6 responses to “Facebook Personal Profile and Fan Page Protection List

  • unlatched

    Why shouldn’t we chat as our page? What can/could happen?

    • J Lyn

      They can demand you send them a hardcopy of your state ID and shut your page down until you get it to them. Lots of articles online about this I’m pretty sure.

  • Goldie

    What’s the value of using the ‘entertainer’ categories and marrying up your page to your blog?

    • J Lyn

      There is a LOT of value in both of those things Goldie. Using the entertainer tag kind of takes away some responsibility when people report things on your page. Clearly, any sort of entertainer is not going to be liked by ALL. The blog or having an outside website gives your page more value as far as facebook is concerned. They aren’t even a crawlable network, they LOVE when you mention them anywhere on the web. Good questions too.

  • Andres

    I have a facebook page for artistic photography. All the contents are public. But i want to restrict only specific publication or albums only to people who liked the page. How can i do that?

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