists that aren’t very good at critical thinking have their issues too. I recently dealt with a report where one of them reported an actual post by one of the parents of the children at Newtown. His report was rejected and with the new system that basically asks how you ‘feel’ about being rejected, he shared how he felt. The whole thing is a government conspiracy, the mother is a secret CIA agent working for Obama, etc.

      Don’t discount anyone really.

      • Qua

        True that. As an Atheist, I’ve seen my share of plenty of unreasonable Atheists and others who claim to be free-thinkers who do really lame things like that, and it used to surprise me, but honestly if you really think about it, it rarely has much to do with the person’s religious beliefs etc, it has more to do with the fact that person doesn’t know how to act rationally, or be reasonable, and more-so, is completely disrespectful of fellow human beings. It makes me so upset that here we have the internet, the most amazing thing ever….a place where you can learn anything you’d ever want to learn, and get an amazing education for free, a place to communicate and meet people all over the world…. and instead people use it to be hateful, ridiculous, mean and stupid, and to watch videos and use time-wasting apps that don’t enrich ANYONE’S lives. It’s made people more and more disrespectful and less aware of the fact they are interacting with REAL people with real feelings and real lives. It’s really unfortunate that we as people have found yet another way to turn something so amazing and beautiful into another breeding ground of morons and assholes. Luckily there are still some people who use it for what it should be used for though, and you seem to be one of them. Hopefully more people will start going that direction…… :/

      • Judi

        Joy I know this doesnt have anything to do with atheists, but you just responded to someone named Carolyn using pretty offensive language yourself. I cant believe you had to use the words sad sack of useless shit, stupid bitch and the most offensive of all C_ _ _ _!! Really, was there no other way to express yourself.

      • Joy Lynskey

        I am donating my time to do this, risking what I can barely afford. I have zero obligation to coddle individuals who just want to take my time being edgy or sarcastic. They can save that shit for the rest of the internet. I made it very clear in my post that trolling would not be respected. So, if that is the intent of anyone here, they are aggressively disrespecting the one wish I made clear.

        I’ll have no quarter for attention seekers. They are half of the problem.

      • Stef

        Well done Joy!
        Some people deserve no respect!

    • Fred Voetsch

      I just love it when ‘tolerant’ people want to ban intolerant people from having their say. George Carlin would love you, Andrew. Take a look in the mirror, my friend.

    • Brokenwings

      Actually it’s the atheists I’ve seen be the most intolerant. No one can mention anything with the word “god” in it without it being reported. Many atheists have no tolerance for anything even remotely religious.

      • conor

        we have full tolerance it is religous people that do not find god jokes funny enjoy life and stop being a little bitch its a joke

      • Joy Lynskey

        Unbaised answer. Sorry.

        Untrue. While atheists do report issues on their own “personal” agenda issues, which by the way, is just as stupid and annoying. They do not report religious content anywhere near the rate that christians/muslims report atheist/secular content.

        There are several groups on Facebook dedicated to ‘getting rid of atheism’ that regularly pack together groups and go mass report photos. While I have seen atheists report religious content on occasion, I have never seen a group of atheists create packs of roving trolls that run around mass reporting pictures they don’t like.

        Again. This is unbiased. Sorry if it doesn’t jive with what you’ve seen. Atheists tend to report things like anti-abortion, animal abuse, gender equality, hate speech and etc. But as bloody and nasty and horrifying as they are, pictures of for instance, christ bleeding/gory on the cross are rarely reported, while the same picture with a few words above it making a joke are reported at speeds that would impress the hell out of the late Reverend Falwell.

      • Lucy

        Brokenwings, as a former christian and now an atheist, I can only attempt to explain why this is sometimes the case. When you begin to see the harm that religion can and has caused, it is like watching an abuse victim return to their abuser over and over again. The worst are the posts commanding others to pray, to believe or the ones with the threats of hell. If it was all so believable, the threats would not be necessary. But the threats also are only allowed under the guise of religion. If someone approached you and said “Bob says if you do not love him he is going to torture you and burn you for a very long time.” You would insist on this person to tell you who Bob is, how he knows you, where he lives and you would call the police. And you would be smart to.

      • sara

        You see more religious stuff getting reported because you look at more religious stuff and never are exposed to the atheist stuff that gets removed. I spend more time looking at atheist pages, and am more aware of what goes on there, so I am not really exposed to the problems faced by religious pages. What would be really excellent is if we all would stop and think before we push those buttons.

    • Lori (Sara Casm)

      Overly statist, easily offended, willingly propagandized people that are intolerant of religion should not type before thinking….but they still do, obviously. ヅ

  • Joan Schaublin

    Bravo. Thank you for the work you do to allow me to enjoy this amazing free network. If people don’t like facebook, they are welcome to log the fuck off.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Ultimately, yes, exactly so.

      • Curly Sue

        and if facebook workers can’t handle their jobs because they don’t get paid enough they shouldn’t be cutting people down and find other work. source the job to me…i would enjoy ridding facebook of many pieces of shit that are on it. can’t facebook use some common sense.

    • carolyn

      ‘If people don’t like facebook, they are welcome to log the fuck off.” Can someone forward Joans words to the child who logged on to complain about being raped, and her pictures put up for all to see?

      • Joan Patrick

        Joan’s whole point is that if you don’t like the content you should turn it off or get over yourself not waste time reporting it to the people who could have helped that little girl instead of wading through people who were to offend because of their narrow minded sensibilities that they couldn’t stop hitting the report button. Moderators deal with enough horrors on a daily basis that are truly real MUST be dealt with situations and then have to deal with petty people like that too… don’t know how they do it but praises to them because they allow us all a social platform to vent upon to scream from to rant to and all we can do in return is stomp our feet and say “were offended” or “it’s unfair I was banned “next time just pull up you big girl panty’s and unlike the page if it bothers you so much because frankly the moderators don’t get paid enough to deal with your bullshit they have real monsters to chase down.

  • walker

    And the 911 operators are swamped with people demanding EMT’s for their indigestion. Who are these crazy people???!! Thanks for this awesome post.

    • Qua

      These people are the people who never learned how to be a responsible, reasonable adult and never grew up. Honestly, sometimes I think they should all be sent to a special school on an island and not allowed to leave until they learn how to be decent, respectful and reasonable people who don’t think the world owes them something and they are the center of it.

      (Sorry for answering what was probably a rhetorical question….)

      • Linda Collard

        I like the way you think, and I totally agree with your posts.

      • Anne-Marie

        Unfortunately, their parents need some lessons in assigning responsibility for actions as well. These are the kids whose parents insist that when they aren’t passing a class, it’s the teacher’s fault. When they’re misbehaving in school, it’s the school’s fault, or some other child’s fault. If they didn’t win first prize because they didn’t bother practicing, they’d better get a ribbon anyway. They stole something from the store but it’s society’s fault. The list goes on and on and on.

      • Brokenwings

        Unfortunatey children usually have two parents and if you live in an unfortunately country where convicted abusers are still given shared custody (even convicted paedophiles are given shared custody in countries like Australia), good parents simply do not have the power legally to protect their children from bad parents. If you do not hand your children over for access visits, then the police can (and do) forcibly take them and you can be charged with child abduction.

        So yeah, it shouldn’t have to be other people’s job to protect children, but sadly there are bad parents and the law won’t protect children from them, and that’s why it’s important to have measures in place to protect children I’m all for shipping off bad parents to an island somewhere (and quite happy to leave them there permanently) but the government will never do that, so it’s up to the rest of us to try and protect children as much as we can.

      • Glenn B Barnhart Jr

        That would require a very large island.

    • carolyn

      “And the 911 operators are swamped with people demanding EMT’s for their indigestion.”<–complete and utter bullshit. Where do you people get this stuff. Out of your asses? Despicable liar.

      • Nicholas Denney

        Carolyn, you’re hilarious! 😀

      • Dayna

        Anyone who’s ever worked emergency knows this is true. Experience is where they “get this stuff.” You are obviously a nut. Try getting a life, instead of sucking it out of all of those around you.

      • Bill

        Why don’t you just go to a chat room and find someone with no fucking brains just like you?

      • Mia Miller

        Actually, Carolyn, that is a true fact. In fact, up here in Northern CA there was recently an article (recently, meaning within the last year) about how SHASCOM (our dispatch system) was continuously clogged with calls from people who panic because they pushed too hard while trying to have a bowel movement and felt faint, people who have called to report indigestion as a heart attack… and my all time favorite, calling 911 because they had no ride to the pharmacy and wanted 911 to send them an ambulance to give them a ride. I. AM. NOT. JOKING. My best friend was a dispatcher for awhile and the things she told me were even more wild than that. Like the lady who called 911 because she got a hangnail. People are stupid. You can try to defend them all you want, but in the end, they will prove it and make you look like the fool. :/

      • Amanda

        Carolyn, my sister is a 911 operator and could easily tell you that YOU are full of shit. I myself am a newly graduated practical nurse, and the number of things we heard about the bullshit in the ER that only need a doctors visit….It’s just astounding. Get your head out of your ass, stat.

      • Tilly

        I am a 911 dispatcher for fire and medical. Walker’s statement is far from bullshit, it is actually quite accurate. My first thought was that they must be in the same field as me to know so. So keep you’re complete and utter bullshit to yourself, you despicable troll.

    • Melissa

      Like the one lady that called 911 MORE THAN ONCE to report that McDonald’s didn’t have any more chicken nuggets. Yeah…that actually happened.

      • Zido

        I heard about that, but to be fair, she actually was calling because the lady at the register only told her there were no more chicken nuggets after taking her money and then refused to give it back. It’s still too far, though.

  • Tanya

    What can we do to help? Besides not flagging dumb stuff?

    • Joy Lynskey

      Our group is currently working on a few things that we have a strong feeling will help. For now, I think one thing that could help is.. well, I can’t really share much here. I will add a link actually to this article on where I can be found on Facebook. I will post a page connection but I will add you to my personal account once I know you are safe 🙂

      • Sylvester Minutola

        Facebook does thiis and Facebook does Thaaat Waaaahaha. We found missing children Joe! ON FB, families, and friends, are asynchronously communicating from all around the World 🙂 when they might never have heard from each other again, serious people are addressing domestic violence, and making a difference, and certainly the rape issue WILL be changed for the good.
        YOU are a FABULOUS person, Facebook is a FABULOUS organization. The things you see? and try not to nightmare about? “The deeper the cut of the carvers knife, the more wine the challis can hold” Omar Kayam. Once your cleared to post a page and I`m sure you will be, please consider notifying me also. Listen 🙂 we are ITs, what the hell IS that? who knows?, what should we do next that`s correct? who knows? Your own peace Joe, take it from an old Grandpa it`s PARAMOUNT, hash check THAT for sure dude 🙂

      • Deadguy

        I saw a posting which claims that you may be losing your job due to posting as the “face” of Facebook, coupled with the cursing, and making jokes about how poorly Facebook handles things, and being rude to clients. While your handbook clearly states that you’re not permitted to represent the company. Someone responded back with the claim that you’re not really an employee… I’m left wondering what the truth is.

      • Joy Lynskey

        I am *not* losing my job. Actually, I was given an opportunity to bring up some of the important issues. Does that surprise you? It did me. You are free to think what you want though, regardless. I have been on the internet for almost 20 years now. The chances of anyone finding out who I really am are very low. I didn’t spend those 20 years complaining about the material I found on the internet, I spent it learning from the things I found. The profile here that you can see has a lot of paths that lead absolutely nowhere. That isn’t unintentional.

        Good luck with whatever your point in posting was!

      • LesleyandJoe Rokes-Bartlett

        I would be interested in helping you as well Joy I’am a father of seven three still in my care as they are under age my wife died suddenly for no reason in September 2012 and now I have way to much time on my hands taking care of children finishing what me and my beloved started and just sitting here on face book staring with no purpose threw out all nights for reason of lack of sleep but I see for the first time maybe some purpose in my life to do something right so if you would like please remember me to for a position in what ever you see fit to have me in thank you sorry for being off subject but the post caught my eye as i am with you on everything you posted ..

    • carolyn

      ask Facebook to hire more of those dollar an hour workers to help her delicate disposition.

  • Dixie Marchuk

    Good read, and new insight to how things work. I ( touch wood ) haven’t been banned yet, but did wonder how it worked. My personal choice for sharing was to start private group where as Adults we could post in private away from kids, and dried up prigs !! it’s all in good fun, and hurts no one. Can’t be bothered complaining about something I don’t like, just scroll on by, or delete the party.

  • nicole

    Everyone should read this!!!! Right on for telling them.

  • Gary Nicholson

    Thanks for your post and good luck. Curious about the 1.2/1.5 million – should that be billion or the British millard? Sorry – OCD must make your life hard as it is 😦

  • Mary

    May God bless you and somehow give you peace for all you have to see and deal with on a daily basis. I can’t imagine what it would like to have to sift through all that ridiculous rubbish to get through the real issues, its frustrating enough to see it on my personal feed. I know it must be frustrating to not be able to save some, and I can only imagine the tears that are shed. But I’m so grateful and have tears of thanks in my eyes for the fact that you *are* able to save some. The world is an awful place, and you are seeing that daily. You see much of what we do not. I can’t begin to imagine how that must affect your life daily. I don’t know if you believe in God, and I’m not going to get all religious here … but I’m going to pray for some peace for you, and for all of those others who see that junk on a daily basis. Sending you a virtual hug.

    A momma

  • Rnbw

    my boyfriend and I got had an issue and since I had access to his profile I posted a status, as revenge. his neighbor decided to report it as hacking and raised all ten kinds of hell over it, even AFTER she was told by him that I did not hack his account. I have yet to hear anything from FB regarding this incident. and to be honest he thought it was funny that I did it. he told he neighbor, “no harm no foul. I deserved it.”

    I am happy to hear that the mods have the priorities right but unfortunately things fall through the racks even with the people who are employed by agencies that are charged with protecting children. YOU all should not feel bad that you cant prevent every bad thing from happening to people who reach out to you…try to concentrate on all the ones you have prevented!


  • Ditra

    This is the same experience I had when I used to moderate

  • Jabari Nak'hti

    I always report racist photos and they never get removed. Lame.

    • O Galliers

      Awwww diddums, you get offended by people ridiculing your peodophile cult leader, I mean your prophet?
      I make viruses on PlagueInc called Allah and Muhammed Pork be upon him. They get reported alot. It’s hilarious, really.

      Only one got removed.

      You people should grow up. There are serious things posted on here to contend with, and you clog up the report, as the lady who made this post said, with your crap.

      Oh and the Allah plague on PlagueInc has now killed more people than Spanish flu has :).

      • Andrea Leong

        @O Galliers: Way to assume that by “racist” Jabari meant “anti-Islamic”.

        I once reported a page because its purpose was to post degrading jokes about one particular race, i.e. hate speech.

        Now that I know the urgent, tangible horrors that get reported, I wouldn’t report the page given the chance again. Instead I’d try to engage the page owner (which I ended up doing… and I would be more polite in doing so).

      • Andrea Leong

        I mean, you know, hate speech is shitty, and I still think it deserves a place in the queue if it’s vehement and persistent.

        But when I did get in touch with the page owner, it turned out to be just some ignorant kid who I might’ve been able to talk some sense into (given that he said, “I don’t hate [ _ _ _ ]’s, I’ve even got some as neighbours, but they’re the good type.” He probably didn’t maintain the page beyond a week. I should’ve tried harder on that one.

      • Stef

        I read ‘racist’, not ‘anti-islamic’ and that’s certainly one of the issue Joy would like to have more time for, instead of having to waste time on intolerant (and outplaced) comments like yours.

      • Joy Lynskey

        I don’t even think they can help themselves. Some of these people need to be reporters for all the spin they put on shit while claiming I have done so.

    • Karkass

      Just like Carolyn and Curly Sue (whose posts gave me brain damage, btw), you didn’t actually read any of this did you, Jabari?

  • Qua

    You’ve really opened my eyes. I never imagined such things happened on Facebook, or that there are so many doing this hard job, nor had I realized how hard of a job it truly is.
    Your account of the young girl and what happened to her made me cry….and I can’t begin to imagine how unbelievably hard it’s been having to experience this kind of thing on a daily basis, especially when something like that can make you feel like it’s your fault, no matter how much you know that rationally, it isn’t….it will still haunt you and hurt you, no matter what the truth is.
    I offer my sincere sympathy and thoughts to you, and now my appreciation for what you’ve done, even though I recently have not appreciated the job of Facebook Moderators. I always got so angry that racist, hateful and completely horrible statements made on facebook wouldn’t be removed after the tons of complaints, while people who only made factual statements, or disagreements with people on issues, etc, such as Atheist pages and pages against Republicans, would often be removed quickly even though the posts that were removed were rarely factually offensive to anyone, they just pissed those people off and those people disagreed with them. Even though this has happened for a long time and will continue to happen, you’ve made me consider things I haven’t before about the issue, and come to a better point of understanding of the situation and the people who do this job.

    Thank you very much for this insightful article, and for opening others eyes about things they were never aware of. You do a great service to the world just by doing this, and help to educate others.
    Some may not see that as all that important, but honestly, I think it’s one of the more important things in the world to do; educate others. I only hope more and more people will become aware of this site and it’s articles, and that they share with everyone they know as well!

    • Joy Lynskey

      Thank you very much for all those kind words. I understand the frustration. I began working for FB in late 2008 and left at the end of 2009 because of similar mod issues. I came back in 2010 and I caused a bit of a stir at one point and they actually deleted my then, 4 year old account for no reason. I offered to come back as a freelancer a few months later and they accepted. I don’t even know why for sure, but I’m glad they did.

      If you have pages you admin and need assistance, please feel free to join the new page I created and posted on this page and message me on that page. I can get you into the group that helps protect secular and other human rights pages.

      • Qua

        Thank you very much. I really appreciate everything you do, you seem to work very hard for all these problems that you really believe in and I think you’re doing a great job. I’m glad you were able to get back to working there, because it sounds like they really need you and your mind, and the rest of us need you too. It’s a good thing they decided to take you back, even if it can be difficult as hell to do the job. I admire anyone who can do a job that can be emotionally trying and exhausting at times, specifically if that job is important, and I honestly think in this situation, it’s very important.

        I’m glad to know that there is a place I can go for help, and I know many people who have the same problems. It’s possible we know some of the same people. Luckily, even though my page isn’t entirely one subject, but happens to cover several controversial things a lot of ignorant people hate and disagree with, it’s still very small and I don’t post very often, so I haven’t had any problems yet. I will however definitely let anyone I know running human rights and secular pages about it, as I’m sure it will really help. 🙂

        Keep up the great work.

    • Jason Russell

      Thank you for giving those of us, a chance of an insight into a perspective we’d otherwise not get the opportunity to see. Having been online for 20 odd years, I’ve seen enough of the terrible nature of humans, including all you’ve mentioned, to know I’d not want to have to face it on a daily basis.

      One suggestion is for Facebook to track who’s doing all of the reporting if not already doing so, as I’ve no clue if that happens, to hold those abusing the feature, accountable. One close friend was targeted and removed by an individual who used multiple alt accounts to effectively bully and shut her down. IP comparison of all the different reporting accounts would help weed them out. It has to be faced that the only reason there is so much abuse by users for petty, vindictive reasons, is that it has consistently been proven to be an effective tool for those so inclined. Which, can, in turn, lead to counter-reporting which further stresses an already under-serviced and under-staffed system.

    • Cheryl

      Well said. And I couldn’t agree more.

  • Michele Poet

    I can understand the frustration.
    Possibly the little girl in question might have misunderstood the language of the reporting system which is why she didn’t click the correct button to get it flagged higher as a priority? I am an adult and I have found it confusing at times.

    Maybe it would be a good idea for facebook to review their system and maybe try and simplfy the reporting process so that non urgent issues could be dealt with separately and the urgent issues could more easily be prioritised?
    Maybe have a clear message at the top of the system saying: Do you feel you are in danger and need help urgently – click here

    But if there is a system which appears to be set up to allow users to report blatant porn links, hate speech and copyright issues then surely people who then use the system for that purpose shouldn’t be made to feel as though they enabled a child rape by doing so?

    • Joy Lynskey

      “Maybe it would be a good idea for facebook to review their system and maybe try and simplfy the reporting process so that non urgent issues could be dealt with separately and the urgent issues could more easily be prioritised?”

      This is exactly what it needs. They do have the prompt that suggest if you are in trouble to call the police or emergency services, however:

      “But if there is a system which appears to be set up to allow users to report blatant porn links, hate speech and copyright issues then surely people who then use the system for that purpose shouldn’t be made to feel as though they enabled a child rape by doing so?”

      There are a lot of ‘systems’ set up all over the world that people abuse with petty issues, because it is possible, doesn’t make it a good idea. This one is no different. No, I can’t make people stop reporting pictures of coins, or those who would rather click report than get away from the PC when they have kids to watch, but I can ignore their issues in favor of those that are actual offenses. And I get pretty tired of whiny idiots who complain “That terrible joke offended me!” when I have better shit to do.

      Mostly that was my point in this post. I don’t even *want* people to stop reporting horrible material, but blasphemy, porn,creative commons and other similar issues are not as important and yes, if you systematically overload Facebooks reporting system because of things that offend personal little old you, than you are very much bogging down the system that could have gotten to the important issues faster without them. Whether one should feel responsibility or that they have enabled, is pretty much a subjective personal issue as well. I’d venture to guess that those who are narcissistic enough to report some of the petty issues I’ve seen, care little for the big picture anyway.

      I wrote this post mostly for the tons of people I see complaining all the time about how Facebook ignored their issue. Maybe it would be a good thing to begin wondering why. Certainly no facebook mods are pedos that just love to see those child rape pictures. Can you imagine if one fails to come down, that it is actually because something like THAT got skipped because the mod was handling tons of “I don’t like this photo of gay people, please remove it.”

      • Cheryl

        Joy, like others here, I very much appreciate your post, as well as your patience in interacting with commenters.

        I’ve rarely reported anything at all, other than clicking “spam” on a few things that were… well… spam. :-/ But I’m wondering if FB couldn’t make everyone’s life easier–yours as well as users’–by setting up a clearer system for reporting things, and one that would go farther toward refining the reports and screening them before they ever reach you?

        Perhaps adding more specific categories to what can be reported, as well as adding reasons that are appealing (“this post is contrary to my religious beliefs and very offensive”, “this post would be inappropriate for viewing by children”, etc.) but that could serve as self-sorting mechanisms, would shuffle some of the whining out of the system and allow the truly serious reports to rise more quickly….?

