Unbunch Your Panties and Move On

Since some of you seem to lack basic comprehension on a few issues I thought I would clear them up.

“You’re doing this for the money! You want fame! “

I’m using a fake/pen name that I have used for years. I have the page attached to an anonymous facebook page (that I only added after this post ar130524093619122went so viral that thousands of people were messaging me asking for a place to help and discuss these issues). If I wanted to *make money* why wouldn’t I be filtering that to anyone willing to click to one of my business pages if I wanted recognition or money? I would if I was an idiot, I guess. I have tons of entertainment pages on Facebook, too. I’m not filtering to those either because I am *NOT* here to mention or promote a personal agenda but a human one. Which is why I have also refrained from discussing a lot of the side issues mentioned here.  I don’t have tons of money so just unbunch your panties right away. I give my money, time and skills to reputable charities and topics that I enjoy supporting. If you have time to rant here about how much I make instead of participating in adult discourse, it sounds like you may have some time to do some good, too. There are plenty of jobs and charitable ventures out there that don’t require you mingle with human beings.  Consider them.

I don’t even have my Twitter account attached to this. I haven’t even used my twitter account to share this freaking post because I do not *like* attention. The fact that some of you are focusing on me just shows that *YOU* do not want the attention on the right things. And your insistence on posting your personal agenda issues in the middle of obsessive rants does not make you an approachable person for your cause. Consider that as well.

The people I have communicated with so far on Facebook, also know me under this name. No one really knows who I am other than what I have allowed them to see and that isn’t going to change. Also, I am not going to be on the news, or take any interviews that will not remain anonymous. No one will ever see my face in relation to this and if need be, that page, this page, and any pages relevant to it will come down and all that will be left of it are the other pages that reblogged the content. (and any subsequent impressions)

Also, I had no idea, no control, over how far or wide this post was shared. You are causing that. If you don’t want to support an issue, it actually makes sense to not do so, even in a negative fashion. Try also to realize that every time you research me and click on a previous link I may have written, you are actually promoting it. Google can’t discern between happy or hate filled rage clicks, nor can Facebook. Consider it, even if it takes a while to wrap your narrow mind around it.

Lastly, if you look around here, you will find that the ONLY mentions I have made of anything specifically were the mentions of a few pages on Facebook *NONE of which are my own* that I brought attention to to highlight some of the pitiful examples of the injustices due to pure ignorance going on around FB.

“You make 30$ per hour! I don’t care about you and your problems so do your job!”

Way to continue to detract from the real issue. Again, you don’t even know me but I’d like to give you something to gauge your future comments by.

These panties are realllly tight on this rhino. No wonder it's yelling.

These panties are realllly tight on this rhino. No wonder it’s yelling.

While Facebook and tons of “reputable” marketing types will outsource their business to make mega money from cheap labor, I do not. I actually charge more than $30 per hour for the work I do for *myself*. When I say myself, I’d like you to know that I employ about 250 people who wouldn’t even have jobs if I hadn’t trained them, dedicated my time at no charge to them and paid out of my own pocket to build a CMS system to help them function through their jobs more easily. I have actually created over 250 jobs that didn’t exist before, since 2009, paid people proper wages regardless of their locations on earth, and offer health insurance to my employees. I make zero money from that venture but it keeps employed the additional 4 people that manage it. You?

And even worse, I don’t want to be congratulated for that either, and you won’t find me sharing any personal business names, businesses, URLs or anything remotely self promotional here. Because of all of your troll fuckery, I am actually doing what I can to separate my account from any business ventures because those people don’t want to or deserve to hear your shit, either. I actually work hard enough that I have no need to mingle these two things. I also have honor and simply wouldn’t. Some of you might have to look that word up. But nope, not even for an extra penny. Speaking of pennies, there isn’t even a single ad on this page. Should I start following these judgmental commenters links around and posting their blogs laden with ads so they can make a couple cents sharing their important ‘messages’? Keep it up and I will start if only to out another fine hypocrite. This site has received over 100K views today alone. I have to wonder how many here would have slapped up ads the first day the views went crazy.

Comments about stones and glass houses go here.

So please, take your pay scale ranting shit elsewhere and shut the fuck up.

“You are mean and you keep telling me to shut the fuck up!”

That’s life. Get over it. You can come here and make all of the assertions and misguided rants that you want, and I have every right on my own blog, imageson my own space on this here interwebs, to retort in any fashion I deem fit. If you don’t like my language, flee. I can’t help but wonder if this is all due to entire generations of people raised to think they are each the universes gift to human kind. I’ve got news for you, the world isn’t going to mold itself to fit your delicate sensibilities.

