An Overwhelming Response

I wanted to add this due to the overwhelming response and to avoid the need to retype this to so many who have offered to help. I have been amazed, but I also currently work about 16 hours per day on various jobs and I thought I’d just save some time by posting this once.

Token faith in humanity photo. (but really, this one is pretty good)

Token faith in humanity photo. (but really, this one is pretty good)

There are things you can do to help. However, openly sharing some of those things would cause a lot of trouble for me and others, and while I am overwhelmed by the kindnesses offered here, I simply cannot extend an invite to what I can best describe as closed quarters in my secret group on Facebook, to people I don’t know at all. No offense, but protecting me protects you as well.

However, I am not ignorant enough to turn down any offers for help. So I have created a page on Facebook, attached it to a widget on the right frame and here is a link to it directly.

I’d love to have anyone there who wants to join. I’d also love to talk to someone about helping me to admin it. I am already adminning a total of about 20 pages for work, entertainment and of course, these issues, so if anyone has some time, is preferably on the East Coast, I would be super glad to talk to you on this page. For now, anyone that does have a page that receives harassment that isn’t in the group, please also join there and send an inbox message to the page and please share with me your page address so I can check it over and add you with my personal account, so I can get you added to the group.

Again, I can’t thank all of you enough for the amazing response. When I wrote that (actually about a month ago) it was my knee-jerk response to the horrible day I mentioned. Blowing off steam. I never expected it to matter to so many people in so many different ways. Thanks again for reading!



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24 responses to “An Overwhelming Response

  • Patricia Betty

    I really enjoyed reading this. Are you really a behind the scenes Facebook moderator? If so then you do have huge power because after you have sorted through the shit and you come to the gritty parts when a young girl needs help from an abuser, and you are able to send the cops round to arrest her perverted uncle, perhaps you could spare five minutes to help catch the other types of abusers who use Facebook to torture animals and display their perversions so that other like minded cunts can jerk off to their vile pictures of misery and suffering. (I felt it was okay for me to use the word ‘cunt’ there, without fear of censure, because as you made quite plain earlier, FB doesn’t give a shit what I say.) Perhaps you haven’t had time to research the pages to which I refer, perhaps it’s because the reports you receive about these pages are unable to actively reflect the horror because Facebook don’t give any proper fucking options to report animal abuse. So the cruel bastard who licks his lips to the picture of a stiletto about to pierce the living body of a kitten, or a live pig being cut in half with a sword, or a dog in someone’s kitchen having its ears removed so that it can be used in a fighting ring, goes uncensured and the perpetrators go unpunished. Poor you, eh getting paid to do this job and feeling tired at the end of your day. My heart bleeds for you, yet you are no different to millions of others of us who work hard and feel tired and frustrated with the little we have achieved at the end of the day. Facebook is a sewer. A platform where perverted sadists can come together and connect their sick minds. Yes the more saintly of us can always just delete our accounts and pretend nothing bad happens. We can get off our arses and go out and help in shelters and we can write blogs and protest at Taiji and take in strays. How the fuck do you know we aren’t doing all of that already, and trying to face the horrors of Facebook in the hope we can bring about changes that will stop the cruelty?What are you actually doing at the end of your working day, apart from sitting on your computer chair griping about people sitting on their chairs griping about Facebook. Here’s a thought, if you can’t change Facebook policies yourself, then at least sign the petitions calling for Facebook to allow a proper platform to report animal abuse.

    • Joy Lynskey

      It’s so interesting that people come here to make assumptions about me.

      What do I do at the end of the day? You mean what do I do to support the causes I believe in?

      I build websites pro-bono for several causes that currently include animal rights, gender equality and anti-bullying campaigns. 3 major charities fairly famous so I won’t mention them here. I currently own four dogs that were abused rescues and I would never have any animal in my house that didn’t come from a shelter.

      I also support monetarily several charities that help children in foster care.

      I support research for Fragile X. I have donated countless hours to cancer survivors by organizing and paying for poker runs and other events to help them with their hospital bills.

      However, I have never banned an animal abuse photo and it seems awfully assumptive of you to think I have.

      So, exactly what the fuck are you doing besides posting on Facebook?

      You people who come here with your ‘personal’ agendas seem to have the most problems. How about supporting the things that are ‘right’ and not the things that mean something to you PERSONALLY.

      I.E. I support many of those things above because it’s the right thing to do, not because I have a special story, a special case, a family member or anything else behind my desire to do so. I was never a victim of rape but I support helping those who were.

      See what I mean?