        And, how about clearly posted sanctions of some kind for people who report things as “emergencies” when they are not? As in, “This category of reporting is exclusively for crimes in progress, serious physical threats or life-threatening emergencies. Anyone abusing it by reporting lesser difficulties in this space will be removed from Facebook for 30 days, first offense; 60 days, second offense; 180 days, subsequent offenses.” Or something similar.

        While people obviously do whine, I think to a certain extent, FB brings on some of the problem by not offering sufficient options for people to take action, and by not clearly setting limits. Few people have even the vaguest sense what happens to a report once filed; I’m sure most “whining” would stop if the complications and consequences were understood.

        As for the blocking of people who have sent rejected friend requests, who on earth thought that up? A simple change of language in the “friend request response” would solve 90% of the problem. Add another level to the questions: “Do you know this person outside of Facebook? If not, do you feel this person is sending a friend request for a malicious reason?” Just because I don’t know someone and choose not to accept Friend requests from people with whom I’m not familiar does not make those people evil in any way. Good grief.

        In any event, thank you so much for continuing to work hard to make FB a safer and saner place. I’m fairly sure I could not do your job for more than about 3 days. Having said that, if there is a way I can be helpful, I, too, would be happy to try.

      • Joy Lynskey

        I appreciate you saying that, and I should apologize for my inability to show patience to a few who have posted here. I don’t have time or patience for trolling here. I totally get my fill most of the rest of the hours in the day.

        “–by setting up a clearer system for reporting things, and one that would go farther toward refining the reports and screening them before they ever reach you? ”

        Absolutely. That is one issue that is under serious discussion now. I have had to lay out several examples, such as the one mentioned in the post to supply sourcing for why I am making the request that I am.

        I am also requesting they actually post content/trending news. There is NO where outside of private content writers that have taken up trying to share how to contact facebook, or reporting on issues with it. FACEBOOK needs to be doing this. It isn’t up to users to let us know about updates and capabilities, but those are currently the only ones that do. Insane!

        Abusing the system is another serious issue I push for too. Aside from the general frustration of things, it is pretty sad that reports go through for people who rack up 50 to 100 reports per day that are rejected. I don’t know why these accounts aren’t flagged like the ‘offenders’ accounts are. It’s disgusting and it wouldn’t hold up in any courthouse in this country.

        “As for the blocking of people who have sent rejected friend requests, who on earth thought that up? A simple change of language in the “friend request response” would solve 90% of the problem. ”

        Hah! Awesome you mentioned this. Did you know that since I made this post Facebook has now updated it to include THOSE YOU DO ADD?

        YES! Now if someone friend request you and you accept it, it STILL asks you this question, and it STILL warns or bans the other person if you answer no.

        Why does this happen?

        I have NO IDEA WTF they are thinking! They won’t ever give details as to why this is.

      • Jason

        “A prude is a person who thinks that his own rules of propriety are natural laws.” – Robert Heinlein

        Facebook is no place for a prude.

      • Curly Sue

        maybe if facebook employee’s had a higher moral compass people wouldn’t have to report so many pages that are obviously disgusting, vicious, fake or dangerous.

      • Allie

        Hate speech isn’t a petty issue. It might not be as urgent as the kid posting that they’re expecting their abusive parent home drunk in half an hour (for example), but in the long term it does, demonstratively, cause rape, murder and suicide.

      • Claire

        When a child porn pic or video is found, is the profile and IP address given to the police so that justice can be served? and are the ‘friends’ list of that profile examined? are the others who have shared the pic or video, also removed and reported? I have seen some decidedly dodgy profiles recently, who are members of very suspect groups regarding young children. There is no doubt in my mind that these profiles are suspicious and have peadophilic tendancies, but their public information doesn’t come under a specific ‘offense’, It’s quite stomach churning to know there is nothing that can be done about them. Also, why does facebook not filter out and check the groups based on the trigger words which pedos use to identify to each other?
        I think you are a very special person to deal with what you see everyday, when so many people turn away and don’t want to accept or admit it happens. It would be wonderful to see a day when facebook could instill stricter policing for child abuse so that these issues are perhaps dealt with by a seperate team and not lost in the ‘other’ reports.

    • kylie

      if the reporting system is changed all that will happen is that the idiots who clog the system will think their petty concerns are urgent and everything will be flagged as “top priority”

      • Sean

        I was thinking the exact same thing. You will just have people report low priority posts as urgent and be in the exact same situation that is occuring currently. I honestly cant think of a solution that would not be abused in the same manner as it is being currently.

    • Nate Thönnesen

      If people only reported things like porn links, hate speech, and copyright issues, the issue about which this article talks wouldn’t be a thing. People report /every little thing/ over which they get offended. And that swamps the mods with way too much stuff.

  • Melissa Flaherty

    I think, those in charge of looking at the reports made to facebook need to be of a different type to the one taking in this news article.

    I am an admin of the facebook page ‘Stop Rapebook’ which is currently being featured in some news articles because facebook won’t pay attention to our reports about rape and violence against women ”humour”. The facebook employee talking in the above article is very much along the same style as many of the trolls who have overrun our page in the last few weeks, so it can no longer function.

    It is about time facebook stops calling people butthurt and telling them they don’t give a shit about what offends them. We are not only on the receiving end of this type of attitude from facebook, but the admins of our page have also received death threats and had our personal details doxed and put put on the internet for all to access, so it looks like hate speech which is already bad enough in itself does not stop at speech. It is about time that facebook pays more attention to what is being dismissed and not given a shit about, by the facebook employee talking in the above news article. There is a link between hate speech and offline violence, as far as I can see, but facebook does not give a shit about our butthurt, which is the same as what the haters and trolls say about us.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Perhaps it is your lack of comprehension that made you make the comments you did here. Did you even bother to read where I mentioned that MY SOLE PROBLEM is that all of the BUTTHURT reports are keeping us from taking care of the REAL issues like the ones you mentioned? Maybe some of your problems with facebook moderators is that you comment on things without actually having read first.

      I had to approve your comment because it was so full of YOU that it came up as spam. I put this post here because it is people like YOU that are part of the narcissistic problem. I am well aware of your page and I have done PLENTY of time there. I need to be removed? I got news for you lady, I am the ONLY reason why your page even gets a look. Much less endless research time made to remove the PREDATORS that harass you and yours.

      So you go ahead and get your butt all hurt having not even read everything there is to see here. Your page has problems but apparently so do you. I spend countless hours of my free, unpaid time chasing the exact same issues you claim to protest against.

      However, just this exchange here shows that you have apparently dished out judgement without any notion of the truth. I will remove your links and your MEME stuff from here now. If you want more help for your cause, you need to learn more people skills and the right venues for your soap box. This ain’t it.

      And I have news for you, without ME, 99% of the people who get your reports CAN’T EVEN FUCKING READ THEM.

      Stupid. You are the problem. Your page is not. There are shit tons of other pages just like yours lady. They deserve my time too. The next time I get high tiered reports from your page, I’ll hand them over to my supervisor. That good? He speaks fairly good English. He might understand.

      • Syl Minutola

        At least your super makes English important to him, This young lady obviously does not spend much time reading or writing. Phone rings “Sylvester here” “This is A**T, can you go onsite for us and finish a C***O install at St*****KS?,___ “NOW?!? “well theres a tech onsite having trouble” YEAH OK. On site, ” Hi there Im A**T 🙂 can I help? ” “I hope so”! hmmmm, Cat 5 in in place? serial port? its plugged in the wall? Lights are green? VPN is up? I just drove 2 hours for nothing????? “Well Im on hold with the NOC–” “OK”? :)–>>>” I need to verify “CONDUCTIVITY”, and dis frekin towel head caneven tuk Enlish”.<<< LOOONG silence:) " Deepak is in India, but I think their called Turbans?" anyway 🙂 your released from site and you can go home :). Before I let you go, I wondered, HOW MUCH HINDI DO YOU SPEAK? 🙂 TRUE STORY. People have to WANT to communicate, then it`s even fun

      • Curly Sue

        wow!!! pretty rude and uncalled for. ‘He speaks fairly good English. He might understand.’ because you grasp the english language it doesn’t make you a better person. you just sound like a bully.

      • Joy Lynskey

        You sound just like every idiot I’ve met on Facebook that can’t grasp basic facts and logic.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Look. Just because you are stupid about how the internet works doesn’t mean everyone else is.

        See here? This is the IP you originally came here with as “Carolyn”

        This is the one you are here as now.

        I know you aren’t a genius or anything, but go do a google search for WHOIS IP.

        Put those in there, read the results and imagine how fucking stupid you look now. Crazy cunt

    • Joy Lynskey

      Just read your page too. Really? You spend time that you could dedicate to helping those women, children and etc protesting that Facebook didn’t remove those pictures? Way to be a useless activist. Why don’t you and your 5k fucking fans go do something to help those PEOPLE who suffered?

      We believe that Facebook isn’t a safe place for children!

      You don’t fucking say? How about watch your fucking children, then?

      • Syl Minutola

        GO JOE!!! GO JOE!!! (Dallas Cheerlraders running in, waving thier bom toms or whatever the hell they are) GO JOE!! OKAY just send em after me for cheerlrader jokes LMAO! Prob next anyway.:)

      • Qua

        Oh, but that would be too haaaard…..them taking responsibility for their own children and not leaving it up to everyone else and laying the blame on everyone but themselves? Never…. not in this country at least. Probably not in many others as well. There are many systems in place for lazy assholes who decide to have children when they very well shouldn’t, just to protect those lazy asshole’s kids, and yet, these people not only refuse to use these systems in place, they bitch and moan about shit that other people do on the internet and in the world, when the truth is, they need to grow the fuck up and take some god damn responsibility for themselves and their damn children, and learn how to “protect” them from all these “horrible” things they don’t like. It’s not EVERYONE else’s responsibility OR problem to make sure your kid doesn’t see some crap that goes against what you believe in, nor is it anyone else’s responsibility to make sure they don’t see porn. That 100% lies in the parent and the truth is, none of them are adult enough to know it’s their own fault when something happens. Blame everyone but themselves. Sue the company that makes a stroller that your kid got it’s fingers pinched in, because you weren’t paying attention to your kid and he did something stupid, like putting his fingers in a place he shouldn’t, which obviously would do something like that….and then the courts ACTUALLY take these people’s side…. and it’s this enabling that just makes it get perpetually worse.

        It’s so damn unfortunate…but I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir.
        Obviously people also need to learn to differentiate between actual jokes and serious threats and hatred. For instance, I joke about plenty of awful, fucked up things that most people get offended by, and I make rape jokes, but none of them are serious, and in fact, these are things I actually feel VERY strong about. It’s happened to me, and to others I know, and I do as much as I can to help those in such awful situations, and I support groups who work to help and protect them….. but making jokes is an entirely different thing and we as people need to learn how to tell the difference.
        It’s like Lisa Lampanelli, she makes a shitload of racist jokes, but she’s anything BUT a racist. In fact, I see it more as a statement about racists instead of actually being racist. It makes fun of those people who would tell the jokes seriously, as if they truly felt that way.
        That’s just my point of view on it…..
        If anything, the most sensitive, caring and loving people I’ve met, who felt the strongest about things like rape, poverty, abortion, women, children and more, were the same people who made jokes about those things.
        I think it’s because humor helps us deal with such tragic and touchy subjects, and allows us to cope a little better. People need to learn how to have a sense of humor, or they really aren’t going to live very long.

        Oh how you must deal with such unbelievable morons day in and day out….honestly, I don’t know how you can do it. I personally have pretty much gotten to the point where I can’t even go out into the world anymore, almost completely agoraphobic. I rarely even socialize online anymore either…. I just can’t handle the pure ignorance and bullshit of people. I think it takes strength of immense amounts to deal with those kind of people when you’re as intelligent as you certainly seem to be, and I commend you for being able to put up with it. Still, I’m sure you probably suffer from a lot of damn stress. Let me just say, if there’s anything I could ever help you personally with, let me know. I can’t do much, being disabled, but I’d do whatever I could. I very much support your work, and really admire you. Don’t let these cunty, whiny A-holes keep you down.

        and little miss Melissa Flaherty? Just shut the hell up. Seriously, it’s astounding what you have no comprehension of. Go somewhere else, with more people like you, there’s really no use for you here, except for maybe to laugh at.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Yeah, Qua. Exactly. I can’t even believe this woman had the balls to post here. I’m the problem? Seriously, that batshit woman runs a page of 5k people who spend their time on facebook ritually reporting stuff that isn’t as ‘offensive’ as something you might see on 4chan any given moment.

        I’d be willing to bet a ton of money that not a single one of them has given a DIME or a moment of their time actually helping any of the individuals whose suffering created the photos they are so offended by.

        What is this? Backseat activism? That bitch needs her computer taken from her.

      • Qua

        Hah, yeah I couldn’t agree more, seriously. These people often fill me with rage. I’m so irritated by the fact they keep making computers easier and easier to use and building OS’s like Windows 8, simply to appeal to these ignorant, knuckle-dragging troglodytes, because they not only take away all functionality and joy for REAL computer users and people intelligent enough to be able to use one correctly without having it turned into something that acts worse than what you would find on a tablet or i-pad, but they are just making it easier for more and more idiots to get on the internet and bitch about shit they have no business bitching about, ESPECIALLY because it’s the only thing they do about anything. They never spend a dime or a moment of time trying to help anyone or anything but themselves. Half the time, I think they only get so outraged because they think they’re supposed to, since some other moron told them to feel that way.
        I do my fair share of complaining about fucked up shit, but it’s always the REAL things…for instance, animal abuse or places like the Congo Kinsasha, and I do all I can in my situation to contribute in some way to the causes. I don’t have money and I’m usually too sick and barely awake to even do much in the first place….what’s their fucking excuse? Oh, yeah, they’re fat old white ladies who have nothing better to do than sit on a computer and bitch and moan about everything they can find to bitch and moan about. Even if we took away all the things they’ve been complaining about, I could bet they’d somehow find just another thing to whine about as well.

        I can’t think of many things more utterly useless and ridiculous than that joke of woman and her page dedicated to what is only adding to the problem at large. There’s always the 1,000,000 mom’s page….and don’t even get me STARTED on that one…lol….talk about a bunch of bigoted, useless old cows who have nothing better to do than sit around and hate gay people for no rational reason at all, and actually think somehow they will ever amount to a million.

        I think people should have to get a license to use a computer, or at least, the internet. I mean, why not? Pass some test about decency, respect, rationality, logic and intelligence…. and then you can take the joy in getting to use one of the greatest technological creations of all time, and APPRECIATE it.
        It seems endless, the amount of ways people continue to find to abuse the internet. That excludes porn though, I think that’s a very good thing in many ways, it’s just that there is a line you don’t cross, and that involves children and animals. 4chan is pretty much the sickest place I’ve ever been to…. within my first 5 minutes, years ago, on /b/, I saw some of the most disturbingly upsetting pictures of my life. It was during the huge russian child porn thing, where they were just polluting the site with it. It was fucking awful. Then on any other given day, you’ll find almost as sick things….that almost cross the line…. but I’m not going to judge what someone else likes sexually, as long as it’s with consenting adults, it’s none of my business. That’s the simplicity of it…really… there are plenty of things that I find sickening and disgusting, but I’m not going to be a baby and get offended by it, nor am I going to go and complain to someone about it just because I haven’t learned how to grow up yet. I’m just waiting for the rest of the people in the United States of “I’m the center of the universe and I’m special” to learn too.

        It seems there is no end of morons trolling your posts here as well….man, just getting the emails with only the beginning of some of these responses rub me the wrong way. I find myself wishing I could savagely ram something repulsive down their throats, like they do to the rest of us who don’t give a shit what they think. Thankfully, it seems there have also been plenty of people who DO understand where you’re coming from though, so that’s good. 🙂

      • carolyn

        She needs more help.She brought this out and admitted not being able to handle all the requests or complaints jn a timely manner. She needs help.Or Facebook needs to hire more of those dollar and hour people to get to little rape vic’s when they turn to the platform that allowed harm to come to them.

      • Janice Medley

        HA now this post I really love ! ty ty

      • tlars699

        Perhaps trying to eliminate those pictures, which are humiliating and threatening women, is all she can do. If it were me I’d appreciate someone complaining on my behalf to help get it down, so that I could worry about more important things, like recovering from being raped/harrassed. :/

      • jakki dodds

        i have to ask about the whois ip search for the ip addresses mentioned in the post above this one i am sending a ‘reply’ to-im not actually tech savvy or anything, but i input those ip addresses into whois ip as u suggested, n they come up with different addresses in different states, just curious what that is meant to illustrate?? im not trying to troll or anything, as I actually appreciate the work u do as well as the patience u must have for dealing with such things on a daily basis, but i am just curious about this one particular thing??

      • jakki dodds

        hi there joy, im not tech savvy or anything, but i followed your suggestion of inputting the ip addresses in the post above this one that im ‘replying’ to, to see the results, & it appears to me that they come from different addresses in different states, im not trolling by mentioning this either, as i appreciate your efforts and your obvious patience n tolerance by doing such a job day in & day out, i am just curious as to what it should be illustrating, or what i am not seeing that i should be perhaps??

      • J Lyn

        They came back to the same internet provider.

    • Curly Sue

      🙂 Melissa

    • Patricia Betty

      I agree Melissa. Facebook is a sewer and it would appear all the foul mouthed rats aren’t the ones with the pages. I am constantly reporting sick animal abuse pages. Absolute disgusting depraved cruelty and all I get back is Facebook have reviewed the report and it doesn’t violate their terms. What the hell has some pervert got to do to a defenceless animal before these ‘useless sacks of shit’ ( I borrowed that phrase from one of the moderators comments further up this thread – Charming isn’t she?) do something about removing the page and reporting the people who are doing it. Perhaps they haven’t read the scientific research which say child abusers and people who abuse women usually start out by abusing animals.

      • J Lyn

        You’re an idiot and most likely of the same group of people who don’t mind clicking report, but will hide behind your curtains when a neighbor needs help crying about how you don’t want to get involved. Why don’t you report that shit to the police, or do anything that requires an actual effort? There are cyber protection groups, quit being a whining cunt.

        You have no idea how much time I have dedicated to dealing with animal abuse issues, but I didn’t expect you would even though you claim to have read threads here. Do something with your life and if you aren’t willing to do something about that shit you report, quit reporting it. The next person might not be the lazy fuck you are.

  • Invisigoth

    Great post. A lot of information that I wasn’t aware of. I don’t know if I could see what you and your co-workers do every day without losing it.

    I’ve posted a link to this from my FB page to help spread the word.

  • Mike

    So let me get this straight— you’re complaining about people complaining and it’s your job to listen to complaints. Sounds like you’ve got your own case of butthurt. Suck it up or find a different job.

    • Zidopidokido Arichikito

      I hope to you’re a troll. I really do. Did you not get the part where he said that he may have failed to prevent a seven year old girl from being raped because too many people complain about meaningless shit?

      • Qua

        This guy is just a ridiculous, ignorant, self-obsessed fuck-tard, honestly, don’t even give them any attention. It’s just what they want and they’re not even important enough to cock-slap in the face, even if that’s really what they deserve.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Obvious narcissist is upset his report didn’t go through.

      • Patricia Betty

        Get a grip The author of this report is just an attention seeking idiot, who thinks she is here to save the world, and how dare we stand in her way by posting reports she thinks are far too unimportant for herself to deal with. I don’t know any seven year olds who could set up Facebook pages so they can report abuse. Vulnerable children don’t usually behave that way especially when they are only seven.

      • J Lyn

        “seven year olds who could set up Facebook pages so they can report abuse.”

        Do you even read? None of that makes sense at all. And it is nowhere near anything I posted.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Thanks so much to you two for taking care of this but yeah.

      “So let me get this straight— you’re complaining about people complaining and it’s your job to listen to complaints”

      No derps.

      I am complaining about people complaining about breast feeding pictures, two men getting married or breast cancer survivors tattoos because apparently some stupid fucks think those things are offensive, meanwhile, real complaints from people who are in fairly horrible situations have their complaints ignored because some stupid fuck doesn’t have a clue what an actual complaint entails.

      I don’t need another job, I need whiny shits and assholes to get the fuck off of the internet instead of adding 200K plus complaints about their sore anuses to the mix, every. fucking. hour.

      How about just suck it, buttercup.

      • Syl Minutola

        Mike trolling is not your strong metal suit, you really don`t seem bright enough.

      • Naomi Julius

        Two thumbs UP on that well-deserved anger. I’ve read all posts and comments and your dedication to making things better comes through loud and clear, which is what ALL human beings are placed on this earth to do. Many apparently think we are put here to “rise above” all others no matter how we accomplish it. But in the end, most rational people can easily see the haters and trolls for what they really are; deeply miserable, lonely, uninformed and uneducated.

      • Pia

        Your post was brilliant.
        I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked at the drivel some people are responding with, but I am.
        As as for the previous comment about self-proclaimed “activist”, people should be willing to put their money where their mouths are.

        Thanks again, I’ll be sharing, and liking the page you created to further help with these issues. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’m ready and willing.

    • Syl Minutola

      TY Qua, I was hoping to share with Mr Linksey the fact that there are people who will NEVER see the issues, and this should not deter him from the great job he does, I tried also to add a modicum of lightheartedness, if not humor, to the whole mish mosh of WINERS that I see him trying to placate when they don`t even deserve it. He`s a moderator who helps you ALL, some will never know, because they could not basically give a shit if they tried.

    • carolyn

      I agree, Mike. And that story about the little rape victim….appalling.

      • Nate Thönnesen

        You’re a moron, Carolyn. They have a lot of workers, and even if they hire more, that’s not the problem. People need to stop thinking they have this ‘right to not be offended,’ because /that isn’t a thing/. You don’t want to be offended? Then /don’t be offended/. Suck it up, princess. Things are going to happen you don’t like, but if they’re not actually /harmful/, then you can learn to ignore it.

    • Curly Sue

      that’s what i say. here, here. 🙂

    • Steve


      Here’s a point, you obviously missed it

  • Matt Kirk

    I’ll say it now,

    You sir are good for posting something like this, but to everyone else. Get over yourselves, you have all probably added to the problem and fuck, so have I, and due to our nature of already doing so we will probably continue to do so, yet you all suck up and try and act like the person who is actually doing the work to fix this. It seems like a lot a of you still seem to be only thinking about your image as you post your replies of anything other than your feelings of what happened to the girl. I for one will admit that I’m a selfish fuck who does not look at the world before going on impulse and posting things.

    Sir you did a good job, I’m still selfish but you did remind me that people are fucked up in the world to do such things like that to children.