I can appreciate skepticism and will answer legitimate questions asked in an adult fashion, as thoroughly as I can. If I can’t, I will actually go in search of the proper answer and credit it whenever possible.Under the notion to remain transparent, I have even left up many of your snarky comments with questions I could answer. But when I answer them with proof that makes you wrong, you act like a child. Stop it. No! I said, NO!

I will not pretend to appreciate wild guesses lodged in the form of an accusations and if you don’t like cursing, too bad. Maybe I don’t like people who don’t curse. Shit, maybe I don’t even read comments that don’t curse at least once. Who fucking knows, right?

Also, I  guess it’s too much to ask you to:

  1.  Realize I don’t care if I spell anything wrong or that it bothers you.
  2.  Read the title of this blog
  3.  Understand sarcasm
  4.  Please comment here so I can ban you easier than going through the insane amount of comments on the other posts.
  5.  Please leave your name in the posts so the rest of us can nominate you for this years Darwin Awards before it’s too late.

“Why are you mentioning this? Please remove it!”

This will never be mentioned here again. This is not much more than a warning. I will not cater to any more bullshit. Bullshit posts will be removed, I will not spend .000009 seconds fact checking or dealing with those issues. You have Google, use it. This post will be emailed to whomever I ban from posting that wants to know “why their questions aren’t being answered’ or those who want me to spend my only free time debating reality with them.

Real Contributions – Thank You

Anyone else who wants to discuss the topics at hand. Please do, the real issues. I have gotten a LOT of great suggestions from you, many. I have thank youthem all listed and have shared some of them on the page, when I complete this list and spruce it up a bit (I’m getting some help, the response is overwhelming(that person is also hiding their identity because they also do not want to be famous)) I will post it here. I hope we can make some changes. I am GOING to use this blog to ask for help in doing so, until then, I very much do appreciate those who have been able to add value to this issue with their comments and suggestions.

Off to work and thanks to the genuinely concerned people who took the time to read the original blog.


About J Lyn

Joy Lynskey is a freelance copywriter and social media manager. With a focus on social media growth for businesses, Joy has content in many areas of digital branding all over the web. View all posts by J Lyn

54 responses to “Unbunch Your Panties and Move On

  • glenys culbertson

    If I find someone who offends me I “lose” their name ! If they don’t like what I say they can always exercise their right to “lose” me and my views.

    • Bruce

      What more really needs to be said? I personally felt a twinge of shame and frustration when reading about the post regarding the girl needing help from a pedo… Should that be true, it’s high time we free-thinkers find ways to deal with idiots, without wasting the resources of those who are able to help when the rest of us are oblivious.

  • Zachary Jones

    I thank you for saying so eloquently what needed to be said. I am willing to offer up any spare time I have, helping in any way you see fit.

  • Cryndalae

    Bravo! I just discovered your posts and page today and just wanted to give you a standing ovation!

    I no longer admin a page but have admin’d since the good ol’ BBS days and the mighty /k command. (I miss that!) I wish I could join the group hell… I’d love to work for you!

    Keep up the rants and, more importantly, the great info!

  • SpeechlessDave

    So this *isn’t* a revenge-against-your-ex blog??? I thought it was, with the title and all… Which leads me to believe you’re nothing but a bitch (most non-gender-specific swear word I could think of) for speaking out honestly – you know, that pain in the ass thing that only assholes do on the Internet… 😛

    And for that, you have gained another admirer.

  • cairnr

    I fucking love how much you swear. I’m not being snarky either, I just really love it when people swear in print. I may be shallow, but at least I agree with you.

  • Beer Man

    I too am willing to offer up my spare time, with the understanding that I have exactly so experience as an admin, and technologically speaking, I am basically the equivalent of an idiotic, lunatic chimp.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, for posting this. I do think Facebook needs something like what is being made from this, though I do not run any pages myself. Perhaps that will change in the future.

    Related to your original post, is there anything Facebook has set up to help people like the little girl mentioned? Anything other than “notify the authorities and forget about it?”

  • la pinay

    Your April 9 post brought me here and THANK YOU for calling out those who need to be called out!!

  • Gus

    Well, you should absolutely monetise this blog. Using people’s ignorance and idiocy to help fund causes you believe in is, from my humble perspective, a great way of turning things around.