      • Patricia Betty

        You started this with your gritty post about how we pathetic ignoramuses keep pressing the report button for stupid reasons which makes your job so much harder and prevents you saving the world from the real abusers. You work for Facebook so perhaps you can pass this on. Facebook is a sewer of abuse and there is no way we can accurately report anything other than human abuse. How to cook cats is one page. Kill all the wolves is another. And they are two of the milder pages. Try reporting animal abuse and all you get back is “Facebook have looked at your complaint, and it hasn’t broken any rules”. WWTF rules do these deviants have to break to at least get Facebook to remove their vile pages?

      • J Lyn

        No one said you had to read it. Go report some more shit. You’re literally the exact sort of problem facebook has. Enjoy contributing nothing to mankind.

      • Abraham Augustus Hurley

        I think I love you. It’s fucking awesome to see that someone else actually gives a damn because it’s right, not because you get a pretty colored ribbon for parroting “facts” about injustices. Thank you for your honesty, and your bluntness.

      • Joy Lynskey

        Thank you for noticing. For the record, I had no idea this article would get shared so much. If you asked the people I originally shared it with *in a private group* they could confirm that I first told them *NOT* to share it, then I came back and said… screw it, we need to share this.

        The notion that I wrote this for “fame” that some of these asshats keep claiming annoys me the most. I’m not using my real name, this isn’t my blog. I am protecting myself. Now how the hell am I going to get famous? The worst part is there are actually people here playing side show detective to see if they can find out who I am so they can get me fired.

        Going to have to assume those are some of the most butthurt offended parties this article mentioned. If so, they really need to stop using their facebook profiles in the URL slots here. The temptation is unbearable. I won’t succumb, but it’s still a taunt I could do without.

      • Meredith

        I just wanted to let you know your post made a difference. In the past, about 3 times, I have reported images of graphic pornography or graphic violence that have shown up in my news feed, and never understood why they weren’t removed if they were “against facebook’s policy.” After reading your post, I have a much better understanding of the scope and impact of your job, and why you have those tools available, and that I was mis-using them. Thank you for your informative post, and rest assured I will never report anything again unless someone is in immediate danger of a crime occurring. I can’t imagine being responsible for preventing you from getting to the real, important functions of your job. Thank you.

    • anti

      It’s people like you who give animal rights movements a bad name. Somebody mentions a horrible, triggering experience and the best you can do is to come up with some sadistic fantasies, which of course you need to vividly describe, even though you KNOW the person at the other end sees this shit on an endless basis.
      It is a person of which you KNOW he/she wants to help and at least tries to deal with that shit and yet, you have nothing better to do than to harass her with a really, really petty complaint.

      Do you know how Kurt Cobain once said “I’m not gay, but sometimes I wish I were, so I would piss off homophobes”? You triggered a similar feeling in me when you made clear that you think that a raped human child is on the same level as somebody licking his lips to some video of someone kicking a kitten.
      Now, I personally love kittens, but let me be absolutely clear that if wetting my lips while looking at a video(!) of a cat being grilled would save anyone from rape, I’d most likely never have dry lips again in my life.

      I cannot even grasp how after what was posted before, you still insist that banning (admittedly disgusting) stuff like that could be remotely as important as saving somebody.

      I personally work for a couple of NGOs, mostly concerned with A) the middleeast and B) rightwing-extremism, especially Nationalsocialism. So it is somewhat safe to say that for me, combatting Neofascism, antisemitism and racism are EXTREMLY important issues and yes, I do think all of them are more important than animal rights issues. In the past I have repeatedly reported racist slurs and stuff like that to Facebook and I’ll admit that I was pissed off every now and then when something which was openly promoting killing “kikes” or “niggers” was on for weeks. However, I was simply not aware that there are also cases like this to be dealt with and I’m very grateful for the insight, and even though I have basically devoted my life to the issues I described earlier, I would have never even considered it to say that, e.g. banning a hateful picture would be as important as actually saving a person from killing him/herself, preventing a rape, etc.pp.

      This being said, you exhibit all the telltale signs of a typical “authoritarian personality”, and, quite frankly, disgust me.

      Also, thanks again to OP for sharing, it really made me reconsider my reporting behaviour and I hope you find some ways to organize all the people that offered to help you with this.