    • Nate Thönnesen

      See, you’re acting all proud that you’re a selfish fuck. News flash for you, I’m not. I have not reported a single thing that I simply didn’t like, or maybe even offended me, unless it was something that /actually/ deserved reporting. Which means I’ve sent in exactly 0 reports to this day–or at least it’s so rare I can’t remember it. Please don’t put off your faults on others to make yourself feel justified in having the fault. Fix the fault.

    • Fedora Flameshirt

      I don’t report anything, even if I disagree, gore and such I don’t even report, nor porn(which I’m against). Although I’d report such a photo if I had seen it, such things are appalling. Anyone who reports just needs to calm down and just deal unless it’s some serious shit.

  • Elizabeth Boshoff

    this right here is why facebook, or well its users, are so fucking dumb. reporting all this shit?? DUMB. anyone who reports stupid stuff like that shouldn’t be using the internet. im sorry but its true. so put your big girl panties on if you want to stay.

  • Richard Tallent

    I can really appreciate the work of moderating a site like Facebook. I don’t envy the people who have to go through all the shit that idiots post every day.

    But as an artist who specialized in nude photographs, and as president of a local non-profit art gallery, I really, really wish there was a more transparent, open-minded policy on “nudity,” particularly in photographs (I’ve heard of paintings and sculpture also being censored, but photography gets the worst treatment).

    A good start would be to simply say that female nipples and the crack of a butt aren’t considered “nude enough” to merit censorship.

    Instead, “nudity” should be limited to the genitals, anus, and pubic hair (the latter only because it eliminates the debate about whether genitals were clearly visible).

    In the alternative, censor these only for public posts, or for people who are under 18. (Breasts and butt cracks aren’t covered by US porn laws, so there’s no legal concern with the age of the person in the photo, but Facebook should certainly have a policy for censoring based on apparent age.)

    A more relaxed policy would provide artists, galleries, etc. more flexibility in posting perfectly tame, artistic nudes, without opening the floodgates for Tumblr-like porn, and without getting into an insane debate about art vs. porn.

    It also removes the ambiguity in dealing with breastfeeding, areola, sheer tops, visible outlines of nipples on opaque clothing, transgender nipples, post-mastectomy breasts, and other gray areas.

    If someone abuses this to post, say, Playboy centerfolds from the 60’s, you can always censor them for copyright infringement.

    • Joy Lynskey

      You are supposed to be able to do this now as long as your group is set to 18+. But that still doesn’t mean you won’t get reported. I have charities who lose out because of this issue as well.

  • Ian Z. Futterer

    I agree with this completely, but as a photographer, I do not think that copyright infringement is something that should just be skipped over and thrown in the same waste basket as the complaints from people who don’t know how facebook works. Yes, it is much less important than rape, but it is still a crime.

    • Ian Z. Futterer

      oops, nvm. I didn’t see that the word used was SHARED, not posted. totally different. nevermind. yeah, that is pretty dumb…

    • Gavriel Discordia

      You have no idea what you are talking about. FB is NOT a copyright violation office and will never give a damn about your petty BS complaints about how someone stole your silly photos. NEWSFLASH! Pushing a button on a camera does not make you special! HAHAHA!

    • Joy Lynskey

      Copyright infringement isn’t skipped over by any of us. I actually have several members of my group who work on this issue alone.

      • Gavriel Discordia

        Im sad to hear that, its not FB place to enforce copyright thats for the courts to decide. Unfortunately the MPAA and RIAA are trying to make everyone running sites online and providing webhosting etc etc into police for Hollywood and Sony.

        Besides Copyright will only serve to stifle innovation, creativity, and our Digital Freedoms both online and off.

        I hope everyone forced into being copyright cops at FB are readers.

        There are many copyright documentaries that cover these issues such as; Good Copy Bad Copy, the PBS doc Copyright Criminals, RIP: a Remix Manifesto etc.

        And Creative Common cofounder Lawrence Lessig has written 5-6 books on the subjects of copying, transformative artwork, remixing and the like.

        Join the EFF and the IDL

        Digital Freedom Forever!

      • Joy Lynskey

        FTR. I don’t spend my time on CC issues. I know some people have strong feelings about them and I am glad to encourage their knowledge on how to fix those things. But I have a lot of other things I’m not willing to lose focus on for CC

      • TK

        I’d actually like to make this one little point about picture infringement and privacy in general. It’s a simple matter of common sense. If you don’t want the world to have it, then don’t put it on the internet. Especially not into a medium with a “share” button.

    • Ryan

      Okay people wow copyright issues do not rank anywhere near porn links/virus links which don’t rank anywhere near hate speech which is light years away from the importance of emergency situations as described in this article.

      Oh golly gee someone didn’t pay you ten dollars for your picture/game/video/doesn’t matter?!
      Yes please let us prioritize your minute monetary transactions over people’s suffering!

      Another commenter, TK, said this:
      “I’d actually like to make this one little point about picture infringement and privacy in general. It’s a simple matter of common sense. If you don’t want the world to have it, then don’t put it on the internet. Especially not into a medium with a “share” button.”

      Now look:
      It sucks when people jack your artistic stuff and call it their own.
      I don’t personally know this feeling, and probably won’t since all I really care about is if people enjoyed what I did and if it brought a smile to their face, that’s good enough for me.
      But I do know what it is like when things are physically stolen, and I have artist/writer friends who have experienced people jacking their work, and for them and others that have gone through that I fully empathize.
      But not when you’re going to be a jackass about it.

      This has no place or right to be considered an issue that can walk alongside the very clearly more important issue of “Lives are being lost and/or further critically injured mentally/emotionally/physically because idiots and the uninformed are clogging the system.”

      I would do a side by side comparison of what a copyright issue sounds like compared to what a critical emergency issue sounds like but it would be in very poor taste to mimic serious pleas for help here so hopefully my illustrating copyright issues will suffice.
      Given the emergency responder role Facebook admin and inevitably any admin of a social network as large as this winds up taking on, copyright complaints are basically the equivalent of dialing 9-1-1 and saying, “Yeah someone bought a sculpture from me and they are running around saying they made it can you come ask him to stop.”

      Not to mention the fact that Facebook admin can’t hunt down all instances of copyright infringement across the Internet, and being the Internet, it is going to happen everywhere and anywhere. And I’m sorry, but unless you’re brand spanking new to the Internet, you really must be prepared for that fact.

      Someone can always paint another Mona Lisa (and they do), but no one can make another John Smith, or Jack O’neill, or Fred Rogers, or Joy Lynskey, or you. I love Van Gogh, for so many reasons, but you know what Ian? If I had to choose between preserving Van Gogh or saving you, I would pick you in a heartbeat. I don’t even know you, hell I’m ranting at you now.
      I’m just really hoping you see this point, and would do the same for some other random person, possibly even a random person that has pissed you off. Let’s first worry about saving lives, then if and when we get that down so well we’ve got extra resources lying around to do other things, we’ll do those other things, okay?

      I’d like to give a shout out to Joy Lynskey and Qua while I’m at it for being some of the greatest people on the planet. 🙂

  • Classical Gas

    Thank you for this article – I can scarcely imagine the things which you deal with on a daily basis. Kudos to you for keeping on. I’ll never unthinkingly flag another ad.

    • carolyn

      she gets paid almost $30.00 an hour for “keeping on” and apparently failing. And here she is sniveling about it.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Yeah? How much do you make for being a cunt? I’ve been doing 18 hour days for them since 2007, who the fuck are you to judge how much I should be making?

      • carolyn

        I’m not the one on here sniveling about my job and using foul language.

      • Curly Sue

        no you’re not carolyn. 🙂

      • Joy Lynskey

        You are Carolyn you crazy bitch. Quit talking to yourself.

      • Mia Miller

        No, Carolyn, you are trolling.. Which means you probably don’t HAVE a job, since you have been on this page nonstop for the last several days from what I can see just reading the comments. And, let’s face it- you are being a cunt. Whatever your background reason for trolling this post.. you are definitely being a cunt. And that comes from someone who is just reading the commentary here. SMH. Some people with no lives.

      • Joy Lynskey

        I’m quickly falling in love with Mia

      • Sam

        It is painfully obvious that you and Curly Sue are the same person. You look very stupid.

      • Karkass

        It is absolutely astonishing how dumb your posts are. I truly didn’t realise people were capable of this level of idiocy. Are you intentionally missing the point everytime?? How can you not see how stupid you look? If you’d read the initial post you’d see that Joy is trying to get people to stop over taxing the system with complaints that aren’t time sensitive, and arent’ about immediate danger for someone. All you’ve said so far given the examples we already have, is that you’d rather see that little girl go through hell because YOU don’t like a picture and NEED someone to deal with it RIGHT AWAY, even BEFORE saving a little girl’s LIFE. You’re a disgusting person! She’s never said that there isn’t a place for watching out for racism and sexism and all the other -isms, it’s just a matter of priority and what can be handled. You are despicable. Joy is doing a good thing, and trying to do even more, and she’s asking for help from the only ones who can give that help- us, the cloggers. (I’ve never reported anything, that I can remember anyway) She’s saying that life-threatening situations are more important than your personal sensibilities. YOU’RE the one with the “delicate disposition” who can’t tolerate being offended- to the point that you would allow children to be raped as long as you get your way. Go cry to your mamma instead of FB mods- they have better/more important things to do than spoon feed your self-aggrandising, self-important, ridiculous, idiocy. Grow up.

      • Ryan

        Troll or not it is painfully obvious to all you have little to no concern, conscience, or respect for the lives and feelings of others. I would love to give you a psychological analysis of what you are because you have given me all the information I need to do so, but the content of my analysis would make it too be in bad taste to post here.

        You really should feel honoured that anyone even continues to grace your garbage with a response. The fact that you are clearly doing this to agitate and disturb others hopefully means you understand that you certainly don’t deserve it.

  • Penny Pigtales

    Thank you for this. I’ll do my best to continue not to flag stupid shit.
    I hope that somehow the bad things you see like.. disappear from your brain.

    • carolyn

      as someone said about Facebook and she agreed…if you don’t like log the F”K off”. If she doesn’t like what she does, quit the f”king job and let someone else have it.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Why would I do that? I do more good there than you could possibly do with your jealous sniveling.

      • carolyn

        I’m jealous of someone who is so bad at their job a kid get ignored while pleading for help??? Call me names, missy, I’m not the failure here. You are, by your own admission. And apparently, your job can be done by dollar an hour employees. And since your such a highly paid failure, maybe you could respond as an adult and not moan about me being jealous because of your personal failures..

      • Nate Thönnesen

        There’s a difference between ignoring things you don’t like in your free time and having to see it on your job. Plus, her complaint is legitimate, while what she’s talking about is 90% of the time illegitimate complaints. There is no ‘right to not be offended,’ so people should stop acting like there is.

      • Doodle

        Carolyn, you are a horrid, nasty, and unsettlingly dimwitted piece of shit. I am rather shocked that a turd managed to used a keyboard though. I see that you have no idea how to grasp even the very basics of logic and rationality,so just go fuck off now. It’s people like you who make the world a darker place.

      • David Riley

        Joy is not complaining she is educating us. Thank you Joy.

  • Peter Bay Jespersen

    Thanks for the reality check, it’s always good to get some understanding of ‘the other side’ of things. I’ll certainly remember this next time I’m tempted to complain about something, and most likely refrain, even maybe including instances of ‘hate speech’, though I guess if these get reported, at least /someone/ gets to review them, maybe sees if there’s more to it than that, or not. But I’ll certainly consider whether it really /is/ worth reporting, considering what you’ve said. Cheers ! and my best wishes to you and your co-workers.

    • Ryan

      Please don’t. 😦
      If you see a page issuing general hate speech, targeting no one person, please leave it be. Reporting that page won’t stop or diminish the amount of such generalized hate speech is out there, and will not stop anyone from running into it, at least not in a huge medium like Facebook.

      If you see someone viciously attacking a specific person with hate speech, then perhaps you could do so. Though it would be much more helpful to the victim of such a directed assault if you reached out to them, talked to them. 🙂
      It is really amazing and heartwarming when someone comes to your defense, and all the more so when they are a complete stranger. Message them and ask them if they are all right. Comfort them if they need it. You’ll put a smile on their face that will do more to brighten their dark day and bandage their wounds than making comments they never would have looked at again anyway vanish from sight. 🙂

      If you see someone in immediate danger, like a suicide threat, you definitely should report that pronto!
      But, also, do the things I said to do in the second paragraph. (But please make sure to be careful about it, okay? No “tough love” tactics there! D: )

      • J Lyn

        Are you saying to actually reach out and help people and that clicking report isn’t always going to have a positive effect for someone in need?

        Because that’s what I’m saying. 🙂

  • Gavriel Discordia

    I run a page for an entire U.S. State Occupy, i have dealt with all kinds of nuts before and keep the page intact and clear of disruptions. Page owners have a duty to moderate their own pages and NOT rely on FB to solve their problems.

    When it comes to uninformed Leftist and Rightwingnut activity on political pages, we have taken on a zero tolerance stance on all drama and banned anyone who causes a disruption. It made our pages safe for those who agree and are seeking to learn more, and they speak up where once they were afraid of attracting trolls.

    This duty as a page owner is especially apparent and made clear to anyone operating a progressive page, environmental page, or any other page for people who are not afraid to use logic and facts based on one simple fact; there is a ‘TeaPartyBook’ online now.

    As far as you should be concerned, its open season on the FOX ‘News’/Tea Party crowd for the ban hammer. They have no reason to be on FB other than trolling and starting shit. F them all…

    • Joy Lynskey

      Good stance to take. It’s about the only one that will work. I hesitated for years to just go all banhammer, but it really is the only true way to protect your page and your time investment there.

    • Curly Sue

      as gavrieil said,’ When it comes to uninformed Leftist and Rightwingnut activity on political pages, we have taken on a zero tolerance stance on all drama and banned anyone who causes a disruption.’

      Nothing like it just being all about you and what you think is right or wrong. don’t hear both sides to a story….just delete or block them so your little pages will be happy with just one sided ignorance.

      • Gavriel Discordia

        The fact is you have no idea what your talking about because you dont run pages. Otherwise you wouldnt put your foot in your mouth by trying to tell US how we need to handle our communities and news sites.

        We hear that line of BS everyday, “Trolls have rights too”

        No. They dont have the right to start pointless debates and post links to chemtrail videos and start arguments and post their political propaganda pictures or triads about how OUR pages are THEIR public forums.

        Discussion Groups are for Debates, and if someone has so much to teach everyone else they can start their own damn pages instead of using everyone elses as a platform for their ill conceived opinions such as yours.

        The Wing nuts and Anarcho-Capitalists can stick to Conservapedia and TeaPartyBook and your welcome to join them.

        People have some nerve suggesting we need to respect the rights of a few useful idiots and sock puppets to disrupt our communities over our ability to attract like minds, network progressive agencies together and get on with some progressive activism.

        Good Luck Trolls.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Says the person displaying tons of one-sided ignorance.

      • Uno Bubba

        You’re a troll. I’d ban you at a moment’s notice… along with your alter-ego.

  • Powell Schultz

    Nonsense article. What’s the author’s game, I wonder? Just a troll?
    Facebook moderators indeed… FB is not one of Zynga’s game forums. And if/when a user tries to report an image etc the options/reasons for reporting are already there – it’s a multiple choice thing and you pick one: “violence or drug use” “hate speech” etc. There is nowhere to write long-winded personal ‘reasons’ like those listed in the ‘article’:
    “I don’t believe in this coin. It goes against what I believe in.”
    “This fish doesn’t look like a fish, it looks like a man’s private parts, and I have small children around me during the day.”
    “I saw this on my feed and I do not approve please take it off.”
    “This page shared my picture without credit or permission.”
    “Can you remove this picture I don’t like it.”
    This is not true, my God would never let this happen.” Nonsense ‘article’.

    • Joy Lynskey

      You must have forgotten a few things. Up until the end of 2012, Facebook did allow user input for their issues. They also allowed people to report pages for impersonations. All of that was removed with the January 13th 2013 update.

      Move along, you have nothing to offer here.

      • carolyn

        “Move along, you have nothing to offer here.” Yes I do. You just don’t like my view of things. and i will not move anywhere, you powerless Troll.

      • Jessica Tracy

        February of 2012 I was trying to report a someone for berating, mocking, and telling a crippled and deformed child she should die. It was in the multiple choice question format.

        Just pointing out an inaccuracy there.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Okay. Maybe I should have given a lesson on how Facebook works first. The update that changed that rolled out on JANUARY 2013. Did I not just post that? I logged onto a dead account not even a week ago and it was still in the old format there, on my account, it has implemented the new system. I bet there are still accounts out there that allow open reporting options, but that won’t last long.

        Is that better for you?

        You want to deny that? Please tell me how you have never before seen a person on your wall complaining about their feed missing or their facebook bugging out, only to have your account do the same thing a week later.

        Just pointing out a lack of knowledge here.

      • Curly Sue

        joy you might want to check again because they still have a choice for impersonations. eg….fake page

      • Joy Lynskey

        They do, in fact have those. However, since they don’t work, and I always provide page owners who ask me for help with the actual right way to protect their pages permanently, which involves actually sending in a copy of their state/country ID. I would just have to assume that I might know what I’m saying, and that it’s quite possible you are just a trolling bitch with bad skills at hiding their domain.

      • Jessica Tracy

        “You must have forgotten a few things. Up until the end of 2012, Facebook did allow user input for their issues.”

        If I was not capable of “inputting my issue”, then it wasn’t allowed. I have a pretty good grasp for the way facebook works. I have a pretty decent grasp for internet, webpages, pushes, and technology in general.

        You, my friend, are being pretty darn arrogant here. It wasn’t a lack of knowledge, so much as it was a failing on your comment. You insinuated a generalization. Perhaps, had you phrased your comment a little more eloquently, you could have spared us the hassle. Something along these lines would have worked nicely: “You must have forgotten a few things. Up until the end of 2012, occasionally, Facebook allowed user input for their issues.”

      • Joy Lynskey

        Oh sweet fucking jesus. Okay, you tried to point out something you consider inaccuracy. That’s fine. However, go run a search on Google or any other SE you choose and you will be able to find in about 10 seconds facebook bragging about how they have ALWAYS allowed user input on reports. Do you know how they manage to make such a claim? It’s because they do.

        I don’t know if you noticed this about Facebook or not, but they are in a continual state of beta testing/updating etc.

        Facebook CAN make the claim that they have always “Allowed user feedback on bans/report issues” because they have.

        If you didn’t/don’t have the ability to leave feedback BEFORE you press send on a report, you have the ability to do so when your report is rejected. They didn’t implement the latter system without removing the former, on any given account, in ROLLING fashion like fb loves to do, meaning this week you might get it, next month your friend might. In the case of timeline, some of those updates took a freakin’ year.

        But I do want to thank you for making me actually doubt something I already know. I guess that’s the problem when you are a critical thinker. It even applies to yourself. You might want to consider that yourself calling me arrogant. My “arrogance” is in risking my job to help people understand a serious issue.

        For your information, when I get reports, they come in with Feedback


        Tags, F stands for feedback, I have never been anal enough to find out what those meant until just now. But you can thank a mod named Kapil for that. It’s him who reminded me that I was right.

        How arrogant of me.

      • Jessica Tracy

        The thing is, I completely appreciate what you’re doing. I think things like this DO need to be addressed… I just think you’re going about it in a terrible manner. You’re putting your job on the line and probably not accomplishing anything in the mean time. You’re being crass and rude to people who aren’t quite as vulgar. You’re only making yourself look like a jerk, to be blunt.

        When doing something so sensitive like this, you really need to be patient, professional, and polite to your replies and in your replies. People will respond better and you, in turn, will get a better response.

        You’re so tight wound from the trolls and people disagreeing, you snap at anyone making any comment that isn’t deliberately bending over to kiss your ass.

      • Joy Lynskey

        The snappiness of my comments is in direct relation to the assumptions made by commenters. Trying to point out ‘wrongs’ or inaccuracies, instead of just asking “hey, if that’s true, why is this” and also your insinuation that somehow you, from your limited perspective of the overall issue, know better than me how to ‘go about it’ is extremely presumptive and insulting. I have been doing this job for 7 years, perhaps instead of taking my time having me prove myself and fact check things I already know, your appreciation would be better spent not telling me how I should be.

        Kissing my ass? You have to be kidding me. I have responded with kindness and respect to every person here except those who are:

        A) An obvious troll
        B) Here to tell me how they somehow know better than me

        I don’t want anyone kissing my ass. If I wanted recognition, again, I wouldn’t be hiding my name.

        Instead of asking questions launched to distract, why aren’t you asking why after 7 years I am bringing it up now?

        That’s what a thinker would do. I’m not going to cater to people who come here to do nothing more than toss in snarky, uninformed commentary.

      • Jessica Tracy

        Actually, I’m pretty sure you were snapping at people who were just illiterate because you didn’t understand what they were saying. Regardless, I didn’t warrant a rude response. I was teasing and you were arrogant, as I stated. I wasn’t a “know it all”. I wasn’t being rude. I was joking.

        Calling people cunts, fucktards, morons, idiots, whores, bitches, and shits? I sincerely hope you aren’t looking for notoriety, because you won’t get anything positive. I never said you wanted to be noticed or recognized.

        Why do I throw in a comment in jest? To diffuse the anger and hostility you’re displaying towards your readers. Why are you just bringing this up after 7 years? That’s your business, not mine. Honestly, if it’s such a hot button with you, you’d think you would have done something sooner instead of sitting on your ass ripping into random people who are actually brave enough to share their REAL names; because, you know, calling someone a cunt is REALLY helping all those people your article is about. *rolls eyes*

      • Joy Lynskey

        Again. Full of assumptions and even lies this time.

        ” I was teasing and you were arrogant, as I stated. I wasn’t a “know it all”. I wasn’t being rude. I was joking.”

        Please show me where the teasing commenced. You were pointing out what you thought made my own comments inaccurate. Those were your words. I then spent more time than I had, TWICE, explaining myself to you, because you were just teasing then too. And let me continue to explain, in the name of teasing. Good lord, try that shit on someone that isn’t old enough to be your mother. Backpeddling is just that.

        “Calling people cunts, fucktards, morons, idiots, whores, bitches, and shits? I sincerely hope you aren’t looking for notoriety, because you won’t get anything positive. I never said you wanted to be noticed or recognized.”

        I called Carolyn and the subsequant account she made once I banned her first one a

        I replied to her calling me a drama whore, but just returning her phrase and putting a comma in the right place.
        Fucktards? Where?
        Morons? Where?

        You seen anger towards one person trolling and causing me a lot of extra time and that’s me talking to all the ‘readers’?