    • James

      How about set up a donations link? That way no one can say that you are trying to make money off everyone, but those of us without the time or skill to be of any real help can contribute to your cause in some way

      • J Lyn

        I haven’t had reason to do so as of yet. The minor costs I incur along the way I have no issue paying for. However, I believe I am about to do a radio interview with someone from the BBC about trying to educate at least the youngest generations growing up on these networks on how to deal with some of these issues. Where to get help, why to NOT post those pictures of yourself, legal issues, lifelong criminal records for stupid stupid social sharing instances… etc. If I get deeply into that I may work on some method of donation for those who want to help raise awareness, but I won’t do anything like that without legitimate support and 501 status. But we will see. And your offer is taken for the very well-meaning, caring human offer that it was. Thank you

  • William

    I’m not sure how likely this is to happen, as it doesn’t seem to work many times that it’s implemented… but as you said before, FB is always in a state of beta testing… Anywho, the idea:

    Have the users work as ‘pre’ moderator-moderators. I’m not sure if this is still the case, but a certain free to use dating site used this to great affect. When someone would abuse the system allowing many things that weren’t an issue through, they were subsequently blocked from doing so ever again.

    FB is a beast that is basically uncontrollable at this stage. I myself know many people that have numerous FB accounts just to keep family, friends, g/fs, lovers, etc., etc. apart, when they could just as easily use the inbuilt settings to sort this. If these people have so many accounts for such petty reasons, I’m unable to think of how many accounts, groups, etc., some of the really out there extremists have.

    I have much respect for what you do. For what anyone working with the masses does. I have seen some ridiculous reporting from sites that have relatively strict joining processes. The full openness that is facebook and all the ignorance and intolerance… yowza. You do something I know that I cannot.

  • Anonymous

    Everything you say is ironically hippocratic. (And I am ironically stupid because I don’t even know what that means) Nobody cares what you say either, have you ever thought of that? Your opinion means nothing and your beliefs mean nothing. (But let me leave my opinions here because I am the king of something or other and all others should bow before me)

    There are real people trying to to good for the world, and all you’re doing is typing on a keyboard. You’re like a news reporter whos (I should have probably written who is, but hey, who gives a fuck about words and meanings) saying they do as much as a soldier on the front lines of a battle, bringing the “news” to the world. (Except you didn’t say that, but I am a self-centered douchebag who will assert it anyway)

    I’ve got news for you kiddo, everything you’ve posted on this third party phishing blog is ultimately biased, and not only but scarcely factual. (I don’t actually know what third party phishing blog means, but I’m going to say it anyway and hope my big words intimidates someone who doesn’t know better)

    Who made you king of anything? Who gave you the deity to be venerable in any sense? (I don’t know what I mean by saying this, but I’m trying to mention god without being harassed)

    Implying you need a blog like this to make change happen. (I’m random!)
    Implying you are unaware of your actions and cannot control the usage of a fucking computer. (Wee!)
    Implying that his/her opinion means anything. (However, my opinion means everything! So listen to me!)

    Go home kid, if you actually bother to make a change in the world like monopolizing a business for good, or joining any sort of peace corps, then you can say something. (I’m just saying this because I have no idea that the blog owner actually dedicates shit loads of personal time to charities, but please don’t pay attention to that, this person has to be a dirtbag because I say so)

    I realize that anybody who opposes your modern, progressive, transcendental thinking process in which you promptly say “If you don’t like my opinion, fuck you.” will just be shot down as a flamer, but honestly if I’m the only lucid peer to can identify this as cancer, rather than valid information…well all I can say is I’m sorry it has come down to this. (If I am the only lucid peer, you people are fucked)

    Ignorance is bliss, but in this sense you’re just isolating your self to be hated upon. (I am also deepak chopra’s little, less intelligent brother)

    The internet wasn’t meant for you to spread your idealistic spam about how Facebook should or should not run. (But it was meant for me to spread my dogmatic philosophy)

    Just shut up. (Ph3ar M3)

    Sincerely, The World

    The Narcissist

    • J Lyn

      I approved your stupid rant so others can see how stupid you were.

      Kid? I have adult children.

      Just shut the fuck up, you have offered nothing. Darwin’s coming for you just for your abuse of the word Hippocratic alone.

      You wrote an awful long post that wasn’t very intelligent. You should be ashamed imo.