      • Patricia Betty

        You have missed the point completely. Where did I say a raped child was less important than animal abuse or any kind of abuse? My point was and is that Facebook do nothing about animal abuse, and the kitten was not about to be kicked it was about to have its fragile body slowly perforated by a stiletto heel. It’s called snuff porn and its all over Facebook together with other hideous animal torture. You talk as if there is some kind of scale for abuse and some suffering must be worse than others because it happens to be human suffering. ALL suffering is bad, ALL cruelty should not go unpunished, yet Facebook give people no platform to report animal abuse. I would remind you that more than one study has shown that those who abuse animals so brutally are likely to go on to abuse women and children equally brutally. So stop trying to separate cruelty into us and them and don’t attempt to make me out to be some people hating moron who puts animals before children. You think it’s petty to complain that Facebook don’t have an animal abuse report button do you, yet you claim to give a shit.? Let me also point out that I do not have sadistic fantasies, I try to sleep at night by getting other people’s sadistic fantasies out of my head.

      • J Lyn

        You and your “My personal agenda” people. Yes you have said plenty of things to indicate that you are upset people don’t take animal abuse more seriously. You have no idea I spend my spare time working with animal rescues and building them sites, helping them receive grants and etc. Nope. You are just another assumptive bitch with a personal agenda and because people call you out on it doesn’t mean you get to throw a fit at them. Good bye

    • Kathryn

      Patricia, I love your dedication to animal rights. The abuses you talked about make me sick to my stomach; I have three cats and it breaks my heart to think of someone getting enjoyment out of hurting them. That said, I think your comment is EXACTLY the wrong way to take action. This is a post about how an urgent real-time requests for help aren’t read for hours because petty reports like “this picture is against my religion” or “this person refuses to agree that I’m right about something” are clogging up the system. If you want something done about horrific animal abuses as well, great! How about ASKING the original poster what can be done about making sure those reports are responded to? Or posting an urgent request for help from anyone reading (and a reminder that people who do sick, depraved things to humans usually START with animals)? Or soliciting suggestions from anyone who’s run across something like that and was actually able to shut the picture down and get the sick bastard arrested? Of COURSE people think you place animal safety above human safety; it’s because you responded to a story about a seven-year-old child being raped by her uncle with a tirade that translates to, “Fuck you for talking about that and not mentioning MY causes.”

    • Uno Bubba

      How about YOU go set up a social media network for the people who want to bleat about animal abuse?

      Personally, I care deeply about animals and make certain mine are looked after well. I actively report instances of animal abuse to the relevant authorities in this country but I can’t see any point in yelling about photos of an abused dog in Romania. If everyone took an active interest in animal welfare (instead of whining about people whom they perceive should be doing more) there would be no animal abuse.

    • J Lyn

      You have no idea what I do. I have spent countless hours on animal abuse issues. So fuck you and your ‘my issue is the most important’. Power? Facebook is subject to red tape just like every other fucking corporation. Get over yourself and don’t come back crying here. Call the police, look at the cities those photos are posted from. Call the police, call the fucking FBI, contact one of the shit tons of cyber protection groups. Reporting that shit isn’t doing anything but hiding it from someone who might actually get the fuck up and do something. Ignorant

  • William

    Still want that moderator? I currently work at a University in NC, where the summer hours are uneventful and often times, I have nothing to do for hours on end. I have only recently become aware of your web journal and have quickly become a “fan” of sorts.

    I do like how you are so able to get a rise out of people.

  • Joy Lynskey

    Off to work, so for the next 18 hours, I will not be able to respond to a bunch of lunacy because I refuse to inflame my carpal tunnel by constantly texting on my phone.

    So on that note, feel free to flame away, distract from the issue, rant about personal agenda and the like.

    While the rest of you that have reasonable lines of thought continue to point out how foolish some of the others are. You all seem to have a good grasp on the matter, but feel free to mention if any particularly out of line asshats need to be banned, That I can do with one click.

  • Kemari Howell

    Thank you, Joy. Just thank you. Perspective, even when it might be harsh, is always necessary. Hugs to you for doing what you do every day, whether it’s really fucking hard or really fucking amazing.

  • Tony Hernandez

    Joy, I think I’m falling in love with you (although I’m happily married and you may be too). Seriously, though, I both admire what you are doing for our digital lives and adore your writing style – perhaps because it resembles mine. Please keep up the good fight and don’t let the bastards get you down. We need more people like you, and you may yet shame me into becoming one of them.

  • Leplie

    I appreciate your information, and found it useful and enlightening.

    Please tell me, though – someone has used facebook to harass me. They now have taken my photos and pretended to be me, and they’ve started contacting my family. They previously had my phone number and have called me. They have also created web pages impoersonating my husband. PLEASE, I know I am not a 7 year old being abused, so my risk is not high, but what can FaceBook do to help me stop this person? It’s been almost 2 years, and I want my life back.

  • Selina

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