        Seriously, find something better to do.

      • Pandora

        It is quite annoying to lose the “duplicate page” report possibility. I had one recently where somebody had set up an identically named page and was then trolling ours trying to get people on to their “fake” one.. Only problem was theirs wasn’t actually “fake”, just a duplicate set up after ours (by more than 12 hours) by a person with a personal grudge against the “official” person who set up the page in response to a direct request (and with permission) from the national campaign admins. It’s a feature like “other reason” which it is sad to lose. Surely it can’t be too hard to make a “check” script which won’t allow identical page names. One to throw in to the pot I guess.

        As a site admin and moderator over the last 20 years or so I understand that it’s not possible to put a “tickbox” for every possible situation, but since 13th Jan it’s become almost impossible to report hatespeech/stalking unless it slots into very strict categories which sometimes just don’t fit. In my community there are certain groups who stalk and then deliberately go out of their way to post personal and private information gained about vulnerable people and their contacts, usually by using faked accounts and trickery, straight into public domain as a form of hatespeech/ridicule and with the deliberate and direct intention of putting them in real personal danger. I have had it done to me on more than one occasion, but as a public figure I’m used to it. They think it’s clever to steal a photo of me.. big deal, I have one on Wikimedia Commons for the whole world to see, and a Wikipedia profile page (public figure, privacy is a different matter).. no worries. Another person I know has been so harmed and upset by these activities that they have tried to take their life. They lost their home, job and family due to the “revelations” about their medical condition posted openly from their very private profile, including their photos, their work, home, phone number and all kinds of other “private” details. Of course we (as a movement) now have the perps home and work addresses. I wonder how they would feel if we were to do the same thing and post their private and personal information into the domain of groups who would directly target them for violent physical attacks just because of who they are, and ensure they lose their home and employment..

        I’m wise, I don’t post anything which isn’t already “public domain” in one way or another, but at the same time there are certain things which I’m happy to share with a select circle of people which I wouldn’t want to share with the whole world, even though they are in fact “public” already. It’s one thing knowing something exists if people want to look hard enough for it, it’s another splashing that right in strangers faces.. as you understand, with all your “false trails”

        I appreciate what you do, please carry on 🙂

      • Cackhanded Kate

        Yes, I’m beginning to wonder who is the troll here. If this person really works for Facebook then they seriously need to do some employee training on equality, treating customers with respect and when to seek counselling.

      • J Lyn

        That’s funny. I got the job for many of those reasons.

    • LittleWank

      Completely agreed. The reporting system hasn’t been like this in months.

  • Virgil

    K first of all, fuck you buddy who the fuck divi think u are to talk to people like that? I don’t give a fuck what u have to see on a daily basis! who the fuck are u to say your gonna delete somebody’s account? nobody said I had to sit on your fat fuckin ass in front of a computer looking at this shit. Get a fucking life u dumb cunt nerd

    • Joy Lynskey

      What the fuck are you talking about? Why do crazies keep coming here to rant? I have to think that the butthurt people who have shown up here are probably exactly the same people causing the problems on Facebook.

      • carolyn

        Becasue you let a little girl get raped and whined about how it affected YOU. You brag about your job, while sniveling about your job. You get paid for doing what others do better…for 1 dollar and hour.

      • Joy Lynskey

        I didn’t let her get raped and I didn’t whine about it affecting ME. I whined about how WHINY fuckers like you affected her chances of getting help in time. Get the fuck out of here before I ban your sniveling ass. Go get some fucking help, Facebook is NOT going to counsel you through your issues.

      • Joan Patrick

        Of course they are they can’t seem to get enough clogging you up with so many reports about nonessential offences that they have to come here too god forbid that people scroll past or unlike a page so they don’t have to view it BEFORE reporting it not that it should be reported too bad you can’t bill for “inappropriate usage of reporting abilities” kind of like they do if you call 911 and its isn’t a real emergency but that would shut some fuckers up.

      • Curly Sue.

        just a bit of power tripping here on the mods side don’t you think. so you’re planning to ban all that doesn’t agree with you? now calling people crazy because they don’t agree with you. get off your band wagon..seriously.
        I am an American who demands rights and all, so I make approximately $29 dollars per hour more than them.
        as in your worlds joy, “Get over your narcissism. Your shabby reasons behind reporting shit are not just offensive but harmful in many cases.’

      • Joy Lynskey

        You aren’t making much sense. I’m going to have to ask you to be remotely literate or leave.

      • Pia

        Without a doubt.
        Though there’s a surplus of crazies on the Internet. And sadly, they seem to be the most vocal.

      • Ryan

        “You aren’t making much sense. I’m going to have to ask you to be remotely literate or leave.”

        That is my favorite retort of all time.
        Have I mentioned how generally awesome you are yet

    • Mia Miller

      You, sir, sound like the pot calling the kettle black. Sounds like it’s time for you to take your own advice and get off YOUR fat ass and get out from in front of the computer and get a life. Or go upstairs and visit your Mom instead of just masturbating to her picture down in the basement.

    • Karkass

      Shut up. Mods actually DO have the right, and more importantly, the RESPONSIBILITY to delete accounts…

  • ColbyC

    Virgil, I’ll bite on your hook, you retarded fucking troll. It is quite apparent that you either lack the intellect to compute what the author is saying or you have nothing better to do. If you don’t like how this operation is ran, you don’t have to be a part of it. Delete your account. I guess the real bottom line is that you can go fuck yourself right the fuck off.

    In other news, this is a well written article and hopefully the idiots will get their heads out of their asses and stop wasting people’s time. Thank you for informing us on how disgusting some of the things are, and letting us know about things to keep an eye out for. It’s unfortunate some people are allowed to exist in our society at all. Consider the message passed on.

    • carolyn

      oh, I guess we stepped on some sensitive toes by daring to point out the other side of this. ” It’s unfortunate some people are allowed to exist in our society at all.” you sniveled. oh, and who gets to determine who’s worthy. You?!?Ha!

      • Joy Lynskey

        Oh look. This butthurt cunt can’t stop posting. And without so much of a link to identify herself with. You know posting here leaves your IP right? Find something better to do with your time.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Other side of what? You and your gun nut friends running around reporting shit? Is that the problem? You are upset because your personal agenda doesn’t go through? Fuck off.

      • Cecily

        You are an idiot. You need a life. You need a hobby or to maybe get out of the house. Oh god, or are you that busy body neighbor everyone hates? poor girl. you probably report people daily and no one cares. You are lacking attention is that it? Do you need attention? Do you need a friend? I am sure you can find something or someone to make you feel justified in life and not have to bash others/report to get the attention you crave:)
        Seriously people, the world does not revolve around you or your petty dislikes. There is real shit out there. You are running the risk of “seeing something you don’t like” every time you open your browser.

      • Karkass

        PLease grow a brain before posting anything else. or at least go back to the original post to see that you missed the point ENTIRELY.

      • Glenn B Barnhart Jr

        This thread is an interesting study. Joy has eloquently explained some of the “behind the scenes” issues facing FB Mods trying to keep the platform somewhat safe. I heard no “complaint” per se in her article and found it interesting. It is hard to understand the source of the vitriol that the article triggered. I am a regular FB user but have never reported any page. If I find their content distasteful i simply stop viewing and as far as I know I have viewed no material that might lead me to believe an individual was at risk.
        A couple of questions…
        1. What is a “troll” as used frequently in this thread? Generally the meaning of words become apparent when seen in context but this one is elusive. I’m pretty sure no one was referring to the troll that lived under the bridge with whom the fabled goats contended.
        2. Why is Carolyn/Curly Sue/ Sybil allowed to dominate this thread with inane chatter when she is clearly semi-literate and off point most of the time. Were I to post and receive the feedback she does i would have to reconsider my positions, my rhetoric, and my sanity.
        3. If one has multiple personalities can each have their own FB page?


      • tlars699

        Okay, carolyn- you need to stop. Seriously. I mean I could understand your perspective right up until here, just skimming through. Trollish, much?

    • Joy Lynskey

      Thanks Colby. I have no idea why so many have chosen to take this personally. I have no guess on it other than that they are the same ones who can’t cope with being on Facebook without hitting the report button.

      “you can go fuck yourself right the fuck off. ”

      Yes, they sure can. Somehow, people seem to think I am asking them to think about ME, or to consider me or the other mods when really, I thought I had made it clear I’d prefer they think about the people that might really need help from facebook mods for real issues, not tittys and tea parties.

      • carolyn

        ” I have no idea why so many have chosen to take this personally”
        You let a child get raped, and complained about it’s affect on YOU.And you ‘re just doing a job a monkey can do. And a monkey wouldn’t cry and threaten to tell.

      • Joy Lynskey

        I *let* a child get raped? Did someone read it to you? How are you literate enough to type this stuff but can’t have possibly read what I wrote?

      • Joy Lynskey

        Look Ms or Mrs. Stephens, you obviously need help. If you post here one more time I am NOT going to ban you, I am going to leave this shit up while I call the police in your area to get you the help you apparently need. They are going to want to read it to understand why I called and hopefully to get you an old fashioned 51/50

      • oregonangus

        Joy, please do everybody a favour and DELETE this effing bitch, Carolyn. there are many other people here who are actually adding something positive to this exchange of ideas. engaging this ignorant fucktard has probably just encouraged her enough now that even if we all ignored her she’d keep on filling up this space with her spastic drivel. Please just lower the hammer on her and let the rest of us be on our merry way. thanks.

      • Curly Sue.

        you bragged that you were going to post some ones reports because you didn’t like what was being said. seriously joy! i totally get what your saying…but who are you to decide what is morally right? I have reported several things…but if facebook had any kind of moral compass it wouldn’t be an issue. sorry that you feel others moral compass isn’t as good as yours but thank god some of us do and feel hate speech, pictures or some girls cunt is okay to be floating around facebook. also…how would a seven year old have a facebook account in the first place????????

      • Shelli

        How would a 7 year old have a FB account? You’re seriously asking this question? My Son had one when he was 8, with my permission. However, all he had to do was lie about his birthdate. It’s really quite simple.

      • Joy Lynskey

        You want me to post them? What are you getting at? Making a brand new email account with a canada extension doesn’t mean I don’t know who you are, idiot.

      • Ryan

        Joy someone recently told me, “thank god you’re a person because the world would be worse without you” but honestly, I think it really should have been sent to you instead. I don’t even want to imagine how awful things would be if you weren’t there to help all of those people, and their fate depended instead on something like that creature roaming around the comments section. Isn’t it funny how the only point it manages to prove is how worthy and qualified you are for the work that you do?

        I am glad it is apparently unable to comprehend logic and reason, such realization would probably be devastating!

  • Martina S

    I got permanently banned for reporting pedo’s, I thought it was important to get these freaks off facebook, but in turn, I’m the one who was punished, they didn’t even give me a warning or anything either…so now I don’t report $hit, but I would like to be the one able to delete all the sicko’s!

    • Martina S

      So, actually they aren’t even doing their jobs! moderator my butt, I’d love to get paid to screen facebook and get all the wack jobs off of there!!

      • Joy Lynskey

        You must have missed the tons of places I mentioned how most reports go to an automated system. No one is reading your reports, they don’t come to us to read.

        Do you even understand a little bit of what you read, or did you avoid the stress of reading totally?

        “I’d love to get paid to screen facebook and get all the wack jobs off of there!!”

        Yes, I am sure you would do a lot better with 7 years less experience than I have.

  • Tilzah Elflover

    You are a moderator, to deal with peoples complaints, small or large, valid or not, is your job, that is the job you are paid to do. You are NOT paid to decide who is right and who wrong. You moderate and deal with each complaint as valid. As most complaints that are made are valid to the person making them.Yes there are going to be times where you get fustrated , get over it!! Did I say before that that is your job? The issue I have here is that a lot of little problems often point to the fact that there is a big problem out there.

    • Gavriel Discordia

      Get off the dudes back, some of us have a conscience and try to be human beings before ‘doing our jobs’. Petty ideological ninny complaints mean jack when peoples lives are on the line. Your priorities are wack lady…

    • James

      SERIOUSLY. This. Did everyone miss that he said he gets paid $30 an hour to do this work? That’s three times more of an hourly wage than I’ve eve made in my life, usually doing much more difficult work. Even the police have to sift through nonsense complaints in order to get to the real crimes and horrors worthy of their attention. This guy makes it sound like there’s thousands of real horrifying crimes going on via Facebook that he personally prevents. The fact of the matter is that stumbling across these things is the side-effect of the actual job, not the job itself, and blaming every day Facebook users for somehow preventing him from effectively helping people in real life horror situations is just kind of ridiculous.

      • Joy Lynskey

        “Did everyone miss that he said he gets paid $30 an hour to do this work? That’s three times more of an hourly wage than I’ve eve made in my life, usually doing much more difficult work.”

        I’ve been working for them for 7 years, I have 2 degrees that are the only reason why they even hired me for this position. If you have never made more than 10 dollars per hour you may want to consider getting some higher-education.

        “Even the police have to sift through nonsense complaints in order to get to the real crimes and horrors worthy of their attention. ”

        Yeah? Oddly, the police are taking care of real life issues. I made it pretty clear that I take those seriously too, but usually only when they pop up after reading 8 hours of idiots whining about jesus meme’s or crazy liberals.

        “This guy makes it sound like there’s thousands of real horrifying crimes going on via Facebook that he personally prevents”

        Really? Because I specifically wrote about only one crime that I was NOT able to prevent. Idiot. I also provided 3 resource links from other past mods who shared pretty much the same story as I did. Did you read that? Because most people who have a brain like to read more than just one story to get to the root of the matter. I provided those for those people. Obviously, one of them isn’t you.

        “The fact of the matter is that stumbling across these things is the side-effect of the actual job, not the job itself, and blaming every day Facebook users for somehow preventing him from effectively helping people in real life horror situations is just kind of ridiculous.”

        You know my job description? The job itself, so you know, is to take raised tier complaints from the floor mods (that means the grunts if you want blunt) aren’t sure how to do their own jobs. This means that those titty pictures and jesus meme’s just get banned out and those pedo pictures and other instances that require alerts come to me. I don’t have to look at them, I just have to complete the required steps for specific reports, sometimes that involves calling local authorities, etc.

        Did you just not read? Quit fucking posting then because I have other shit to do than to reply to morons. I am actually here, as I said, to answer any relevant questions people have. Your trolllolololing is annoying.

        Did my update help you to comprehend anything better? Probably not.

      • Joan Patrick

        guess the extra money helps pay for counsling for what they have to look at all day every day or the schooling required to get there thats expensive of and 8 years exp. huh must not need to get paid that much. its just a computer job right? I make 30 So get over yourself if you dont like your payscale GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND GET A BETTER JOB.

      • LittleWank

        Dude’s full of shite, IMO.

    • Joy Lynskey

      “You are NOT paid to decide who is right and who wrong”

      Uh huh? Did you read? Where did I mention that I was basing decisions on what was right? I made it patently clear that it was not my option to do so.

      You fucks need to read before you comment.

      And also, sorry for your narcissism, but you being offended by pictures of tittys will NEVER merit more of my attention than people who are in actual danger or trouble.

      Deal with it.

    • Nate Thönnesen

      So what, Joy cannot have an opinion about the work just because he’s paid to do it? He’s not saying she’s going to not continue dealing with the reports (even if it’s to laugh at them because people are waaaaay too easily offended and act as if they have a right to not be offended, when no such right exists), he’s simply pointing out how scumtastic this stuff is.

    • Jessica Tracy

      I agree with this post. I work customer service as well. Facebook users are your customer base. It doesn’t matter their complaint, you have to handle all complaints. A blog post like this is likely not going to make your life easier. Far as I can see, it’s wasting your time arguing with people like Carolyn etc.

      • Karkass

        Uh, no. FB users are NOT the customers. the companies that buy ad space are the customers. How did this become what SHE (how have so many people thought Joy is male name?) makes an hour? how does have anything to do with anything? I agree this will probably make her life even more difficult, but for non-jerks it’s nice to get a bit of insight on how things work and how we can help make things more effective so that crimes being commited and people getting hurt can be dealt with instead of babysitting the “I didn’t like that cartoon” crowd.

    • Cecily

      Are all these people total idiots? She isn’t complaining about her job, she is trying to tell you to grow up and report shit that matters, not your own little personal pissy pants problems. If you don’t like something use the “hide post” option or delete the person or I don’t know get off Fb and find something better to do with your time. She needs to keep the reports to shit that matters so she can actually help the people who REALLY have a problem. If dumbasses keep reporting stupid shit, she can’t do her job as effectively as she needs to because she has to deal with dumbass complaints that DO NOT mean anything at the end of the day. Grow up this is the internet,…. you are going to see shit that offends you. If you can’t handle that fact GET THE FUCK OFF. It’s simple really if you have a brain:)

      • tlars699

        You know, as a general idea, there are things you can do to *filter your feed* and you guys can post in the article on how to do that, or how about sending an automatic response to those who mention “jesus” “Mo” “Titties” etc., explaining how to do just that?
        I filter Xtians off my feed all of the time, and I’m much happier for it. I don’t have to even defriend anybody. It’s great!

  • vincent

    What a regrettable revelation this is. As it seems unlikely that this information will reach everyone or that these overly sensitive fb reports will ever relent to offer the important ones a more timely visibility rate – how about another solution? Is it impossible for facebook to implement a system by which these reports can be filtered or prioritised by things like key words in the report description, or the age of the user reporting? If facebook are unwilling to coordinate such an addition to the moderators ‘toolbelt’ then I’d suggest that they are equally part of the problem.

    • Gavriel Discordia

      Maybe they should spare some adspace for help-line numbers and stuff like that. And maybe people need to take care of their own problems and start help-pages and do something for their own instead of waiting for authority figures to fix everything.

      Yeah its would be great if they were hands off like Craigslist so no one would ever get deleted. And yeah it would be great if FB got everyones fingerprints and DNA on file and could access all our webcams and find all the bad guys, but both are unlikely scenarios…

      Be the solution.

      • vincent

        I can’t imagine that prioritising reports based on common criteria is impossible, but I can imagine that facebook might simply not care enough to do so. While we can all argue about what is right or wrong, it could be resolved majoritively from the inside by ensuring that important reports are highlighted before others. I think anyone who reads this article and doesn’t try to be a part of the solution is … well, unreasonable is the politest word I can use… but what are facebook the company doing about it? Why does it take so long for a child’s plea for help to be read? Shouldn’t a child’s message with the word “uncle” in the content be prioritised? Facebook should also take responsibility and make some changes to the way these reports are reviewed, with some dedicated algorithms and an appropriate priority system.

      • Joy Lynskey

        “Be the solution”

        I could have removed about 500 words from this post just to say that. I’m glad you did, I just wish they would.

        You made some great suggestions by the way. I have a meeting Tuesday about some of the mod issues and I am going to bring up what you said about the ad space.

    • Curly Sue.

      here here vincent. maybe put their money where their mouth is to set up such a great idea.

    • Ryan

      Computer programs and algorithms that pick out specific words can only do so much. Any algorithm that you write to filter through the approximately 5423789502789402 reports they get every x units of time will either:
      a) Grab a vast majority of the important reports, but with an overwhelmingly greater number of silly reports clinging to them
      b) Grab important reports with minimal silly reports stuck to them, BUT sadly missing a great deal of important reports that did not match the strict search criteria that would be required to produce this result

      You suggested for example searching for the word “uncle”
      That alone will grab mostly silly reports
      “So-and-so said my uncle smells bad”
      “What’s-her-face said my uncle is a poopyhead”
      “My uncle smells bad and is a poopyhead”
      That is result (A)

      Now you might suggest requiring it to find serious trigger words along with “uncle”
      That will still grab silly results
      “I hop3 ur uncle rapes u”
      “ur uncle can suck my cawk”
      “that’s not what your uncle said about my dick durrrrr”
      This is still result (A)

      We could narrow it down more by having it search for specific phrases, although then we’d probably drop having it require uncle in there (as it probably should anywhere) because anyone could be abusive or molesty, not just someone’s uncle
      Sadly however, you will then miss reports that lack the descriptiveness of your tighter search criteria…
      The seven year old girl might not have used any serious trigger words in her report, in fact I just scrolled up to check, if what is in quotes is the whole message, then no she really didn’t.
      In that case, a stricter search criteria would have passed over her report entirely… ._.
      This is result (B)

      I hope this helps explain a bit about filters, it if helps add anything to my credibility you may know that I am a programmer. If you have any other questions you can ask me, hopefully, I will have an answer. 🙂

  • James

    I will gladly do the job you describe for $30 an hour. To whom do I send my resume?

    • Joy Lynskey

      You start 7 years ago and work your way up.

      • carolyn

        It took you seven years to be bad enough to avoid helping the rape victim?

      • Joy Lynskey

        Yeah? So you are here to taunt me for not being able to help a rape victim? How long did it take you to learn to be such a raging useless cunt?

      • carolyn

        “How long did it take you to learn to be such a raging useless cunt?”
        WELL, i DON’T HAVE THE EXPERIENCE OR JEST FOR IT THAT YOU DO, BUT I’VE BEEN WORKING ON IT SINCE I WAS RAPED AS A CHILD, AND WATCHED THE ADULTS LIKE YOU TELL HOW HARD IS WAS ON THEM, AND GET ALL INTO THEIR OWN GRIEF. I await your filthy mouthed preply, probably blaming me for my own rape.Because I dared question your own self pity.have you turned my IP in to the internet police yet? Oh, wait…You are the internet police. No wonder you are os damaged and profane.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Aw fuck you cunt. Here you are ranting about your own personal me issue again and saying that it’s because of people like me? Shut the fuck up and go cry to someone who gives a fuck about your adult ass. You are blaming me for ‘letting a little girl get raped’ which makes you a sick bitch. You have done nothing but troll here and make snide comments and ignorant judgements. I didn’t have shit to do with your rape, if someone is still alive that did, I’d suggest you go have it out with them. This isn’t a site for therapy, and you need some.

      • Joy Lynskey

        There you go. Now anyone who agrees with you can go talk to you on your facebook profile. That’s where you belong. Not here.

        Otherwise, you are not going to be making any more comments here.

        Comprehend? You are doing nothing but distracting from the real issue, and obviously your own.

        Get help.