      • Linda Van

        I thought Anonymous posted sarcasm, we were asked to understand sarcasm in the blog. J Lyn’s reply on the other hand…

    • J Lyn

      I fixed your post, bro.

      • Whats that amendment called again...?

        Ok – I think I must be dumb…
        I read the post above from the narcissist and thought it was a brilliant translation of what people “say” and often really mean something else…. And then I read that you had alterd it, read the post again without the translation and my jaw hit the floor!

        Thank you so much for opening my eyes on trolls – I have seen and ignored posts like the original before. The sheer vitriol esposed as somebodys opinion is (in my opinion – seeing as this is all about peoples views and their idea of *abuse*) something that I tend to ignore – after all – we all have opinions.

        However, about 8 hours before I found this site, I had, for the first time, unfriended somebody on FB because of what they were saying. It was sheer glee about somebodys death, and it wasnt just one post – I hid six or seven from the person before finally getting to the point of un friending them.

        But as far as reporting them? How do I have the right to say that he cant have that opinion? In the USA, the right to free speech is written into law. The right to share what you think is part of the foundation of the country!

        If you dont like what somebody is saying, you have two options – ignore them (and if needed, walk away/unfriend/block them), or reply to their opinion with yours! And if you reply to it, expect a reply to your reply ad infinitum (did I spell it right…? :-p ).

        All flaming aside, I am now going to do some trancendental thinking in a modern and progressive way about the ironic hippocratic ideas… And will in future, not even bother to read such narcissistic posts as they are not worth the breath it took to read the original (although – the laughs I got reading the translation were definately worth it!)

      • J Lyn

        hah, sorry for the confusion

    • Viktoria Michaelis

      Well, that was amusing. Pity you obviously didn’t understand anything that was written in any of the posts here….

  • Its Full of Them

    Didnt bother reading past hippocratic (which is a fucking oath doctors take u dumb fuck) think you may have meant hypocritical, sort it out Mr flame-for-the-sake-of-being-a-contrary tool xx

    Keep up the good work JL, much love X

  • Bethany

    You are my hero! Awesome. Sometimes, I don’t know what you are talking about because I don’t know what you do. I haven’t had time to read older posts but I love this! People need to chill out and stop picking fights!

  • Krstie Detlor

    I am both amazed and fascinated by the behind the scenes workings of fb and it’s moderators. You should be paid for your efforts. takes a lot of time to weed though the butt-hurt to get to things that may truly need to be addressed. Abuse, terrorism, sick wierdo’s praying on people, scammers, all these things are the dark side of social networking and somebody has to deal with it. I personally would LOVE to work in this capacity.

    • J Lyn

      I am paid plenty well for it, but I do most of my work on my own time trying to get some exposure for those issues. I don’t mind doing it, I’d just like to see the system and the employees set up better to handle the volume. And thank you for commenint.

  • Mary

    Just wanted to express my sympathy and appreciation. I work at an online moderation company, and while I’m happy I can work at home, people just don’t *get* how hard online moderation is. Sure, it’s about as physically undemanding a job as one can get, and the lack of a commute is a huge bonus, but I have seen things that give me nightmares. I have read comments that made me cry and question my own self-worth, even though they weren’t directed at me. It’s a hard job, and endlessly frustrating, but I think it’s worth it.

    Anyway, I suppose I don’t have much to actually contribute. I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say thanks. I don’t do photo moderation these days, so I’m spared the worst of the online world (at least IMO). I think the most wearying and frustrating part of my job has to be all the petty abuse reports people send because they just don’t like the person who said it, or they imagine that the “tone” was offensive. Shut up so I can remove something worth taking down, FFS!

    Right. Anyway. I love the soapbox you’re standing on, and thanks for listening to my little rambles from my own. 😀 Thanks for helping me keep the internet a little more tolerable, and giving a voice to the frustrations I face every day as well.

    • J Lyn

      I truly appreciate that comment coming from someone who has an idea what is to be seen and done here, Mary. You can share my soapbox any time.

  • bathbomber

    Ok… Sensible adult questions. I’m mainly concerned for people suffering violence and abuse, but any statistics will do. Does Facebook keep statistics on which countries most the reports come from? (If possible, differing between which countries have the most genuine reports and which have the most frivolous ones?) Maybe also which demographics do the most reporting and which are reported upon the most?
    If not, have you got a vague sense of any of these stats based on your experience working as a mod?
    With the amount of info Facebook knows about people, I’m sure this would be doable, and although it runs the risk of profiling, it could be useful in pre-emptively deciding which reports are more likely to be genuine.

