An Open Letter to Facebook

I’ve had a lot of people with similar issues respond in many ways about this particular element of Facebook reporting since that one blog went so viral. I wanted to share.

Please feel free to make suggestions on any particular topics you would like to see a future blog about.


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3 responses to “An Open Letter to Facebook

  • Terry Temple

    First Amendment comes in play here. I suggest if you and so many others are offended, stay off this site. Work on your own defects of character and not others.You might then find the change that counts.

  • brennageffers

    Terry Temple- I think perhaps you may have misread the article. The writer is not “offended” that these sites exist. She is saying these sites are pornographic (ie- images that are designed for sexual gratification) and they are not taken down. As opposed to her site- which was taken down due to a non-pornographic image. Give it a read – it is actually bringing up a rather interesting point.

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