      • Mia Miller

        Hey, Carolyn- you need to stop your ass and think. If years ago there had been such a thing as facebook and you reported you were in danger (as you claim to have been raped as a child.. I am not doubting you btw) Would you be arguing your non-existent point? I mean, if you read the article, which you apparently didn’t, you would notice that this moderator is saying that she wasn’t able to help a little girl because she was MIRED in FRIVOLOUS reports that she had to survey IN ORDER. Without those frivolous reports, she might have seen the serious, critical one sooner and been able to help that child. You are placing blame on a person for a straw-argument reason. Seriously. I really think you should get some help. (And no, I’m not being mean, I am truly concerned.) That kind of misplaced aggression isn’t good for anyone. You have unresolved issues that need to be dealt with for your own safety. What happened to you was WRONG and whoever did it to you, if there’s a Hell, I hope they burn in it. But your aggression is misguided here. She didn’t set that girl’s report aside or ignore it. She was busy having to slog through people’s useless butthurt because it’s her JOB to do so. The whole point of her article is that she WANTS to be able to help the people who are in DANGER and can’t because people are too wrapped up in their own butthurt and reporting things that are petty.

      • J Lyn

        Holy crap. I sure do like you. I’m not sure why very few people get what I wrote, but you just nailed it. I don’t think they *want* to get it. I think that might be due to some guilt.

      • LittleWank

        Wow, dude. YOU are the problem. You want to speak to people the way you do, bully them, put their real name on your blog so others can bully them too, and it’s all good? I’ll bet if someone did it to you on FB, you’d report the shit too, wouldn’t you?

  • Hello Dolly Llama

    I think it is irresponsible for Zuckerberg to create a community of hundreds of millions of people, and just let it police itself by machine, instead of using some of his billions to set up a credible monitoring system.

  • Margaret

    I appreciate everything you do. I personally don’t report much, but wish the one i had made several years ago would have made it higher up on the priority list. A friend of mine living in ny committed suicide after posting his intentions on his status. I still wonder how many people’s petty reports came before mine.

  • Olana

    When I read the title of this piece, I thought “Oooo, I’d love to be a Facebook mod; ideal job!”. But WOW! I could seriously have not imagined the extent of what you have to deal with. I’ve seen such things, and dealt with such situations in the past, but simply cannot imagine being inundated with it the way you are, or feeling as disconnected and helpless when receiving it, as I’m sure you do. Major kudos for doing what you do. Thankfully I’ve never seen anything like you describe on FB; I’m blown away that anyone would be so stupid as to post that kind of thing on social media. It’s such a sad sad world.

    Looking at it from the other view though; I had to close my FB account because it was getting temporarily banned several times a day, every day, for what seemed like a couple of months (may have only been a few weeks). I had no idea what the problem was, and as far as I could tell wasn’t breaking any rules. It would be useful if FB sent people an email (automated of course) telling them why they’ve been banned; what posts were offensive, that kind of thing.

    • Joy Lynskey

      I know. I have a group that actually works towards unbanning accounts for people who have been banned unreasonably. I have been working on a personal account for a person who runs charities on FB pages for a month. The reporting system is ALL wrong and I’ve been trying to convince those on the back end who will listen that these random bans are going to be the end of FB

      • Rolling Pin

        There are a number of pages that get banned on a regular basis for very minor issues, simply because some people don’t like them (certain law-enforcement-supporter pages, for example). What’s the possibility of an autorule requiring elevation before a page which has been unbanned can get banned again?

      • Joy Lynskey

        Good question and one I will bring up in my skype meeting tomorrow.

      • Rolling Pin

        Glad to hear that! Good luck!

  • s.sawyer

    of course we all have things we find offensive, any civilized human being is offended at uncivilized behavior but it is everyone’s right to their opinion and our own beliefs on what is important enough to be reported..simply put just being offended by a post isn’t reason enough to make it an issue despite our feelings or idea the bar has to be set that if you don’t like something avoid it if its illegal report it your beliefs are your guide and I believe that your opinion though i may disagree is as valid as my own

  • Toby

    Oh my god man.. This is just glorious! Joy, people like you make me happy.

    There are thousands of idiotic people who know what the internet is, and proceed to spread their horrible amounts of butthurt throughout the internet. They never do the simplest thing, get off the internet and do something else. Because they are effecting the lives of good people, effecting good friendships, and families.

    Sure, some things offend me, and something I do offend others, but we don’t go all guns blazing over it, because honestly, sometimes it isn’t THAT big of a deal.

    You deserve a medal, I applaud with confidence.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Kind words Toby, thank you. I don’t want a medal, I don’t even want people to know who I really am. I was only hoping that this post would open some eyes about some of the real issues back here and hopefully encourage them to restrict reporting activities to very serious issues. I don’t get offended much, but wow, if I did, I’d certainly know the internet wasn’t the place for me to be.

  • Kittamaru

    My God… I knew Facebook attracted a crowd of all kinds, but this is beyond comprehension. Joy, I hope you and yours will be able to put all this behind you when the time comes… seeing the worst of humanity cannot be easy on you! I wish people like yourself weren’t required to try and prevent this filth from going on, but humanity is depraved and sick… and that saddens me to no end.

    Best of luck Joy, and to your teams… every single person you help is, I hope, worth the pain you suffer through.

  • Allison

    such a great article. appreciate all that you do. i actually am even more annoyed by fb snitches now. ive been banned more times than i can count and none of them were for anything in violation of fb standards. risque photos sure, but no nudity porn hate speech etc. and to think so many people are wasting your time on bullshit and have likely taken your attention from a matter that is truly serious……its totally fucked. you can believe that those who are ‘bothered’ by some side boob, or dirty talk and flip out, i will do my best to let them know what they are doing…..basically backing up 911 with prank phone calls. ya know im thinking it wouldnt be a bad idea to as you are obligated to ban admins who do post outright porn or nudity even amongst willing adults, fb should ban fb snitches who report frivillous crap like you mentioned in your article. they can either lighten up or be kicked off like everyone else. it may free up some of your time to tend to the real issues.

  • Cathy Spaulding Brooks

    If something offends me on FB, I simply put it on ignore. I would not “report” it. I simply, to put it in “historic” language, “Change the Channel”

    If it is a threatened crime (especially if it’s local), I’d call the cops or 911. Can’t now think of any instance in which I’d report something to FB.

    Does simply
    putting someone on “Ignore” make me narcissistic?

  • Jack

    I wish everyone who had a facebook account took the time to read this. Honestly the whining is really annoying when you can save lives.

  • bbob

    Brilliant article. Astounding in fact.
    What also astounds me is the people who simply do not understand. Nobody set facebook up for ‘you’ (whoever you are whinging and moaning about what you find there and what offends you). Nobody forces you to be there. Facebook is a service that you can use on the terms that facebook sets. And it can change those terms whenever it wants and you can merrily fuck off if you don’t like it. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. For your own thoughts, problems, words, sensibilities, responses, emotions.
    There are a minority of people in this world to whom terrible things happen; unexpectedly, unavoidably and against their will. These people need help, protection and justice.
    For the rest off you, simply don’t press the ‘on’ button if you still need a babysitter.
    If for a single second in your thought processes you even vaguely toy with the notion that ‘facebook’ or the internet in general ‘owes’ you any thing then you need to get a grip. On reality, on your own behaviour and on what is important in life.
    And by ‘owing’ you I mean expecting protection or validation.
    Protect yourself. Validate yourself. USE YOUR BRAIN and emotional intelligence.
    Teach this to your children. That is your responsibility in life, not whinging, moaning and reporting to the guy that wrote this article. And by teaching them I mean, lead by example.
    So you are a perfectly lovely person posting totally acceptable stuff and facebook bans you or pulls it down? And you want to complain about that? You feel the desperate urge to tell somebody about the total injustice of it all. GET A GRIP. Find a warzone and stand in it, do a shift in a care home, nurse your adult son through drug rehab, spend a day hunting in bins for your own food (you are 4 and your parents went out 2 days ago), work a 14 hour shift then bath and put your kids to bed, invent the dyson, find out you’ve got dementia. None of these people will have time to put the computer on and post brainless shit or complain about it for a long long time. They don’t know what ‘facebook’ is and perhaps you shouldn’t either.

  • Kitty

    What a jerk he is crybaby whining in his article just as he claims others to complain. What a friggen joke! Then he admits he doesn’t care about porn on the net, or its users, and admits that the majority of facebook employees are of another country. Jobs taken from the American people so they can save a few dollars. Also he admits our private messages can be read and violated without a warrant being issued first. Sounds to me like a very bitter person who hates their job and he needs to find a new job. By the way, think of all the serious cries for help that are being missed by that automatic ignore system.

  • Vinícius Gama de Farias

    Wow… I don’t even know what to say. Suddenly I feel great for never ever reporting anything on Facebook. I’ll keep this up, and share this article so, hopefully, more people can think twice before reporting a coin or a fish.

  • Charles Kinsey

    This story pulls at many of my strings . I certainly understand the frustration and even guilt felt by the writer . I also hate many of the same people . Nothing on my end really makes any of this my fault or makes me shrug off having my page deleted for a minor baited violation after being reported by someone far worse . I did kind of chalk it up to no one caring enough to read comments around my own or even the title of the post , but then i’m trumped by rape and horror which I reported a few times only to be told it was okay that a page showed a hanging body . So I have a little empathy but it doesn’t just explain away the problems . I did however appreciate this story and the writer in context .

  • Eric Ciolina

    This is one I am ashamed to say I use a lot: “I saw this on my feed and I do not approve please take it off.” but it’s mostly on pages that appear for me to like. In my case, maybe others as well, when I’m reading my news feed I like it to be from my friends list and only that, not something I might like because I like something else. Since there’s not an “Unlike” or “Don’t Like” button then reporting seems the only viable option available.

    I have a number of people on my friends list that post things i don’t approve of or find offensive but I don’t report something like; “Can you remove this picture I don’t like it.” or the others that you listed because, well, I can just not look at or remove that person from my news feed, or worst case unfriend the individual 😦

    Everyone has a right to the own opinion and to express that opinion, just because you find something offensive doesn’t mean you have the right to make that person believe the way you do. IMHO if you feel you have to change how someone else views the world just because you find something they like as offensive, then maybe you should try accepting the fact the see things differently and stop trying to change them.

    Reading this article, thanks to the individual that shared it on my news feed, I’m going to try very hard at changing how I look at each posting now. Forgive me on those days my mind isn’t working very well and revert back to reporting the uninteresting stuff.

  • John

    wow i am amazed….. facebook has some intelligent moderators…. kudos…. i just got off a thirty day ban for chiding someone for being rude…. it annoyed the hell out of me… but unlike the legions of trolls that inhabit facebook with tons of profiles this is my only profile and when it does get deleted i wont be coming back…..i was also annoyed with reading the article about zuck saying billionaires are just smarter than you…. he needs his ass beat in a serious way…imagine a website with a billion user profiles and no real customer support…

    • Joy Lynskey

      Yeah. It’s a fucking kick in the teeth. He knows people will stay and play and he doesn’t have to pay. It is that simple really.

    • Ryan

      I’ve never not been given reason to believe that he wasn’t both an idiot and an asshole.
      I’m glad I never thought that of his company or employees though, and so much more so after reading this article. x_x
      I have only respect now for the employees of Facebook (whereas before I had no opinion).
      Except of course for Zuck, I will almost certainly never be given a good enough reason to see him as anything but an asswad. :<

  • Joan Patrick

    I’ve never been good at speaking to people whether it’s verbal or written but on have found myself to view the world more lyrically and on occasion with prose. So I guess here’s my opinion of face book.

    “Though Captain of my fate I be
    And sail the foam specked oceans
    My head lies heavy ‘gainst my chest
    Weighed down by leaden crowns of flesh
    I am pillowed in my body’s sleep
    For even a Captain must have his rest
    And a sane man have his apathy.”

    we all decide what we will wand will not view so if you don’t like it ban it scroll past or unlike the page if you have to un friend somebody but don’t report something because you find it offensive if it is CRIMMINAL by ALL means report it otherwise leave it be because I can guarantee somebody find you as if not more so offensive than what you’re about to report. Just like some people will be offended by my poetry and guess what? I don’t care.

  • Shelli

    I totally feel ya on this. I used to work for a company that scoured the internet for “objectionable” materials, to make sure that it didn’t make it past the filters for the blocking software it developed. If something was marked as offensive or illegal, it was then passed to several other moderators to ensure that it truly was objectively being handled. Sounds like that might not be the case at Facebook (correct me if I’m wrong)?

    I’ve also had my stuff reported because the religious find it offensive to their delicate sensibilities. *rolls eyes*

    Not sure if you’ll see this or not, but I would love the opportunity to do the type of job you do! If you guys need more eyes, please let me know how I can apply for that job. You can contact me through my blog or the email that should come through with my comment.

    • Curly Sue.

      Shelli says : April 14, 2013 at 11:47 pm

      How would a 7 year old have a FB account? You’re seriously asking this question? My Son had one when he was 8, with my permission. However, all he had to do was lie about his birthdate. It’s really quite simple.

      yes i am asking! if you have to lie about your age to be able to have a facebook page then you wouldn’t know the kid was seven. so are you seriously questioning my question shelli???

      • Shelli

        Your question was how would a 7 year old even have a FB account. I showed you how. Do you know what the child said exactly? No? Then you don’t know if the child said her age or not when sending the report. It’s not rocket science, ya know.

    • Curly Sue.

      i love some of the ass kissers around here. lmfao. NOT! if you read everything shelli, you would know that you only get paid $1 per hour.

      • Shelli

        Did I mention anything about pay? Please feel free to quote me if I did.

        Also, the company that I worked for before didn’t pay by the hour, it paid by the amount of pages I was viewing. I probably received less than $1 an hour. Pay doesn’t mean jack shit to me, I enjoy the work.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Yeah. I’ll keep banning Carolyn/Curly Sue here. She is one of those people who rapid fires reports into Facebook about things that offend her.

  • John Atthecross Mariani

    I have an art page … but from my phones page app i can see that there are people who give “negative ” feedback . it is art and i usually do not post anything that could be construed as offensive . but it seem that there is always at least one person who wastes their and your time with a negative report …
    i have shared this story on my art page and home page to get the word out .
    Thank you for making this public .

  • Rob McLauchlin

    Arrogant, ethnocentric, ignorant: If the author is the best Facebook can do, it should stick with ‘bots.

    • Curly Sue.

      here! here! Rob

      • Karkass

        Mrs. Vengeful Idiot Troll, it’s spelled “Hear, hear.” You really should spend some time on improving yourself, like losing that “getting paid $1/per hr.” obsession you’ve got. It’s very bizarre. For someone who’s claiming a morally superior position, you talk about money more than anyone else has on this thread. It’s very suspicious, and once again, makes you look absolutely stupid as you continually misunderstand this discussion and point fingers everywhere but where they should be pointing. If you know so much about right and wrong, and your page suggests you have a consience, you should DO something other than troll the people that are trying to help you!

    • Joy Lynskey

      “Arrogant, ethnocentric, ignorant”

      Three things those that know me would never call me. Basically, this means you fail and that chances are high you are also a whiny reporter.

  • Genie Christie Long

    Joy, I spent my career (31 years) working for Child Protective Services. I know the awful things that are out there, and I commend you for caring and for doing what you can. If there are things that can be done to help you, I would be more than happy to do that. I am retired now and spend a lot of time on FB. I don’t have the problems that some of the commenters here talk about – if I don’t like what someone posts, I unfriend them. If I see a controversial article that I know will be full of stupid comments, I don’t read the comments. Works better for me that way. 🙂

  • Amanda

    I’m so sorry you have to go through all of those horrible images. This will definitely make me stop and think before I report anything. I do have a question about spam. Should I just hide the post, or mark it as spam? Lately I’ve been getting biker dating ads in my newsfeed, I mark them as spam, I figured that way it would stop them from popping up. It hasn’t and after reading this I’m worried that those posts I’ve marked are some of the pointless reports you have to go through. If so, I am so sorry!

    I have reported pornography, unfortunately by the time my report was looked into, the pictures had been removed by the poster themselves. Glad they were removed, but frustrated that I then get a message saying my reported posts didn’t violate Facebook rules. They were of a naked woman and man having sex with Kim Kardashian’s face put over the woman’s. You could see penis and vagina, and they were posted repeatedly on a marriage equality group. What would your recommendation be in that instance? Just block the poster or report?

    Thank you for all of your hard work and that of your colleagues!

  • Julie

    FB might get some relief for the moderators by having a better-honed category menu for complaints. “Offensive content” is simply too broad. Add options such as “report a crime”, etc. and that might help separate the important ones from the silly ones. Several of us reported a pedo page with very slow response from FB, but I took the view that perhaps it might be more useful to report these sorts of pages to the FBI anyway. It is not unreasonable to suspect that at least some of them are RUN by law enforcement, anyway. If someone threatens to shoot the President, call the Secret Service, not FB. If someone threatens to commit suicide, call local police in their town. These sorts of solutions should be made public on FB with general announcements telling people how to intervene on their own if they believe there is a credible threat. Repeat endlessly that “unfriend” and “block” are available to users who find someone’s taste in art, politics, cartoons, etc. objectionable. FB might also track chronic complainers and sanction them instead of their victims when a certain quota is reached. It is quite true that political operatives in the pay of both parties make it a habit to troll the opposition’s pages in the hope of getting them automatically banned.

  • Sean


    Thank you for the work you do. I have never reported anything myself (never really occurred to me to do so, honestly).

    I once had a friend who was posting some… cries for help, I guess they were. We sort of thought he was “crying wolf”, as he had done this type of thing before. Later, I found out that he had committed suicide.

    I don’t know if reporting would have made a difference in that situation, but I am glad that there are people like yourself who are there to help.

    I apologize on behalf of some of the people making ill-informed, ignorant, or simply mean comments here.

    • Andrea Leong

      Sean, that’s very sad.

      In the case of a friend or acquaintance talking about suicide, I’m not sure that reporting to fb would be effective. The best thing anyone can do for them is to talk to them and ask directly, “Are you thinking of taking your own life?” The worry that this question will create thoughts of suicide where there were none before is false. If someone is thinking of taking their own life, listen as best you can without judgement, and encourage them to get help. Keep doing that and keep in touch with that person throughout the coming days. We’re in the better position to do that than a fb mod.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Good tips. And if you think someone is going to attempt suicide, call the police and send them to their address, but do not warn the person. I know that may feel like a low thing to do to a friend, but it does save lives, and not all of them regret being saved.

      • Sean

        Thanks- In this particular situation, this was someone I hadn’t seen in years. He’d been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and was completely unwilling to accept help, from myself, or any of his (several) other friends who were in recovery. I don’t remember exactly what it was that he had posted, but it wasn’t a “Wow, this person is going to commit suicide” type of thing, it was just more drunken rambling.

        My point here was that this type of situation seems to me to be the kind of thing one would report, and not whining about “them damn liberals in MY Amurka”.

      • J Lyn

        Thanks for getting the point and leaving your comment. 🙂

      • Andrea Leong

        Sean: heh, indeed.

        My post was sort of general, just some tips I picked up from a short mental health first aid course 🙂

  • Athena Indorril

    This makes me feel like total shit about myself.
    Here I am, rotting like a corpse in my own self-pity, crying to people who really aren’t my friends, wishing I were dead, thinking that my sorrow is justified because I don’t hate my life but I hate myself. And these poor people… :[

    • Joy Lynskey

      Don’t waste time feeling bad for anyone else if you feel like that. Find me on Facebook and add me, there is no sense in anyone feeling that way if simple conversation with another will help it. I can always make the time.

  • M

    this was so necessary. i could honestly write an essay of gratitude and how much i agree with you. wish there was something i could actively do to help this. in the mean time, i hope the positive feedback you receive stays in good energy with you.

  • Tash

    This post was good, I am thankful to know that Facebook helps in cases like these, the only time I report things to Facebook is when it is clearly child abuse or looks borderline child molestation and animal abuse pages, both things are illegal and must be put to a stop.

    I am bewildered at what some god people would complain about, I mean seriously a coin? What the hell -_-

    I am sharing this.

  • Jessica Equality Naomi

    Facebook is gay bash centrral and the fucked up moderators refuse to remove any gay bashing no matter how violent it is. Hundreds of corporate tyrannical theocRAT gay bashing cults spew all kinds of gay bashing shit & the fucking idiot stoner coder college flunk outs refuse to remove any of that shit. But I HAVE been BANNED many times. I even got censored for 2 months for writing GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS ARE GAY RIGHTS.

    So save your sob story for someone who gives a fuck about fucked up Facebook. Your paycheck and Sandberg & Fuckerberg’s profits are soaked in gay bashed blood. Facebook policy is the only good gay is a gay bashed to death gay.

    Go ahead ban me again you lying gay bashing bitch

    • Joy Lynskey

      Did someone open the gates on the crazy cunt bus? Look bitch, I have spent more time than anyone I know protecting and defending gay rights. I have an entire group of admins dedicated to haranguing the shit out of people who think it is okay to treat someone like shit because of their sexual orientation. So you just take your crazy fucking agenda and get it the fuck out of here. I don’t have any one specific agenda other than doing what is right. You might want to consider how your little display of cuntsack here may be affecting your chances of sharing your message on facebook.

      Get a grip for fucks sake.

  • Dimitris Bakoyiannis

    I love you for this. A person could be crying for help right beside them and they’d still be butthurt over a photo of an obese person because “It’s not right”. No, f this, he made his choice and emptied the damn fridge. As for gore, it’s the internet, it’s not that hard to find gore. I remember watching an uncencored video from Gaza, where a father picks the lifeless body of his little son from the wreckage of a collapsed building. And that video was at BBC’s website. It’s remarkable how easy it is for people in the age of technology and widespread communication to care only about themselves.

  • Lena

    The moral of the story is: Facebook, being a huge rich company it is, has to have more staff and pay better salary (the outsourced Asian companies’ employees are being paid how much?).

    • Joy Lynskey

      A dollar or less an hour. That was my reasoning for highlighting the pay. As opposed to what some of the idiots here think, I was not ‘bragging’ about my own pay so much as highlighting the disgust level of the difference in pay for doing a harder job, just because they aren’t in America and their ‘cost of living is lower’

      When I outsource jobs from my own business, I pay a set pay, regardless of whether Americans or people from the Philippines bid for the jobs. I am *NOT* going to pay the people from the Philippines a dollar per hour just because I can. The job has a base value to me based on MY income, not the income or cost of living in other countries.

      Mostly thought because I’m not a piece of shit.

      • tlars699

        That less than a dollar an hour, while cheap to us, is better than what they make at a textile factory, and much less dangerous work.
        Perhaps if they hired more people to do this work, there would be less of a problem all around: 1. More posts get viewed, and dealt with appropriately. 2. More employees means more people in an area getting a bit more pay , save more, and eventually able to educate themselves- this rising relative level of comfort could motivate things like unionization, and demand for higher pay, etc. 3. Since people wouldn’t be banned willy-nilly, and would have the problem sites dealt with appropriately, more people would be willing to stick around, and teh Facebook can make even more money, which it could then give to the employees so nobody goes on strike.