    Also, has facebook considered “outsourcing” or teaming up directly with Interpol with regards to the more abhorrent content?

    • J Lyn

      I can very much appreciate sensible questions so here goes, to the best of my knowledge.

      “Does Facebook keep statistics on which countries most the reports come from? (If possible, differing between which countries have the most genuine reports and which have the most frivolous ones?)”

      Yes they do actually. They participate in measuring sociopolitical issues using the reporting system. Frivolous is subjective and I hesitate to answer because there are always tons of weird trolls here ready to witchhunt me. But frivolous, “I don’t like this” types of reports where people are complaining about anti-religious OR religious photos (both ends DO suffer butthurt) The US is definitely the winner. They seem to be the most willing to report over personal dislikes. Other countries are certainly culpable. There are groups of Islamic folks who regularly go around mass reporting atheist and christian pages. You can find them yourself if you look up the right terms. Islam for removing christianity/atheism from facebook, and so on.

      I think it also might be Germany that seems to have an excess of animal abuse reports (originating) but the folks in the US still report those most. Hope that isn’t confusing.

      “Maybe also which demographics do the most reporting and which are reported upon the most?”

      Traditionally (though this can always change up depending on world events or other news grabbing issues) the most common reporting country is the United States. Reported upon the most is harder for me to answer because I don’t recall ever taking a personal look into that. But I will not. But I can definitely state with certainty that this is also very much influenced by trending events. I *usually* actually will notice a trend in reports and that will lead me to investigate deeper into what might be occurring somewhere. I.E. After the recent boston bombings, not only were those pictures being reported steadily by people in all countries, but other things like the Beslan school hostage crisis also began to trend on reports, because of the relation between the bomber and the country in which the school massacre occurred. Does that make enough sense?

      “Also, has facebook considered “outsourcing” or teaming up directly with Interpol with regards to the more abhorrent content?”

      They actually do, that is part of the sociopolitical measurement. This works both ways however. Sort of kill the messenger form. In the past, some countries have taken the standpoint that because violence or other issues have affected their countries, they blame Facebook and threaten to pull out unless more moderation and censorship takes place. China and India being the two most famous for wanting Facebook to hide more stuff. Facebooks fault, not the people, type of mentality.

      On a positive note though, and even though I rarely give America credit, they do actually seem to care what is ‘trending’ on Americans minds. For what reasons, might be questionable.

      If I didn’t answer something feel free to reply and ask. I will look into the reported issue I mentioned and see if I can find some stats.

  • Email Lulz

    This is nothing more than bait. The final result after jumping through hoops to join the support group is getting your personal account added to an Atheist group that doesn’t talk about admin issues at all. Very elaborate and effective.

    • J Lyn

      You must be crazy. No one asked you to convert to reason or logic. If you have a hard time accepting free help because the people offering it don’t believe in a sky pixie, you are the fucked one, not I. Somehow, there are Christians in there now who don’t have the issue you seem to have had. I’d say that’s probably because the issue is yours. Why don’t you go back to Myspace and sell more thug t-shirts.

  • Homer Simpson

    I think the best comeback line I’ve seen in a while is “Darwin’s coming for you”,

  • Anon

    It seems that the page has been removed from facebook. Did too many people catch on to your bullshit?

  • Steven Cherecwich

    Reminds me of that Howard stern movie…

    “Howard, your fans listen to you an average of 2 hours a day.”
    “How long do my enemies listen?”
    “Four hours. They’re glued to you, waiting for you to make a mistake.”

    (ok, paraphrased, but you get it.)

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  • WoobMonkey

    Thank you for doing what you do.

    I couldn’t be bothered reading through all of the comments, on every post, to find out, but –

    Has anyone yet pointed out just how fucking awesome it is that someone named ‘Joy’ is working to clean the shit out of this ‘interwebz’ place?

    I want to grow a womb, just to carry your babies.

  • Chandraputra

    The irony of course, is that you spend an incredible amount of time not getting over shit, with your own panties in a perpetual wad about all sorts of drivel. This whole blog is devoted to your self righteous, pretentious words of wisdom and blankets upon blankets of hypocrisy, ranting about you find important and handwaving whatever you think isn’t. Only taking breaks to childishly address anyone who doesn’t kiss your ass.

    You’re nothing more than a self righteous forum moderator whose life sucks so badly that you thrive on middling power from anonymous authority over social media and meaningless blog/twitter attention.

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