        It’s great that you’re giving people appropriate compensation for your personal business.

        I know you’re sick of all the whining and whinging, and carolyn/curly sue deserve to be asserted* against.

        However, tact/grace are much more pleasant to deal with, grace under fire is evidence of great character, and having great character convinces more people that your cause is worthy of their effort and attention. Yeah I know, this one is regardless of who represents it, but for every poster, there are probably more people who think,
        “Man, Joy swears a lot. Someone that mundane in their insulting technique must not be as lauded/experienced as she touts herself to be.”

        *Calling someone a “cunt” while satisfying, is nowhere near as funny as recommending to them that they should “Alt-f4” the next time they see something offensive, as that is the “Automatic content/censor filter for you”. 🙂

  • Curly Sue.

    damn….glad i copied all that has been said. just in case some body deleted what they have said that wasn’t right. like posting peoples names and writing under a bullshit name. 🙂

    • Joy Lynskey

      You crazy wench. You can’t have read the actual fucking post, I actually shared at the start of it that I hoped people who knew me wouldn’t say anything. I gave clear indication I was invoking anonymity. Kind of like you tried to do by switching IPs after I banned Carolyn. Except you failed. I didn’t. I was honest from the very first paragraph. I’m going to have to ban you if you won’t at least read the article.

    • Joy Lynskey

      I’m glad you did too. Did you read this yet?

      “I am aware that just writing this puts me in the position of jeopardizing my place as a Facebook moderator, but it’s about time someone do this. Since I have never really used my real name on Facebook, I am hoping that those who know me will keep quiet and those who don’t won’t concern themselves with the messenger as much as the message.”

      I haven’t hidden the fact that I am hiding my real name to protect my identity. Why do you seem to be one of the few people here who doesn’t know that, Carolyn?

  • Vickie Temple

    Thanks for this article…I will share it. I will also ‘like’ your page and I’m retired from my job, but, and I’m on Facebook A LOT, so, if there’s anything that I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to let me know. This article has been extremely eye-opening and like many others who have commented here, I had no idea that so many of these things were taking place so rampantly. I too am guilty of reporting a few things that aren’t so highly important, such as spam, etc…I haven’t been excessive about it, but, I will no longer be reporting anything that might interfere with the truly important cases at hand. I am a huge advocate of stopping child abuse and domestic violence. Thank you for all of your hard work!!

  • Tommi Murphy Cobb

    how about thus, change tyour standards to inform your members that if they report abuse that does NOT fall inthe category of illegal, THEY will be banned.

  • Brokenwings

    While I agree with the concept that it’s disgusting the petty crap many people report, I get sick of facebook not responding to stuff that is serious.

    My daughter was 8 when her violent abusive father and his officially-diagnosed-sociopath lover were writing all sorts of horrible cruel things about her on facebook. Family court of Australia wouldn’t act on it, the department of child safety wouldn’t act on it, and facebook? well their response was to delete an account they mistakenly thought was hers and just tell me not to let her see the sick twisted things being said about her. DESPITE THE FACT I SAID HER ABUSERS HAD ME BLOCKED AND *I* WASN’T LETTING HER SEE ANYTHING.

    I repeatedly said her father was showing her the sick things said about her while she was in his “care” and they could block every account on earth other than his and she’d still see be being exposed to the abuse by him. But they did nothing – just let her father and his psychopathic lover continue to torment my daughter on facebook.

    It’s all well and good for them to say don’t let her see it, but it’s a criminal offense to not hand over a child for shared custody when the family court says to, and the police can forcibly make you hand your child over, and the family court and DOCS just do not care about protecting a child from emotionally and psychologically abusive father and his twisted abusive lovers. Mothers do not have the powers physically, emotionally or legally to stop an abusive father showing their child abuse online. The police, courts and DOCS just say it’s not physical so it doesn’t matter, even if it messes up a child mentally for life.

    I trusted facebook to step in and take down the abuse online, but they did nothing to protect an innocent 8 year old girl.

    • Andrea Leong

      Brokenwings: that’s terrible. What happened in the end?

      I can’t fathom the stories I’ve heard about DOCS. A friend of mine who has a child with his emotionally abusive girlfriend was somehow denied visitation rights after he moved out. It seems so arbitrary.

      • Brokenwings

        In the end (in a nutshell): After battling through family court for three years with the court being fully aware we seperated after he attacked our daughter when she was just 5, he spent three years lying in court saying he did not use drugs before a drug test was finally ordered and when facing it being failed, he admitted to having lied all along and just promised not to use with our daughter in his care. He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and anti social personality disorder, admitted he had been taking our daughter on trips to visit known drug dealers (although lied and said it wasn’t to pick up drugs). As well as his conviction for bashing our daughter (sadly only charged with violating a domestic violence order not with assault), he had multiple convictions for bashing me (also only for violating the restraining order, not assault).

        The mistress he moved in with when we split is diagnosed with severe narcisstic personality disorder and anti social personality disorder (diagnosed sociopathic) and I should mention, I’m a healthcare worker, and she has the most severe case I’ve seen outside of prisons and high security psych wards. (Sadly I knew her before discovering her affair with my husband, and despite talking to her and helping her out a lot, I was always careful to keep my daughter from ever meeting her – I just wish I’d done a better job of keeping my husband away from her). She abused her own child very badly and was on records with DOCS for it.

        It disgusted me that she wasn’t even allowed to see her child at all for years and had only just got back strictly supervised with her own child, but the family court and DOCS just let her loose with my child every every second weekend. My exhusband would leave our child alone with this sociopath. Even when she began making threats to harm my daughter, neither DOCS, the police nor the courts would step in. They just made excuses for it like “oh she doesn’t really mean it, it’s just the stress of two family court battles” (mine with my ex and her own with the father of the child she abused). Quite frankly, I don’t give a s***. If you threaten to bash a child, there is no justification for it EVER no matter how stressed you claim to be.

        My daughter spent nearly three years every second weekend being exposed to sickening abuse, not just the horrific vile comments made by her father, his psychopathic mistress and his twisted abusive sister, but all sorts of abuse. Thankfully though, within weeks of the family court battle finishing, the psychopathic mistress (who already was jealous of my daughter and me) totally cracked it. She was actually jealous of the time my ex spent stalking me and was jealous of the few hours a fortnight he actually spent interacting with our daughter and so she demanded he cut off all contact with my daughter and demanded he stopped stalking me and pay attention to hers instead.

        Ironic that a jealous psychopath is what saved my daughter from being abused when the police, the legal system and the child protection system wouldn’t do a damn thing.

        I just feel so sorry for the abused kid they have together now and how DOCS won’t do anything about the poor kid.

        Andrea, as you said, it’s extremely abitrary. I’ve seen kids ripped from loving homes over complaints DOCS knew were false when they stole the kids, and I’ve seen very badly abused kids (physically, sexually etc) where DOCS won’t do a thing.

        In our case, they simply informed me it was a matter for the family court to act. That according to them, it was up to the family court to initiate an investigation into the abuse, and the family court just said it was up to DOCS to initiate an investigation. Both repeatedly saying it was up to the other and that if the other wasn’t investigating, there musn’t be any abuse. And the police were even worse. They just said unless you’re actually watching physical (or sexual) abuse right in front of your eyes, they can’t do anything. The emailed death threats, even with proof from my ISP, still they would not act on it.

        The whole system is a pathetic joke. The family court doesn’t care about abuse because shared custody is considered a right, and DOCS just steps back and says they’ll respect whatever the family court decides.

        It just disgusted me too the irony was DOCS said very bluntly to me – if I ever took my ex back, they’d take my daughter from us because I was endangering her by letting an abuser in the house – that even if I just once for five minutes let him see her (even under strict supervision by me or friends or family) that they would declare I was neglecting her by exposing her to an abuser. But if I handed her over during court ordered times, then they wouldn’t even check up on them, no matter what abuse my daughter reported. That he could expose her to known child abusers and known drug dealers, and still, they would not investigate or remove her from him – because “that’s a matter for the family court”.

        Before 2006, the system did have some flaws where mothers were favoured, but since 2006, the system gives all the rights to violent abusive fathers, and mothers have no rights to protect their children at all.

        I couldn’t get DOCS or the police or courts to protect my daughter from the physical or verbal abuse, but I don’t see why third parties like facebook can’t protect children from vile abusive nastiness she was being exposed to by her father and his associates on facebook.

      • Andrea Leong

        Holy shit. I’m horrified that DOCS is so fucked up. I’m so sorry for what your daughter suffered and I hope she has a ton of resilience. I wish there was an apparent way to fix the system, or at least navigate it.

    • Captain Kickass

      No offense, but none of this seems like it is even remotely fb’s fault or responsibility.. Sounds like you just have a scumbag ex.. I can emphasize with your situation, but honestly he could just write something on notepad, show it to her, and tell her it’s on fb.. How is facebook supposed to know he’s not joking when he posts something about his own daughter?? They are not the police, which is who you should’ve called while this was going on.. At least then they could’ve shown up at the residence and noticed they were on some kind of drugs or located drugs when they went inside to check the welfare of the child..

  • Larry L. Daigneault

    Joy I enjoyed your article. I was truly glad you could assist the little girl. To others following this: You know it’s really bad that liberals outlawed the right to abuse children or rape women. Freedom of speech has a price: you are going to hear and see things you don’t like, indeed that is the prime point of freedom of speech but it also is not without limits. I’ve only called for sanctions on two persons, both who launched into FU laced screeds when their lies were politely challenged, by others. Course I also seen (on AOL) several persons disciplined for saying the word tampon in a discussion of toxic shock! Then again I have a lifetime ban from Huffington Post (Ariana’s is left leaning but the post’s moderators are far from neutral and far from fair. My offense was calling 9/11 Traitors, Bush and Cheney, Nazis which was quite politically accurate. All credible 9/11 evidence points to the Bush WhiteHouse with an assist from Tel Aviv. The sheer volume of Bush lies and evidence suppression on the matter were telling as well as the total lack of credible corroboration to the official story. By 2008 42% of American realized this truth.

  • User

    Im sorry, but you and your ilk are pieces of shit who randomly ban people from posting who are innocent. Maybe if you werent so obsessed with crushing speech, you would be able to get to the real problems. If theres a nipple on facebook, who cares. If theres a bloody corpse, who cares. Whenever I see stuff I dont want to see, I click the big X in the corner.

  • noble berean

    Thanks for writing this.

  • William

    This was a harrowing and gritty depiction of what moderators have to endure on a daily basis. I, personally stay away from social media websites whenever possible. But, this is not the case for everyone, and it is surely the only means of communication for many people, especially those who travel or live in remote places to begin with. I do see it as a necessary evil. We wanted our freedom in America so bad, that we give it to those who would abuse it. That is the price we pay to “like” shit all day long.

    Is that what you wanted, Americans?

  • Kimberly Barkley

    Why are people bitching about what other people are posting… if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. O.o

  • Bob

    You say you’re using an alias but your profile has a real address that’s used by you and Doug Lynskey. Something’s not right there.

    • Joy Lynskey

      I am using the same profile information that I’ve been using on Facebook for several years. Many people know me and who I really am. I won’t be revealing myself and I have no relation to Doug Lynskey. I actually chose the surname because of an extended relative who in some old conversation mentioned there were ‘very few of them’, so when I needed to create a personal facebook account, I remembered her saying that and I needed an easy way to track content and mentions of the name I use. I.E. I didn’t want to jockey for position against Joan Smith on the search engines. I wanted to be able to set up google alerts for mentions of the name so I could be ‘self-aware’ of internet mentions of “me”. When I first created it I did a thorough search for Joy Lynskey and found zero in my area and one located in Florida. That was it. That’s pretty incredible considering any given name, even the most unusual could have thousands. Since I was pretty far away from Florida and knew it would be easy to differentiate, I went with it. I created my profiles under that name, often using (with her permission) a photo of my aunt. I have a lot of reasons for hiding my identity in several ways, all of them self-preservation on my part. If you can’t accept that, that is your issue to deal with, not mine. If none of my explanation makes legitimate sense to you, go read about it before commenting some more.

      Now, a couple of years ago I took a hiatus and Facebook deleted that account accusing me of making money on it. Mostly it was because my previous mentions of similar issues to this. The people I’ve met here and invite to my personal profile can attest to the fact that a “Note” created on my wall almost 2 years ago gives a very lengthy explanation of everything I just mentioned. So of course I suppose, you could go on to argue about how all of that was preplanned in some way, but mostly, I will just move along and get back to work.

      Now, I gave that explanation for anyone who read your comment and felt a tick of inconsistency. I appreciate critical thinking, but I won’t appreciate banging out a bunch of trolling crap and expecting me to spend minutes of my life I can’t get back going back and forth or worse, devolving into the old ‘prove who you aren’t’ idiocy.

      My IP the site registers isn’t ‘legit’ either, but you know, I have the right to protect myself, regardless of the opinion of any single person on earth.

  • Allie

    *has never reported anything other than hate speech, because she doesn’t believe in censoring anything other than hate speech to begin with*

  • Lira

    I will translate this and post it on my wall, so all my conctacts will be able to understand it (with due mention of this blog, of course). Thank you for your job and for posting this, I think I’ve never actually reported anything, but I sure didn’t think all this horror was happening at your job. I suppose I sin as being naîve.

  • Timothy Tibbetts

    The BEST part about this article is the comments. Many, not all, actually read this article and proceed to comment just like the example complaints you use. I don’t think it;s a Facebook thing, it’s a people on the internet thing who can’t wait to leave something negative. I am exhausted just reading it all. I was going to write and article for my website about this, and probably will after I take a nap 😉

  • Someone Somewhere

    Here’s what I don’t understand. Surely a policy of never banning is quite possible if you simply make the page in question *not* searchable and set the server to 404 whenever someone attempts to access it via URL or link. That can’t be a very difficult solution to engineer at all. It would probably make the situation a lot easier on the page owners that get banned for no good reason, and it would have an added benefit of not deleting the material in cases of legitimate complaint if it needed to be presented to law enforcement.

    Personally, I doubt Facebook has hired many talented web/programming people in a very long while. More then likely it’s been more concerned with positions of management and marketability. Which explains its slow decline into a cesspool now that the actual technical talent represents such a small percentage of its actual workforce.

    • Joy Lynskey

      “Personally, I doubt Facebook has hired many talented web/programming people in a very long while. More then likely it’s been more concerned with positions of management and marketability. Which explains its slow decline into a cesspool now that the actual technical talent represents such a small percentage of its actual workforce.”


  • Sarcastic Fucker

    I have both sympathy and empathy with the poor bloody moderators who have to sift through the bullshit.
    “I’m offended you said the word “White”
    “I’m offended you said the word “Black”
    Fuck me, can we say anything or shall we just be political correct drones?
    bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz blip blip click.
    “I’m offended that you made fun of a bee”

    “Why did Facebook never respond to my report or my ban issue?”

    I’ll be blunt here. Overtaxed system, automatic algo ignored you. OR, not enough fucks given about your issue if manually modded.

    • Brokenwings

      I’d go with the second. Because psychologically abusing a disabled 8 year old just isn’t considered important unfortunately. That’s the world we live in today. I don’t blame facebook per se. The police, family court and child protective services should have done something about the ongoing abuse which was also physical, not just psychological, but it doesn’t mean that facebook couldn’t have done something about the abusers tormenting her with vile written psychological abuse on facebook and showing it to her every court-enforced access visit.

      We all have a duty to protect abused children from abuse, and that includes psychological abuse, and if the police, courts and CPS won’t act, then it’s up to the media/forums where the abuse is being carried out to try to do something.

      • Karkass

        You missed it. What she’s saying is that BECAUSE so many people report every little thing that offends them she couldn’t get to the little girl as quickly as she wanted to. How are so many people missing this point??? She’s been saying from the beginning that if people were adult enough to just ‘change the channel’ as it were, then the sytem that COULD help little girls in danger would be way faster!! That’s all she’s saying!!! She is asking for help in the form of people not reporting EVERY LITTLE THING they don’t LIKE because SHE CARES AND WANTS TO GET TO THOSE WHO ACTUALLY NEED HELP, not have to waste her day with “I don’t like that thing” kind of reports!!!!

  • Ellie and Ernie (@basementkittehs)

    In your example above there is the 7 years old getting raped. While you may able to help a case like her to call their local police, what exactly is a 7 year old doing in Facebook and with her own account? The last I checked the minimum age for having a Facebook account was 13, and even that with parental consent. So in the example case, you’d get her help from the police, then ban her for breaking the age policy?

    I admit I do click on report and offensive every now and then – but none of the things I click as offensive are anything posted by a friend. I find some of the ads annoying and spammy: just because my friends have babies does not mean I want to see baby product or breeding product ads. Just like just because my friends brag about their diet or sports obsession or eating disorder doesn’t mean I want to see a ton of sponsored diet ads.

    • Joy Lynskey

      A person of any age can have a Facebook account if they lie. As far as if the girls account was banned or removed? I highly doubt it, for at least a couple of years it will likely be used for evidence. Unpublished? Probably so.

  • In Awe

    You are a hero for writing this. +1 heaven for you

  • Nikki

    As so many have said here, I appreciate the insight this article has given me.

    The FB reporting system is confusing. It was my understanding that my reports were primarily being handled by a computer. I have attempted to “stop” ads that appear on my side bar, for things that I do not like, by using the drop down box. I have definitely clicked, ‘against my views’ and sometimes ‘offensive’ because I thought I was “telling” a computer that this is not the content I wish to see. It never occurred to me that this was handled by individuals, or was “clogging the system”. I just got tired of seeing ads that were truly against my views. I hoped that my actions would help to place ads on my page that did interest me.

    I had no idea that “real time” crime was an issue here, either. I have never seen anything like that on my feed. I hope I never do…

    I have also answered “no” to the “Do you know this person outside of FB?” question…having no idea that this might get someone “in trouble”. I wondered what the point of the question was, and now that I know, I will rarely answer it again, as most of the “unknown” requests I have received seemed to be from people that had no malicious intent (as best as I could determine).

    For whatever reason, FB (and the internet in general) seems to make many people feel that they have a license and a DUTY to bash others, be blatantly rude and offensive, force their religious and political views on everyone else, and spread utterly ridiculous warnings and lies. I have been guilty of this to some degree myself (especially the sharing of my political views) and I intend to try and curb it. I doubt I will be capable of desisting in informing people when what they are sharing is a complete falsehood…I try not to be rude about it, though.
    I am so happy that I am able to choose my own religion, and my own set of political ideas. I don’t want to take that joy of choice from anyone else, no matter how much I disagree with their views (hate crimes, aside).

    I have found that FB’s system of sharing everything that I “Like” has encouraged some folks to: A) attempt to tell me the error of my thoughts and ways for “liking” such a thing B) be hidden from my friend’s news feeds, and/or C) cause some to unfriend me. The sharing of every single “Like” is very invasive, and I don’t “like” it. I wish there was a “secret like” option, or that FB simply didn’t do this. Not because I am ashamed of my views, but because I have respect for my friend’s feelings! I don’t generally “Like” a page, or a picture, to make a statement…I don’t “Like” a meme because I want to make anyone angry, and I’m usually not trying to say “I’m right, and you’re wrong.” I “Like” something so that I can join in conversations about it, with those who also like it. I “Like” something to support a friend, and sometimes I “Like” something simply to acknowledge to my friend that they have been heard. This sharing of likes has started a lot of drama on FB that is completely unnecessary and avoidable; if only FB would not do it. It didn’t do that in the early days, and it is an “upgrade” that I don’t think many appreciate.

    The old saying, “Never discuss religion or politics in mixed company.” has been completely thrown out the window on the internet. While it is wonderful to have so many resources out there that one can join or read about: FB is supposed to be a discussion among friends. Unless one has no friends that think differently than them (ha!), someone is bound to become offended by someone else’s likes. I don’t enjoy offending others…and I especially don’t enjoy offending my friends! I have joined in fewer and fewer conversations on FB due to this.

    I have rarely reported any pages or statuses as “offensive” or otherwise, and thanks to this article, I will think thrice (instead of twice) before doing so in the future.
    Thank you for this information, and thank you for doing the difficult job of being a moderator.

    • Phoenix

      Nikki, on your “About” page, if you click on the edit button at the top of each section, you can mark the section to be seen by “ONLY ME.” This hides it from everyone else. I started doing this after I got a ration of shyte for liking a satire page that one of my alleged friends found offensive, because t mocked her beliefs. I was delighted that she blocked me, but then decided to keep my “likes” to myself,.

      And “Joy”…this was a very informative post, and your comments were also informative, if somewhat vitriolic (when warranted). I’ve rarely reported anything, but will still think twice now before I do.

    • Timothy Riches

      A good comment, and well-written. It’s worth noting that there is a difference between reporting a post and reporting an advertisement you don’t want to see. The author has indicated in a few comments that they are separate systems, so I don’t think you should worry about reporting the ads.

  • Newt

    Shut up and do your job.
    Kidding? …but not really. Facebook has a TOS, and you get paid to enforce it. What you’re complaining about is job security.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Yep and that’s what I do. Enforce it, beyond any personal biases or issues. Was that in question? If so, that’s weird.

    • Captain Kickass

      250k reports an hour is not job security, that’s an overabundance of morons not willing to be adults or question why something offends them.. If a joke or even reasoning about Jesus or the bible offends you to the point you have to involve an “authority figure” you might as well call 911 for an officer to escort you to your mailbox, cause you can’t handle things like an adult.. 1000 reports an hour is still too much. You missed the point entirely.

  • Lee

    Thank you for your efforts and this post Joy Lynskey. *HUGS*

  • Sue

    You would get less complaints if FB would roll back before ” suggested links”, ” pages you might like” etc…. The SPAM that clogs my wall, mostly the political trash or Dr. Oz crap 10x’s a day is unwanted & now Skype is posting text messages to the wall without notification or warning.

    I report & hide SPAM every time It appears so if you are overworked, ask for a raise. Oh wait, you are already making what? To do what? Who is the cry baby with the mouth of a immature vulgar teenager? Grow up or shut up because all I’m hearing from an over paid child is me,me,me, poor me.

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  • wired420

    Just have to point out facebook has 1.5 BILLION users. Not 1.5 Million….. A real facebook mod would know this. Thanks for proving your whole article is a lie.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Really? I addressed that in a previous comment. If I wrote million instead of billion I admitted that would be a mistake. Instead of yammering here, why don’t you hie off to a search engine and search for my pen name + social media.

      There’s a reason why the things I write about social media take up a lot of those first few pages. Feel free to find the article I wrote talking about Facebook reaching the 1 billion mark. It was a mention in the SWSX article on Digital Brand Marketing.

      Feel free to do that, feel free to investigate shit for yourself. Or just ramble off irrelevant shit. Whatever makes you feel good.

    • Andrea Leong

      Haaaaaaaah. A one-letter typo or one-second brainblank proves the whole article is a lie?

      • Joy Lynskey

        Yeah. I finally got time to check that and yeah, that’s a huge mistake. I will *CHANGE* that now (trolls) because I do know how many people are on facebook and there is plenty of content I have written over the past few years to prove so. You could also go ask a few notable people on social medias like Mari Smith or the several people that dedicate digital social media magazines to my content on twitter though. Don’t just sit here railing about how I changed a word, go do some research for yourselves.

        Here, I’ll help you to get started.

        Also, feel free to trace that content and my pen name back approximately three years, when I began to use it. If you are REALLY super smart and have good investigative skills, you could probably find out my real name. However, that would be stupid, petty and aside from the point. It’s better if you just take your meds and go.

      • Joy Lynskey

        The freakin’ thing is 1444 words long. The fact that I only made one typo is amazing. I’m horrible at proofreading my own work, most people are.

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  • bruce

    Private messages to me were seen by a third party who had unfriended me. I only know this because they phoned me and told me! so who else saw these private messages?

  • Joanna Hawthorne

    Thank you for your article, and the spirit in which you wrote it. It really helped me understand a bit more about facebook and the importance of not reporting things that are really unimportant. Thank you for the job you do, and have done, and for going to bat for this issue. Reading down through the comments, I see that you have much to deal with, and I just want to give you my support in what you are doing. Thank you so much!

  • Whoopass

    Gosh..ever thought without the offended masses, you wouldn’t have a $29 an hour job?….cut people off for moaning , they’re the 1.5 million dumbasses paying your wage. while I think supporting rape victims is amazing work, facebook is fucking social media….do your job and quit fucking whining………..if you don’t like it do something else.

    • Karkass

      Sigh. She wasn’t whining. She was trying to make a system more eficient in order to help those that actually need it. Not everyone is totally self centered, y’know.

  • Beth Horned

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  • Kat

    Having just waded through these sometimes interesting & thoughtful, sometimes childish & silly comments, I’d just like to point out that not everybody lives in the USA. When you talk about “The President” I think of the President of the local Bowling Club, sorry, but he’s the only President I know personally. When you rattle on about Liberals and Conservatives….well Liberals are a different party here in Australia and we don’t have Conservatives, only conservative politicians who are members of many different political parties. Please just remember that the internet & FB is worldwide, not America-wide.

  • Mike North

    Your post is very eye opening. It seems to me that much of the problem is self inflicted by Facebook. There could be less of a problem if they had a better tiered system – a kind of “Facebook 9-1-1” for users to report particularly aggregious material. That, combined with stiff suspensions for misuse might help to ensure to the real issues get rapid attention.

    Also, I did a quick Google search and found virtually nothing on the problem of frivilous complaints drowning out serious issues. Facebook could do itself and others a big favor by calling more attention to the matter.

    Keep up the great work. I’m gratified to know there are people like you on the look out.

  • Beto

    I tougth Facebook was created on a country wich first and most important statements are the spech freedoom, so no matter what theme you want to publish or write o make a “fanpage” or a pic should not be deleted or banned (at least that is ilegal), having childs around or persons that could be amazed or bothered with the contents of facebook is the responsability of the person who open the page at that hour and in that place.

    Also a social netwrok is a simplification of the real world, diversity is something that exists, things we like, things we don’t like, we can change the world or a simlesocial network to be “The correct” for us

  • Canon

    Can I just say, that when I was feeling sucidal and talking about some of my close friends about it, and you sent me that message… it meant the world to me. It felt creepy, yes. But it meant a lot. Thanks, mods.

  • Gloria Anton

    I was an admin for over 6 years of a chat server 1996-2002 (started in MSN chat then went over to another IRC when that closed). I respect what you’re trying to do and understand the limitations you have with time, and volume. Thank you for doing what you can.

  • drew

    You make $30 an hour to sit on your ass and be an asshole. STFU and GBTW.

  • Catherine Steinberg

    FINALLY a lone voice of reason in the psychotic bully playground that is Facebook! As a page owner who has her share of troll attacks to fend off I appreciate the advice and perspective. Thank you!!

  • Michael Mclean

    thank you so much for everything you guys do… i know the dark shit you all have to see and i have seen a lot of it myself… as an admin on a FB like page i see a limited sampling of the lesser scum you deal with… and i can tell you that you guys are an unappreciated force… thank you all for doing what you do.

  • mindmadeup

    Reblogged this on you said it… and commented:
    An (alleged) Facebook moderator writes.
    Yeah it is tough out there in Freakland but if it is too tough for you then you know what to do…

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  • blakey

    ^^^^^^^^me me me me me^^^^^^^^

  • Jacqui Pirzenthal

    Brilliantly put, thank you.

  • Recovered Baptist

    Then they need to update their standards page. If their time is truly taken up by acts of real violence, then say so. They should stop pretending that they care or are going to do anything about hate groups that exist only to attack racial minorities and gays (the number of FB pages with the words fa**ot and ni**er is appalling, they are at least partially responsible for violence against minorities, and FB ignores complaints about them). It isn’t just about some easily-offended busybody complaining about coins or things that look phallus shaped. Some of the complaints are real and about actual hate groups. And they all get ignored. So. Please. Just be honest and edit your standards page to say “Sorry. We’re very busy and don’t have time. And if you try to complain, we’ll just snicker and write an unprofessional, profanity-laden blog post about you.”

    • Joy Lynskey

      Yeah? So you think we should be equally concerned with people who ‘say’ hateful things as opposed to people who ‘do’ hateful things?

      • tlars699

        They’re not equal, but they should still be reported and dealt with:
        “Say”ing hateful things, if not dealt with/ignored, often leads to those same users being reinforced in their behavior, because then it is “accepted/tolerated”. It is bullying, and escalates into “do”ing hateful things.

        Look at the rape pages/postings(saying after the doing), and how the victims committed suicide(this I count as furthering the doing).

        How much you want to bet that those rapists “liked” pages where raping others was supported and lauded, even if it was only a “joke” page?

      • Recovered Baptist

        They’re one and the same, hon.

      • Ryan

        Tlars, you’re right, however, preventing the people who are “doing” bad things that are happening in the here and now takes priority over those “saying” bad things. And since idiots like Carolyn or whatever her name was are clogging up the system, not all of the bad things actively being done can be prevented. 😦
        Those situations, as the article shows, are very time sensitive.
        Time that can’t and shouldn’t be spent (wasted) unfortunately, on anything less than dire and immediate circumstances.
        I wish that wasn’t the case and I wish it wasn’t so severely the case that the word “wasted” was more fitting of the situation than simply “spent” but it is. D:

        If we can all spread this article to as many places as possible, specially viral pages where hopefully a lot of people will see it, will help work toward changing this situation. 🙂

  • Ben

    Joy, as an administrator for a discussion board with nearly 7,000 members (tiny in comparison to FB), I just want to express my thanks to you for expressing your frustration with dealing with narcissistic and self-absorbed members. If it is any consolation, some of us do understand. Thanks for your ongoing efforts. kind regards, Ben

  • Ramon Casha

    FB could reduce reports if they gave users effective tools to tackle problems themselves, such as the ability to block pages and not just users, and making it easier to block apps (some apps manage to “hide” the block link).

  • Daleks

    The only time I’ve reported people is when they’ve used hate speech. So should I just not bother to do that?

    • Joy Lynskey

      I won’t tell you not to report anything, but I will tell you if you want the person who posted it to ‘suffer’ you’d be best served just letting them know so they get to know they are a pos, and you get to feel better.

      Is the anonymity of reporting doing that for you?

      That’s not a sarcastic or in any way a smart ass question/comment. A serious question, truly. I will read and reply if you answer.

  • Maria B

    This is such a great article. I’ve personally clicked “report” only once or twice, and always with regard to a page that promoted hate speech. In light of true horrors that FB moderators face every day I sincerely doubt my actions. I wish you best of luck. Your actions most certainly do make a difference at the end of the day. Mine, in the big scheme of things, probably don’t.

  • Adam

    Haha, always wondered how much shit you guys go through. Who the fuck puts kiddie porn on facebook? What the fuck lol

    • Joy Lynskey

      Gosh, you should see just some of the NAMES of the groups, they don’t even try to hide it…

      • Claire

        Do those pages get deleted if the moderators see them, even if no-one has reported them? Do the owners get reported to the police? Do the police do anything with that info? With these sickos being so open about there perverted tendencies, you’d think it would be easy to find and prosecute them? But I’m guessing that’s not the case?

      • J Lyn

        In some cases they do yes. Depends on the pages content of course. In many cases police are alerted, even if just reports are made and no charges filed. It IS easy to find some of them, they use their real IPs and don’t understand it leads to them in some cases. The worst offenders of course know how to mask that, they are harder to find.

  • Anthony Edwards

    Thank you for watching out. I will never ever report anything offensive on Facebook. I hope that little girl is okay.

  • Vera

    I’m only reporting for copyright infringements, maybe not as important as life and death situations, but hey, it’s my money being stolen, and that’s because of FB. If Facebook would be harsher with copyright infringers, we would have less shit going on. I think there are at least 1 million of quotes and memes pages around, 95% of them are copyright infringements.

  • Anima Ignis Solaris

    i had just found this read it and i am not surpised this has happened i mean people bitch whine and complain about the most STUPIDEST of things…I mean seriously it’s all in the mind of what things either look like or it’s different in what there belief is and all that other stupid crap i honestly feel bad for the mods and admins who put up with this kind of crap. PS: to anyone who may be a facebook mod or admin I am requesting something some people are getting blocked some of my friends or people who are in group pages for no apperently reasons I have no idea how this has happened or not so far it’s happened to people at Bronies forever page and some other pages if any of you mods or admins have gotten reports about this can you personally see wtf is going on cause idk why or how but it’s like at random and those who get blocked haven’t even done anything wrong thank you.
    PSS: i know it’s silly to ask through here but i can’t really think of any other way that may get to any of you straight away if you ever check this ^^”

  • David

    I was a Myspace forum moderator at the height of it’s popularity. I didn’t get paid a cent. I answered all the queries that I got. I banned people as necessary (and they’d jump back on within minutes until their fake profiles ran out). I acted as a go between in their arguments or helped them out if they couldn’t figure out how to do something.

    What I didn’t do was offer a reporting system that actually does nothing.

    I don’t know what’s going on with the other 1.2 billion users. All I know is that a disgruntled Myspace trolling turd created a Facebook account of me and made all kinds of threats. I reported it the one time I was allowed by your system to do so. Friends of mine reported it as well. Nothing was done about it. You guys don’t give a fuck. Fine. The other 1.2 billion users don’t give a fuck about me either. That’s ok. But don’t blame us that you can’t save the world. You are the people who invite complaints by pretending to have a system to deal with them. Take away the report button if you can’t keep up with the workload or get another job but don’t get all prissy because people click on a button your web designers put there.

  • Bhashkar

    Reblogged this on Specks of tech and commented:
    The other perspective.

  • Geist

    Excellent article Joy.

    Although I do wish you had some better abilities as a mod, like you’ve said…that’s pretty much out of your hands.

    Maybe somebody should set up a target list, get a little BOFH action down on some of the problem reporters and folks like Carolynn/Curly Sue. 😉

  • Edd Caine

    It strikes me that if you have to wade through 50 “take this picture down” and “I don’t like it when people take the micky out of my religion” comments to get to a comment as serious as that, then the system isn’t a great one. If your job is to catch those posts specifically, then there aught to be a way of rerouting the other posts, or at least one or two mods specifically set up to deal with the really serious cases and others to field the drivel and litigious reports. Either that, or a better way of reporting more or less serious things, although I readily admit I’m not sure what that would be. Either way, if there’s a potential rape to prevent, you should not have to deal with the other reports *at all*, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be there, or that they won’t be…

    • Edd Caine

      p.s. really good article though. Very interesting to hear a mod’s perspective, and sorry you have to put up with all of our shit.

      • Joy Lynskey

        I’m not. I get to meet a lot of really good people. Tons of idiots don’t negate that fact. And thank you

      • Karkass

        WOOHOO!!! someone who actually read the article! I’m impressed, and think you’ve said good things here, Mr. Caine. I haven’t mentioned it thus far, but Joy your efforts in both the moderation and trying to make the system better are appreciated! Thanks for your hard work!

  • Steven

    So… you’re saying that if Facebook used a tiny fraction of their vast wealth to triple the number of reviewers like yourself, they could stop child rapes from happening. But their vast wealth trumps that. Um… that makes Facebook the asshole, not the people that file complaints. You’ve basically just told us that Facebook cares more about its profits than children being raped. So, fuck YOU for saying “fuck you” to the people that draw the advertisers to Facebook that make them rich and pay your salary, but Facebook refuses to pay extra people to stop child rapes. Yeah, fuck YOU.

    • Claire

      Additionally, I would like to say that regardless of profit margins it really is Facebook’s responsibility to provide a better system – with the inventive techs you have over there it should be possible and more staff should be hired if that is what you need. Facebook has provided another medium for child abusers to use and therefore needs to play a role in moderating that medium.

    • Joy Lynskey


      Missed point comment goes here.

      Also the sound of a jet flying over your head quickly.

    • Captain Kickass

      You’re a dumbass.. Shit like this (child rapes) shouldn’t be delegated to facebook.. People should just know to call 911.. How is facebook to know if a child is going to post a cry for help as a report (in lieu of a status even). That’s the equivalent as you calling autozone when you meant to call the police and blaming autozone for the cops not showing up in a timely fashion when autozone made the effort to call for you (when they had no obligation to)…

    • Captain Kickass

      People posting crap like this “offends” me.. Like it’s facebook’s responsibility “to know” when a 7 year old girl is reporting a rape about to happen thru a system that you obviously think should be there for your trivial reports. You’re saying “fuck you” to the writer as if it’s her fault the system couldn’t acknowledge her cry for help over the shit tons of pointless reports for 4 hours. It’s not a business’ responsibility to take over calls that should be directed to 911 (or local authorities). That’s like you calling autozone to call 911 for you and getting mad at autozone in their delay in calling 911 when the cops take too long showing up.. Reporting to a business shouldn’t be an option over 911.. so fuck you steven for not using reason..

      • Captain Kickass

        And great, now the post I thought got lost finally shows up after 20 refreshes and another post… Oh well, brought up different points in both.. (cause I’m drunk but not lost on the point)

  • Claire

    Would it be possible to make the report options sound so serious that fewer people would stop reporting random rubbish? Or put a warning on the report button that explains it slows down the process when mild things are reported?

    I will share this article, obviously, but I hadn’t seen the sort of things you have talked about on Facebook (presumably because I don’t go looking for it) and wouldn’t have realised that this issue existed. Thanks for writing this article, I will certainly be wary of using the button.

  • Mungo9000

    Great article.
    This article should show up when you click the “Report” button as a final reminder.

  • vanillarosetangents

    Many of your point are valid, but this doesn’t really take account of other workers who clearly don’t share your perspectives. There are so many breast-feeding pictures get banned by Facebook, despite meeting official FB guidelines.

    • Joy Lynskey

      My perspective? On breast feeding pictures? You must not have read a word that I said. People who report breast feeding photos should be shot? Does that support your personal agenda enough?

  • Kit

    any jobs going in the uk?
    I’d love to help with that line of work.

    • Joy Lynskey

      None you would want. FB tried the UK for outsourcing. The UK got real pissed their people weren’t be supplied with benefits and proper counseling for the things they dealt with. The UK cares about their people it seems.

      • Marilyn Roman

        Once upon a time people had rights in UK but less so now. Have never read anything like this before as I only use FB to keep in touch with friends and family scattered throughout the globe/ Time wasters abound in all walks of life and it seems to be getting worse. I’m retired and came to social networks with no real knowledge but there are amazing pages. One or two of them post things I totally disagree with so I just hide them from my feed. To each his/her own. I do however feel that we all need to take responsibility for our actions and get real. Blaming everyone else seems to be the name of the game and trolls seem to be very disturbed.

        You do a difficult job and a necessary one and letting off steam is important but be careful not to get ground down. You can’t save everyone but every little bit helps. You were not responsible for what happened to the little girl and should feel neither guilt nor shame. The key point is there was a way for her to alert someone and start the process of becoming safe.

        I now understand a little better what goes on behind the public face. Thank you

      • Louise (@LouiseSecret)

        If facebook used a report feature that separated the obscene from the other not so serious stuff – the latter could be outsourced to the UK and possibly other countries.

  • Christopher Sudlik

    I have a question for you then sir, considering the noble goals and aims of what you say you are doing on a daily basis. Why are so many religious bigots successful here? Why do they get posts taken down that have absolutely no possible means of being considered against the terms of use? If you are so overtaxed, then why is one religious group successful at banning all the things you say you don’t care about while they can post literal, specific death threats and bomb threats that get repeatedly ignored by facebook reporting, including ignored appeals?

    It literally horrifies me that child rape victims, and in progress crimes don’t get attended to while facebooks reporting team pushes religious zealotry on a constant basis! I saw a picture of a blue sky with the words in white “You can be good without god” that had been posted to an atheist group get removed, and the person running the page had their account deleted, but you can’t find time for child rapists? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    Is facebook telling you to do it that way, or is that of your own volition? Granted, what you deal with sounds horrific, but from what I’ve seen on facebook, tons of horrific bullshit passes through, lots of people seriously suffer so that facebook can push religious and social ideals?

    Or is there some enormous mitigating factor I have overlooked to this awe inspiring, terrifying behavior?

  • AKaye

    Thanks so much for your hard work, and for writing this post. I am so pleased to read the comments from those who used to report trivial posts and now will not! Take heart in that your efforts are indeed having many positive results. I hope dearly that your identity and security are well-protected, fb would suffer harshly for lack of you.

    I completely understand your use of explosive language in response to uneducated commentary- especially to those who’ve obviously not even read the article through, or without giving its content enough attention to comprehend it. The ‘offense’ taken by many at your mere choice of WORDS emphasizes articulately the very problem about which you’ve written- that individuals think their ‘feelings’ are so important that they take valuable energies from actually important topics. People would be doing their human societies such a great service to reserve their outrage for TRUE wrongdoings like violence and other harm against others or specific threats of such.

    All the best to you in your continued work! And I suggest, sometimes banning people who insist on such wastes of human energy enables us to conserve ourselves for the noble fights. You’ve allowed certain dissidents to state their positions; once their views been entertained, and especially once it’s become clear that they’re people incapable of respectful conversational exchange, I fully endorse kicking their asses to the curb.


  • Jet Black

    Strange how the “anonymous moderator” chooses the name of a freelance writer to use. Pretty sure most of what is written here is fiction, especially as they lecture in “how to cultivate page followers”…obviously get a contentious, imaginary 7yr old in your blog, that works wonders for numbers, doesn’t it?

    • Joy Lynskey

      Ahh, you would only have a good point if the fucktarded people here hadn’t FORCED me to reveal any of that. I also revealed several other things about the identity you seem to be looking at. Did you read any of that, or just start posting ignorant accusations like the rest?

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for your work, I’ve worked in Forensic science and I know first hand how truly monstrous the human population is, It’s easy for someone to say ‘you chose that job’ but you never actually know the full extent until you get certain cases, each one taking a little piece of your soul until you just become an empty shell but we stick at it in the hope that we can save a few. I will never know the endless pain you have to suffer each working day, but I can offer a small amount of empathy and sincere gratitude that you make a difference. I wish you strength and peace 🙂 x

    • Joy Lynskey

      Thank you for your kind wishes Jennifer

      • Captain Kickass

        Just want to let you know, law enforcement is on your side here. I’m sick of the “all about me” attitude I get on almost every phone call every day at work. People (in the US anyway) are getting so ridiculous, they call 911 for weather reports, and call non-emergency numbers for actual crimes (man strangling a woman as a roadside assistance call). The email address I provided is my actual email, and I support everything you have posted here.

      • J Lyn

        Thanks. I am going to use it. I have an idea or two to run by you. Hope to hear back.

  • ParadiceNZ

    Hmm, I agree that having to wade through people being “offended” by trivial bullshit is pretty fucked up (anyone uttering the phrase “I am offended by this” pretty much triggers my moron-detector automatically).

    However, the one thing you probably can’t lay at the door of the users is the amount of time it took for the 7 year old’s horrible situation to reach you.

    Facebook has obviously decided what it deems to be an acceptable turnaround time for processing reported content. If users were submitting less garbage, Facebook would employ fewer moderators. You would still get to any specific item in the same amount of time.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Probably a lot of truth in that, absolutely. However, we do have a lot of moderators, and I can lay it at the door of all the people who reported upsetting curse words, pictures of models half nude and other random stupid things that clog up the system. Perhaps if those things were less reported, even a smaller staff could handle them more accurately.

      Speculation is just that, and it usually goes both ways. Most often, the truth lies somewhere around the middle.

  • Paul

    I’ve reported pornographic photos in the past as I’ve always thought FB should be family friendly but after reading your article, I’m wondering if this was a mistake. I too would hate to think I’ve caused problems for others by being over sensitive.

  • Colin Melville

    Just to clarify:

    1. Atheism is not a minority, atheism is an absence of religious faith. Let’s try for some literacy, shall we?

    2. Atheists are a minority *in the USA*, but Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon. To extrapolate the situation in America to the rest of the world is ignorant and just plain silly.

    3. There are (fortunately!) many places much more enlightened than the USA (including my two countries, France and the UK) where atheists and agnostics are actually the majority.

    • Brokenwings

      Colin totally agree with point 2 and 3. Even here in Australia where, according to the census, christians are a majority (barely), if you actually speak to people, most of them will admit they are actually agnostic and just pick christianity on the census because it sounds like close enough to what they’d like to believe in. In reality, they don’t have any particular belief and are either exploring options or just don’t care about whether or not any god exists.

      I cannot however agree with you on point 1. Agnoticism is the absence of a defined religious faith. Atheism however is the religious belief that there is no god or gods at all. Believing no god/gods exist is still a religious belief.

  • Chris Costa

    When I report dodgy/offensive adverts, do the reports go to the same set of moderators? If so then I will avoid reporting offensive-looking adverts in the future.

    • Andrea Leong

      Hi Chris, if you mark ads as spam, they will go through a different system (there’s a question somewhere above).That doesn’t directly answer your question, but it’s an alternative that definitely doesn’t go through the same channel.

      Incidentally, the only time I’ve seen ads that I’d describe as “dodgy” on fb is when a browser extension was putting them at the left of my news feed.

  • Susannah Goble

    I would just like to say well done. It is fantastic that people like you are out there helping people and trying to right injustices. I know I am not strong enough to do what you do and view those horrors every day, so I think you are absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  • Matthew Edwards

    The author of this page is a hero of the highest caliber. I have re-posted this article, and asked my friends to do so, in the hopes that some people may now think before reporting. I doubt it but just maybe. Love light and peace.

  • Lady Andrea

    Reblogged this on Andreaurbanfox © and commented:
    Simply awesome blog.

  • Steve

    Wow so I get to sit at my pc for 8 hours and ban shit on facebook ? I for one wouldn’t much care what was reported, I would make a list and if I ever saw them I would hang them up, wow…on facebook all day….what a job !!!!
    Do you need anyone ?!

  • toby

    Just the attitude of the author alone is enough to put me off this article. I read it all and the comments. It stinks. If you really card you would reveal yourself and go to press about it.

  • Rick Ellis

    hey I can fully understand your viewpoint here, Keep up the great work

  • carl

    Face an open space use it or not personal choice. If offended turn off, move on, or confront. Try not to be as abusive & ignorant as those who offend you. Clearly, it seems even when the risk of real threat & real crime is enhance by trivia & personal sensibilities, those who perpetrate such as still offended & offensive, I would have started this comment with ‘ I’m amazed’, but really I’m not. Delicate ego’s always demand personal attention over & above any real tangible threat or harm to themselves

  • Timothy Riches

    Kudos for the excellent post, and also the patience and humor with which you respond to commenters. It was well worth reading them all just to enjoy your responses. And such restraint over the gender confusion! You’d think that with a name like Joy it would be obvious. All the best.

  • Scott Davis

    Facebook is either in the business of law enforcement, or it isn’t.
    If it is deputized, or a mandated reporter, then its reports should be
    accurate and should stick to the law and the truth in all cases – and
    often, we can see that this is not the case. The “algorithm” reach
    confirms this. If Facebook isn’t in the business of law enforcement,
    then it is illegal for it to constitute itself as a Government within a
    Government, and to wrap any type of cloak of authority around itself.
    The fact is, Facebook uses anonymous and often baseless reports
    as proof of guilt of some vague offense, and robs people of their
    First Amendment rights on that basis, and Facebook is doing this
    more and more often. If Facebook is going to act like a government,
    maybe it should just be nationalized and become a Government
    agency to make everything legitimate. But then, Facebook would
    have to go by due process in everything it does. Furthermore, if
    Facebook would be nationalized (which makes sense in many ways,
    first of all because it is the only way to protect the First Amendment
    rights of millions of Americans who have been lured into using it)
    then it would be a crime to report non-offenses or to report things
    maliciously, and it would be punishable by a fine or even imprisonment
    to use Facebook’s administrative capabilities to try to shut someone
    else up via the method of concocting issues of offensiveness or
    fake harassment against the victim who is the target of such
    censorship. This would not deprive people who work for Facebook
    of their jobs – it would make their jobs a lot easier. And it would also
    not make Facebook unprofitable for its owners – after all, the Federal
    government nationalized General Motors, and it was able to reprivatize
    itself by conforming to Federal mandates. Maybe Facebook should
    be willing to do the same. It would help to balance the Federal
    budget for the first time in over twelve years, too – all in all, a
    win-win scenario.

    • Dar Long

      “The fact is, Facebook uses anonymous and often baseless reports
      as proof of guilt of some vague offense, and robs people of their
      First Amendment rights on that basis, and Facebook is doing this
      more and more often. ”

      Hey there, little man. Here’s the thing. Your “Rights” on Facebook? Don’t really exist. This is Facebook’s sandbox. Don’t like the rules? Go find another sandbox to shit in. I hear MySpace is lovely this time of year…

  • CliffyTX

    How does one go about becoming a Facebook moderator? I’ve been interested in being one for quite some time, but only heard of the 3rd- world-wages variety via some freelancing site.

  • Brian Carey

    The message I take from this is that there are real cries for help out there. If we could put this all in perspective and be aware, maybe we could help some child in desperate need!

    • Karkass

      How come so many here aren’t getting that? I agree, and got from this article that we can all help some people who desperately need it just by not getting our collective panties in a bunch and whining to our mom’s that ‘he said’ or ‘she posted’ or ‘that pic sucks’. Helping actual people out of actual danger by simply not doing anything, by simply not clogging up a system that can only handle so much garbage. Seems like a reasonable and easy to deliver request!

  • Steven Cock-Cely

    I find your article very revealing and even though I almost never report anything I certainly had no idea such kind of crapped was reported on a daily basis, and even worse, I wasn’t aware there were cases like the little girl you weren’t able to help because of people’s stupidity, I don’t know if you feel guilt about it but if you do, I give you my support and do not feel guilt for it was not your fault even though you could have helped it was not all in your hands. On the same topic, I’d like to know if there’s any way in which I can help you and this team of people that work with you, for I am really concerned about such problems as child abuse, home violence and so on, and even if I do what I can with the people I know, I’d like to know if there’s any way I could help on a bigger field.

    Best regards.

  • Scotty

    The more suggestions of bullshit I don’t like that you plague me with the more pages I will block and unlike.
    I will also report anything I see that I feel is harassing/offensive or annoying.

    Your whole post here is a petty whinge just like what you are complaining about.

    While I feel for anyone in trouble in any kind of situation you are a moderator on a social networking site.

    Don’t like your job quit.

    Or like most of us get on Facebook have a sook, and get on with life.

    • ianhawke

      You obviously understood nothing of what he wrote, this makes it pointless for a reply to be given to you. Pay attention to words, and you might get attention.

      Troll fails are savoury ❤

    • mindthecorner

      “Don’t like your job quit.”
      Oh yes. Let’s all quit our jobs if we don’t like them and suck unemployment money from all the other people who are working to pay taxes. After all, we can all go on Facebook and pretend we’re better than others!
      Ah… the “freedom of speech”…

    • David M.

      “The more suggestions of bullshit I don’t like that you plague me with the more pages I will block and unlike.
      I will also report anything I see that I feel is harassing/offensive or annoying.”

      The first part of that statement, “the more pages I will block and unlike”, would solve the second part. Interestingly, that is exactly what the author is suggesting. If you find something on a page “offensive or annoying”, unlike the page or “hide” the comment, and move on. Reporting every little thing that YOU find “harassing/offensive or annoying” is what’s clogging up the system, taking time away from their ability to deal with legitimate concerns.

      “Don’t like your job quit.”

      Ah, yes, one should always just abandon anything they don’t like. There is no point in trying to correct a problem, just run away. You obviously didn’t comprehend the article. The author didn’t say she didn’t like their job, she said she didn’t like having to wade through all the butt hurt “I’m upset/offended” to find the ones that could be classified as legitimate complaints. “I find this joke offensive” is NOT a legitimate complaint, it’s whining.

      • J Lyn

        Thank you for one of the most realistic comments I have viewed here, David. I’m on the dashboard so I can’t even see who you are replying to, but I can clearly see a voice of reason. There haven’t been a ton 🙂

  • Scotty

    Also fuck off.

    • Karkass

      Whoah, got her there! You are really good at this! So clever! So unobservant! go back and re-read the whole article- your reporting every little things means that real people suffer real pain ‘casue there’s a finite amount of resources to get through all of this, and someone who needs help doesn’t get it because YOU are piling “I’m gonna tell Mom on you!” complaints about things that aren’t anything more than your OPINION being challenged. Grow up, leave the sandbox.

  • ianhawke

    Revealing piece, I must say I felt guilty quite a few times. I didn’t know any of this. Thank you for sharing, hope more people come over and learn social networking.

  • Bad Witch

    It really sounds like you hate your job and should probably look for a new job. Not sure if you job pays particularly well, but if it doesn’t pay well, then definitely time to brush off the CV!

  • Alex Ayann

    fun read, and i perfectly understand the frustration of moderators. i am curious though, does facebook have teams of moderators who can actually speak the languages that facebook is provided in? and if it does, are those people trained to at least understand the criteria for banning content?
    a photo of a nude i had posted (from the back; non-pornographic; part of an art series) was deleted in less than 30mins. yet when i reported a page for extreme hate speech directed at an ethnic minority in my country, with death threats, fascist symbols and all, i received a kind automated email informing me they were unable to confirm the terms violation. seriously? would that be because that particular page was in romanian and facebook moderators speak only english so they can only moderate less than half of the content on facebook? or could it have been because the moderators themselves were compatriots of mine and approving of incitement to violence towards that ethnic group, as most of them do?

  • Teresa

    Great article. I wish I could have been this straight forward when I was the community manager for Microsoft’s Q&A site. It was frustrating dealing with the petty reports, trolls, people accusing me and the rest of the team of being biased, etc… However, the reward of knowing we literally saved lives made it worth it.

  • Črni Žec

    Ok. Fine with that. But what with animal harrasment, violence, hate speech, and so on? Many things insults everyone, but many things you don’t need to watch or comment. You can avoid such content that insult your look on things.

    But, I find Facebook very criminal. Because it boosts violence and hate speech and protect such things. Why I think that?! I reported few times groups where few people interacts with each other speaking what is the best way to kill an animal or someones pet. You would puke when you see what those people writes on the walls. I reported the group as users also for hate speech and violence speech, facebook replyed me:”We do not find nothing against our rules, no actions will be taken!”

    Other few times I reported few people that were attackin some persons with pure hate about nationality and color of their skin. I got same reply from facebook.

    Few days before I got some poll from facebook, where they wanted me to rate their report system, how effective he was. I rated it with lower score possible, because protecting hate speech, violent speech, groups where ppl interact and teach others how to kill living beings, how to attack and insult and hate people with different colors or nationality, or where rich kids says how they will tomorrow go and beat some poor kid because he smells and so on… I find Facebook in the same line as criminals, as they do their best to not keep their rules as human rights, as I see, it is like rules are created to break them, and support those full of hate and violence to others.

    That’s my exeprience with facebook report system. I do not report anything anymore, because it is uselles, since moderators are dumb or they simply do not care. My english is not good, but people usually understands what I am trying to say.

    Have a nice day.

    • Joy Lynskey

      “since moderators are dumb or they simply do not care”

      You must not have read any of the 400 words I dedicated to explaining why a lot of these issues are not in moderators hands.

  • Verdad

    Sweet bleeding hell. See, I’m not bright. I installed a comment blocker because the sheer stupidity of the planet (and our country in particular) was doing bad things to my health and the safety of people around me. Being an idiot myself, I occasionally can’t resist the urge to unblock comments – it’s a vicious cycle.

    If people would learn to use Facebook features, they wouldn’t see so much ‘offensive’ crap. I have reported occasionally – a page “outting sluts” comes to mind. I’ll self-police better from now on. The sheer volume of the monster didn’t really click until I read this. I do report a ton of ads (WHY does FB give me the option to block all posts from a game, then put “What your friends are playing” in our newsfeed?? Seriously??) and the occasional click hack/malware. But mostly, I try to learn to use the tool I’m playing with. Perhaps FB should respond to reports with a video on how to use FB.

    Facebook is a playground. I’m just glad that there are people who respond to the real emergencies out there. I remember the early days of AOL (when it ran in DOS – damn, I’m old) – and trying to find a way to help a young lady who was clearly suicidal. There were none. Glad that’s changed some.

    Joy, you have the power here to delete the truly stupid shit. Please use it. There’s far too much stupid in the world as it is.

    Kudos, Joy. I couldn’t do it without going postal.

  • Bruce

    Joy: Thank you for your work. I trust that you have access to counselling and have a way of leaving your horrible job before you get damaged by it.

    • Joy Lynskey

      I am actually a counselor. That is part of the reason for my employment. That doesn’t mean I am immune for sure, but it does mean I have coping skills pretty honed on my own. I did walk away once when things became so overwhelming, I will not hesitate to do so again if needed.

      Thank you very much for your concern.

  • rabenaas

    Reblogged this on r a b e n w e l t e n and commented:
    Stop and think.

      • Thomas E Clay Jr

        Joy, I have several facebook stalkers whose harassment has continued unabated for 5 months which includes posting my Social Security Number along with my address and number. This man prides himself on how many times he has been reported. It’s an entire subculture of people that do this not just to me but to others. Facebook never does anything about it because there is no way to contact facebook about it and still the pages continue. I’ve gotten death threats for months and the police can’t do anything because they say, ‘stay off facebook.’ The reporting system never lets us input the the nature of the abuse and reviewers never look at the pages to understand it. What more can I do? They post obituaries of my dead relatives and on and on.

      • J Lyn

        Find me on Facebook. Someone usually can!

  • Karen Fuchs

    If . someone is in obvious harm . attend to them above others regardless of time .Priorize like an emergency room and attend to those in obvious life situations / Don’t take . c/o personally. Try to do this objectively otherwise. you Joy will burn out . . All people matter , and need respect not judgement and blame or name calling . . Too much hatred is cause by hate and emotional assessments . Sorry . But if more people treated everyone with respect and help we would have less problems . Maybe There should be some Guidelines on an internet to curtails . the radicals . That is all I say . IT is wonderful that FB has people watching for problems and are there to help women children and or men in trouble or harm . KF . P.S. I respect and can see your problems and it is hard to satisfy and help everyone .! Hang in there . I wish you all the best in work , this is not easy . XX Helping another much make up for all the things that are
    untoward . Maybe we as people who post can help you in some small way ?

  • liam burrows

    Troll. This person doesn’t work for Facebook. Probably doesn’t work at all.

    • liam burrows

      Facebook are morons, but even they wouldn’t give this person a actual job, let alone pay extra dollars for her ‘skills’, when someone in India is looking to moderate for Facebook for less than 10% of the pay.

      Want proof? Here it is: ‘Joy R. Lynskey has been a writer for over 20 years. She is currently a full time freelancer who owns her own content creation company.’

      As I say – unemployed…. She’s one of those ‘I know anything there is to know about the internet and freedom of Speech’ Nazi types.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Lmao! You must of missed a lot of the comments here to be saying that. Educate yourself. It helps. A LOT. I am far from unemployed, I work about 18 hours per day between FB (for which I am a third party employee) and my own work and assisting the two people who run that business you mentioned above. I haven’t participated in that company since 2009, but I make money from it. We also pay taxes.

        You? Are you angry because some human beings still have ambition, or is this just more petty jealousy coming out?

    • Joy Lynskey

      Oh gosh. Take the blue pill next time.

  • Barry

    I actually don’t have facebook because I see it as a waste of time.

  • Hudson Jorge

    I have nothing to add or subtract from what you Said here.
    I Just want to say that I appreciate your job sharing this to the people.
    I hope good people will respond and support your cause.
    With all my respect.

  • ericlebrek88

    Reblogged this on The Cookie Jar.

  • Tony S

    Thanks for this Joy. We just experienced our first “3-strikes” ban on our politics/atheism page not that long ago, and needless to say, it was educational. We shot a video about when we got blocked:

    Your explanation sheds a lot of light on what happened with us. Needless to say, I get several reports a week from people who complain about an image or link we posted. We’ve been more careful to post certain items off FB on our blog, and then share the link rather than have the content on FB. That seems to work better for us, but sharing is drastically reduced. In any case, it’s good to know how the process works a little more, and for your insights on how FB works.

    Tony Santos

  • mindthecorner

    I’m not really the “reporting” type of person, I’m actually very tolerant and peaceful when it comes to what others have to say/show. I think – to this day – I may have reported 10 times (if as many), and all related to random pornography advertisement by some posters. Other than that and gore pictures/videos, I don’t see any content worth reporting on a daily basis.

    Either way, I had not thought about this possibility. Thank you for opening my eyes. I shall now think 10 times before reporting anything.

  • Hannah

    I really had no Idea. I mean I often see things where people are saying stupid, offensive things but I just think “hey this kid is an idiot and it’s not even worth my time of day to report him”. But I never thought about the crimes that may be getting reported through facebook and the fact that people’s stupid complaints could be preventing others from getting serious help they need.
    I really and truly would like to thank anyone who does this type of work. I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to see such sad and horrible things happen especially against narcissistic people asking stupid questions and getting upset over petty things. Sharing this everywhere I can right now.

  • Anna

    I truly empathise with you and I am appalled at the horrors you describe. I am however equally appalled by Facebook. They must be aware of the situation you describe so why haven’t they allocated more resources to this cause? This is where social media can truly help but instead you have to sit and get upset at Facebook’s users. It is not the users’, no matter how silly their complaints, it is Facebooks duty to take care of the monster they created. It is Facebook’s fault you didn’t have time to help the girl, not Facebook’s users’. Facebook has the money, it is all a question of will.

  • Tommi MoonYak Henriksen

    I thought everybody knew the reason FB doesn’t child ban porn is that a group hasn’t collected enough “Likes”, right?
    Of course the mods are sat there thinking “This is sick, but they’re still a couple of clicks short of me doing what I know is right”

  • naoomi

    I want to say thank you to you for facing the horror so others don’t have to. I also want to thank you for caring, genuinely caring. I am so sorry for the little girl. I am so thankful people like you still exist in this cruel world.

  • Larry

    It seems like the author is angry at Facebook users for using the reporting system, whereas the author *should* be mad at Facebook for providing the reporting service the way they do, with no caveat or explanation that superfluous complaints clog the system.
    What kind of normal person would realize that their complaint is going to vie for attention with decaying bodies and children being raped?

    • Joy Lynskey

      The same kind of ‘normal’ person that realizes that Facebook provides a platform for people of ALL ‘characters’ are free to use it. How did you manage to read that and not gather my disgust at how screwed the Facebook system is?

      I think I just realized why the first part escaped you. Never mind.

  • Matt Begley

    Ms. Lynskey, I would like to express my deepest appologies for every time I dissed Facebook moderators for removing a picture or banning something that I didn’t in any way find offensive. I hadn’t realized what an insurmountable task you and your coworkers are attempting to achieve each and every day. I would also like to express my deepest thanks for your efforts.
    Matt Begley
    Recently enlightened facebook user.

  • aingealvanhelsing

    I’ll admit I never stopped to consider the implications of a trivial report, whenever my mouse hovers over that button I will remember this post and seriously think before I press my overused left-click.

  • Lyle Upson

    wow, this has been a riveting read … including the interplay with the troll

  • George Hayduke, why ya askin'?

    Sanctimonious whiner.

  • Carlie

    I had a visceral response to reading this today, which, I suppose was your point. The pettiness of the people on FB astounds me every day. I consider deleting my own account until I realize how it keeps me connected to friends. I digress; this article hit me square in the gut and even though I have never actually reported anything on FB because I figured it was pointless and nothing really offends me much anyway, I think it speaks to all pettiness. People are so focused on their myopic view that they rarely realize that others are truly suffering and, compared to the trivial worries and paltry woes which are cried out dramatically on a status update, it is frivolous and insignificant. I can imagine this situation with the young girl is very haunting and I’m sorry that petty griefs got in the way of a more timely response. I wish people could see the big picture more often. Thank you for pointing it out.

  • Musician

    I cant even imagine all those fake reports to atheist pages G_G

  • gadiv

    I didn’t read through the comments (there are an awful lot of them – congratulations!) but of your examples of obnoxious reports, you listed “This page shared my picture without credit or permission.”

    I was wondering if you could explain why that type of report lacks the level of gravity needed to not appear on that list, what with copyright law and personal privacy, since the former demands a certain amount of rigor in defending copyrighted materials of the owner, and the latter is … well, more obvious. I understand that someone posting something to Facebook provides Facebook itself permissions to use content, but how that works for third parties using Facebook that post another person’s material doesn’t seem to provide protections for those third parties that would infringe on another’s copyrights.

    Of course this isn’t nearly as important as other stuff, I get that, but I don’t get how this sort of thing warranted inclusion in your list.

    • Joy Lynskey

      Because it is a huge issue it made it to this list. Because Facebook isn’t an open search engine, the CC issues are not taken as seriously. I agree that something should be done about a lot of the open theft there, I am just not sure what.

  • Bippy

    Thanks for this information! I had not given much thought at all to what happens after someone reports an image/post/page. This whole blog, particularly the comments, has highlighted many things: that there are many people doing great work [helping stop abuse, for example], everywhere, and at personal cost; that there are many people who have poor comprehension of the written word [as is made apparent by the ignorant responses to your post]; that many people have nothing better to do than troll. I should just avoid reading other peoples’ comments on just about any article or blog I read! The internet has become a useful tool in intelligent peoples’ hands, a dangerous one in others’ hands. And as for facebook, sometimes I wish it would just implode!

  • MRE

    Oh PUHLLEEEZE Yah.. right.. facebook admins are seeing things as graphic as are what described here in this article. I doubt that with ever bit of my being. To say that facebook admins are somehow the unsung heroes of the internet is lunacy. Total and utter idiocy. Facebook administration is essentially asleep at the wheel and would be the last source of help anyone, ever, should go to online. What a crock this article is. If you think some intern is going to stop joe-rapist-murderer from getting at you, think again. Talk about a case of over claiming your own worth and position on the internet. Street bums could take over as facebook admins and you wouldn’t see any change in the system. What a lousy diatribe of utter BS, spouted to gain sympathy from the masses. On facebook you are alone. If someone bothers you or really harrasses you, then you have two options: Deal with it, or delete your account. If you really think you’ll ever get an admin to even speak to you let alone do something for you than you are sorely mistaken.

    • Joy Lynskey

      No one claimed to be a hero and I resent the ignorance of that statement. Gain sympathy from the masses? No. The only request I made of the masses was to stop reporting bullshit. The fact that you seem to have seen all this huge desire for some kind of fame makes me wonder how mature you could possibly be. I’ve actually made it pretty clear here that no one will ever get attention directly from a mod, so I can’t even describe how much fail was in your last sentence.

      Why are you yammering people here? It would be mystifying if it wasn’t so stupid.

    • Captain Kickass

      MRE is showing his ignorance… He’ll eventually get it though, he honestly doesn’t know that 90-95% of the population is made up of dumbasses, incapable of knowing which reports need to go down which avenues.. People call 911 for the most ridiculous things and call non-emergency numbers for the gravest emergencies.. What makes you think a dumbass wouldn’t think sending their 911 call thru a facebook report was appropriate?

    • Jimmy McTimmy

      You obviously understand idiocy very well. It can be a lot of fun to read what miserable, small-minded people think about great articles.